Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 104

The Shadows in the Walls

As the group begin to rest, a large bodak ascends a set of stairs and begins to attack them. From the wall behind the party several angelic spirits appear, unfortunately enslaved by The Void Reaper. From the shadowy gap in the corridor a shadow Behir pulls itself free, before breathing lightning-infused darkness at the group. As each angel is defeated it thanks the party for ending its pain. Ghesh finally manages to destroy the behir but brings part of the fortress down on top of himself in doing so.
The group finish their rest and proceed down further into the fortress. The darkness in the walls attacks them, draining their vitality. Soon though, the unnatural darkness begins to fade, seemingly retreating further into the ruin. The party then come across an old, sturdy set of double doors. The doors have images of Lamassu, the guardian of Suphinhotep on them. Tsuki, using her Truesight looks into the chamber ahead of them, seeing that it’s filled with dark spirits and at least one Bodak. Sahri, Angel of Fire attempts to open the doors and The Void Reaper begins to speak in a rasping, aged voice. Alucard asks the rest of the group what they know about The Void Reaper, and Rey and The Spectre explain as best they can.
They recall that The Void Reaper wields the legendary sword Blackrazor and has command over a Sphere of Annihilation, which they require to defeat The Anathema.
They remember that The Void Reaper rampaged through Suphinhotep many centuries ago and killed Lamassu, it’s ruler. He was supposedly an elvish warrior-mage at one point although he is likely something much worse now.



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