Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 105

The Void Reaper

Rakshasa blasts down the doors and the group see a chamber full of swirling spirits and The Void Reaper lying slumped against an altar. Blackrazor is embedded in his chest and a Sphere of Annihilation is hovering behind him, like a dark halo. The swirling mist coalesces into the form of Lamassu, the Sphinx of Suphinhotep. The Void Reaper pulls Blackrazor out of his chest and floats to his feet.
A harsh and lengthy battle begins, with Sahri, Angel of Fire and Tsuki rush into the room, and it immediately begins to sap their strength. The rest of the group stay outside and are attacked by the enslaved spirit of Lamassu, who roars at them. Bodaks appear out of small alcoves, bearing down on Sahri and Tsuki. The spirits of a long-dead king and queen also appear, sucking away Sahri’s Vitality. The Void Reaper Curses Sahri and begins to slash at her with Blackrazor. Rey, having transformed into a dragon, engages the rogue sphinx. Sahri is stabbed through the chest after a vicious but short fight and her soul is stolen from her. Her lifeless body drops to the ground. The bodaks and spirit monarchs turn on the rest of the group. The Void Reaper, transferring his curse to Ghesh begins to target the cleric. Tsuki falls unconscious, and The Spectre, seeing the battle turning against them, teleports the group some distance away. Tsuki too, has her soul taken, and the rest of the party attempt to hastily recuperate.
Facing down a narrow corridor, the group ready their defenses, knowing that their foes are rapidly approaching. Lamassu appears first, but is frozen in place by fear due to Rey. The spirits and bodaks appear next, but are stunned by The Spectre. Finally, The Void Reaper appears, throwing Eldritch Blasts at a barrier built by The Spectre and at the party members.
The battle moves into the middle of the corrider, centred on Rey’s Dragon form. The Void Reaper knocks Ghesh and Rakshasa unconscious and knocks Rey out of her dragon form. When he begins to suffer injuries he absorbs the spirits of his followers, reducing the size of his entourage but replenishing his strength.



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