Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 102

The Anathematic Gem

Demogorgon mocks the group, saying that they were fools to challenge The Prince of Demons, as he strikes at The Spectre and Sahri, Angel of Fire. Sahri, briefly dominated by Demogorgon, attacks Rey, knocking her unconscious. Rakshasa revives her quickly, however. Eventually Rey casts Wish, undoing Caiphon’s previous Wish. This rapidly drains the vitality from the parties’ foes, hastening their defeat. Caiphon and Demogorgon seem on the brink of death, until the red Anathematic Gem inside Demogorgon rises to the surface, infusing it’s host with angry red light. The voice of Satief echoes through the room, demanding that the combantants fight in Satief’s favoured form of melee. Only Rey manages to resist this call, everyone else is forced to resort to melee weapons, losing access to their other abilities. Demogorgon swells in size and Caiphon summons the rusted Anathematic Scythe. Nonetheless Vannakun is defeated, disappearing in a burst of flame. The other Balor is permanently destroyed, perishing in fire. Caiphon is also killed, his scythe disappearing into dust.
Soon the group is fighting only Demogorgon, emboldened by Satief’s power. Rey manages to Disintegrate him, and the Anathematic Gem falls to the floor beside Rakshasa and Tsuki‘s unconscious bodies. Rey realise that neither Vannakun or Demogorgon were truly killed, and that they were saved by their Demonic Talismans. The Spectre revives the fallen group members and Sahri places the Red Anathematic Gem into a Bag of Holding. The group, now in possession of all three Anathematic Gems, decide to go find a Sphere of Annihilation to destroy them. Ghesh teleports the party to their fortress, where Rey finds out the book she co-authored: "The Lifeweaver’s Legacy" has been published.
The group then travel to Suphinhotep and begin the three day walk to Rey’s fortress, and the final resting place of The Void Reaper and his sword Blackrazor.
The group arrive at an overhang near the fortress and see that it’s overgrown with vines and virtually crumbling. Sahri dives into one of the towers and collapses it. The masonry falls on her and she rolls down a ruined flight of stairs into the depths of the building. She comes face to face with several Bodaks, which begin to attack her. The group, sprouting their angelic wings, fly through the ruins to help her. Several of the Bodaks are destroyed and the rest disappear into the darkness below.



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