Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 106

The Ritual of Annihilation

Alucard, knowing he’s in danger of having his soul stolen, uses Dimension Door to escape The Void Reaper’s Grasp. The two remaining Bodaks pelt Rey and Ghesh with arrows, bringing them close to death. The Void Reaper absorbs the Spirit Queens’energy to replenish his own, after a series of attacks from Ghesh and The Spectre. Rakshasa falls and is risen many times, managing to deal damage with spells between bouts of unconsciousness. She manages to use Hurl Through Hell on The Void Reaper, who returns to a flurry of attacks, destroying his form. His minions continue to fight, but with their leader gone, they don’t prove much of a challenge.
The group investigate Blackrazor and realize it is a powerful sentient weapon that contains Sahri, Angel of Fire and Tsuki‘s soul. They discover that only a Wish Spell can free the souls trapped within, but they can’t figure out how they would destroy the sword.
The group rest, and the unnatural shadows disappear from the walls of the fortress. After she’s recuperated her strength, Rey frees Sahri and Tsuki’s souls from the sword. Ghesh then restores them to life, sealing the wounds in their chests.
The Spectre sees to the masterless Sphere of Annihilation and gains control of it, with the help of the Talisman of The Sphere. The group realise they’ve assembled all the components necessary to defeat The Anathema and call upon their Spelljamming ship to bring them hastily to The World Council.
They travel to the uninhabited Salisan Badlands and with the help of Vishkanya, as well as their fellow angels they prepare the ritual taught to them by Khalida aka Lady Midnight aka Tiamat.
Rey and The Spectre deduce that it will enable them to defeat The Anathema but may have strange consequences, such as summoning Fiends, altering the landscape, or creating a huge release of energy. Nevertheless, with their Angelic allies bolstering them and performing the ritual, the party prepare to fight whatever methods The Anathema use to defend themselves.



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