Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 103

The Lost Souls

The group heal one another on the stairs, in the wake of the Bodak’s assault. The ceiling above them gives way, bludgeoning them with debris and forcing them deeper into the fortress. They see that black mist is seeping from the cracks in the walls, pooling about their feet. Tsuki goes ahead to explore, noticing that whispers are coming from the black mist, in a chorus of languages she doesn’t recognise. She sees one of the escaped Bodaks up ahead, leaning into the mist, seemingly listening to it. A shadow forms behind Tsuki, speaking in a sad and regretful tone. It follows her back to the group, and is soon joined by many more shadowy figures. The Spectre speaks telepathically to the shadows, realisng they are slaves to the one who killed them and took their souls, The Void Reaper. He also realises that this place has been sealed from travel and communication. The group’s only way out is to defeat The Void Reaper, who supposedly dwells deep within the fortress. Another group of shadows appear, and these ones speak common. They seem to be the victims of The Void Reaper’s assault on Suphinhotep several centuries ago. Sahri, Angel of Fire notices that the shadows are fearful of Abyssal, recoiling when they hear it. Rakshasa is soon attacked by the Cleonese shadows, though they apologise, saying that they don’t want to do this.
A wearying fight begins, with the shadows draining the parties’ vitality from them. A second Bodak manifests from a shadowy gap in the wall and shoots at Sahri. When Sahri attempts to attack it, it disappears. Rey harries the shadows with spells and Tsuki pierces them with bolts. Alucard and Ghesh almost succumb to the strength draining affect of the shadows before they are finally destroyed. The group explore a series of nearby rooms, finding some old treasures, as well as a rune covered sword that quickly fades to mist.



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