Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 108

The Gravedigger's Insight

The group join a celebration, feasting, and discussing what they’ve just done, stopping Zehan from ever awakening to destroy Ahlim. Following this, The Spectre departs to his crew, due to his lack of interest in taking down Tiamat. The rest of the party go to The Seer’s Tower to discuss taking down Tiamat, ruler of the Nine Hells, permanently. The Seer says that Rey‘s plan of finding out how to defeat Tiamat by speaking with Zehan has a catch. Zehan himself, even in his slumbering state has a powerful mind and subconscious which could destroy Rey. Instead, The Seer suggests communing with a shard, or a facet of this subconscious. She says she’s had visions of a Grave-Digging woman, who seems to be part of Zehan, somehow. Rey confirms that she’s seen this woman before, and asks how she could communicate with her. The Seer explains the prison that the Annerians and her constructed contains several blue Vision-Crystals which could conceivably grant access to this Grave-Digger. The group take their Spell-Jammer and fly out far beyond the Mountains of Witnessing, in what remains of the Dread-Marshes. They leave their ship hovering above the surface of the bizarrely discoloured water above Zehan’s Prison. They swim down through the water and soon come across the colossal, sinuous form of Dagon. His form shifts constantly, displaying traits of many underwater creatures, but always keeping its tentacles. He talks with the group, expressing disappointment that The Angel of Water is not with them. The group ask him about himself, and he confirms that he is an Elder Evil, supposedly the favoured son of Tharizdun. He estimates that no more than two other Elder Evils will ever escape from Zehan’s Nightmarescape, as he once did. They ask him what his goals are, but his motives seem to be mysterious, although he does claim the title of Emperor of The Depths. He warns them about another Elder Evil, The Great Mother, who also escaped when Zehan briefly woke up more than four thousand years ago. He wishes them luck and swims away into darkness.
The group continue down, coming across Zehan’s prison, which resembles and enormous crystal city. They find an opening into the crystal maze, glowing purple and pink. They see a cracked crystal, with shards of various sizes floating in the still water. Rey guesses that this may have been Caiphon’s prison before he escaped, or was freed. As they continue on, they encounter several other cultists still imprisoned, seemingly asleep inside outcrops of crystal. However, a cluster of eyes, reflected many times over soon appear in the crystals around the group. The Great Mother begins to attack them, using eye-rays, reflected and refracted through the crystals. The group attempt to hide but she finds them, so they attempt to blind her with Sunlight. It seems to work as she screeches and disappears.
The party continue on, eventually finding a Vision-Crystal, which Rey uses. She sees the elderly grave-digging woman, finishing off the cross-stitching she was doing. She seems to be able to speak Deep-Speech luckily and is surprised to see someone else there with her. Rey finds out that she’s digging these graves for her relatives and descendants who were consumed by Zehan. Rey eventually finds out her name is Morticia Falconrun and she forged Sky-Sunder to defeat Zehan. She also crafted a breast-plate with several gems built into it to stabilise Sky-Sunder’s effects. Unfortunately, Zehan striked her, destroying the breast-plate, injuring her and unbalancing the weapon. She gave Sky-Sunder to her nephew and Squire, Abel Falconrun who then fled their world, Karaldis, with the rest of their family. Morticia however was consumed by Zehan and has dwelt in his nightmarish subconscious. She shows Rey the schematics and notes to use Sky-Sunder and build a stabilising breastplate, which she memorises. Rey tells her that one of her descendants, Aliza, still lives and that every descendant of her they’ve met has been a great warrior. Morticia thanks her for the company and wishes her luck, saying that Tyranny must be opposed whenever and wherever it appears.
With the information they need to defeat Tiamat, the group return to the Tower of Hariolation. The Seer suggests they use Mithral, Obsidian, and Diamond as the gems for the breastplate and says she will find them. In the meantime the party go to collect an escort for an incursion into the Nine Hells. They manage to convince Azzainen, Joan Fairhelm, Turiel Dust-Born, and Evangeline to assist them.
The gems are found and Und forges them into The Vengeant’s Platemail. The party then have a meeting with Asmodeus, Bensozia, and Alloces. They discuss the group’s plan and Alloces says he has won the friendship of Baalphegor due to his closeness with Mephistopheles. Asmodeus says that Tiamat has been very cautious around Baalphegor, Mephistopheles’ wife, because no-one seems to know where she’s come from or the extent of her abilities. At this point, Baalphegor appears, a beautiful devil of medium height, with a dress made of inter-locking sheets of metal. Baalphegor says that, like Asmodeus she wants Tiamat off the throne, but says she’s content to remain in the 8th layer, Cania. When asked why she explains that she’s content to have The Hells run smoothly and does not desire to rule. She offers her assistance in transporting the party through the layers quickly and without Tiamat’s notice. However, she says she’ll require something from the group in exchange. She says she desires an undisclosed future favour from Ghesh, Sahri, Angel of Fire to rule a layer, or Rakshasa to rule a layer. She gives the group a contract to read and sign, if they wish.



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