Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

session 101

The Gaping Maw

The group purchase some of Sir Seillesmanne’s holy symbols in payment for his services. He promises to lead them to Demogorgon’s palace and the group begin on their way. The group soon hear a group of demons approaching and attempt to hide. Unfortunately Rakshasa, Sahri, Angel of Fire, and Sir Seillesmanne are spotted by the creatures. A battle begins, with the rest of the group leaping out of hiding to strike the Nalfhesnees, Barlgura, and Goristros. The demons all have two heads, which the goristro in particular are able to use to great effect. Rakshasa is knocked unconscious and Sir Seillesmanne is seemingly killed, disappearing in a flash of lights.
The group continue on their own to the palace, finding a secret entrance into it. They sneak through the palace, avoiding several groups of demons. They see that the palace is split in two, with one side looking dark and orderly, and the other side looking bright and chaotic.
They follow a red glow to Demogorgon’s chamber, seeing Caiphon, Vannakun, and Demogorgon there. Caiphon chastises the group, saying they’ve made a mistake by attempting to take the Red Anathematic Gem.
A battle begins, with magic being cast, countered, and then cast again. Caiphon uses an epic level level spell to severely injure the party, which Ghesh then heals using Mass Heal. Rey attempts a Fire Storm, but four counterspells later, the spell fails. Demogorgon strikes out with his glowing red eyes and his sickly tentacles, stunning, dominating, and injuring the party. Vannakun flies over to Ghesh and lashes out with anger, attempting to gain vengeance on the Angel who took the Stormblade from him.



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