Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 110

The Epilogue

Rey’s long awaited Battle of the Bards takes place in Hasamidat, drawing hundreds from across Ahlim. Ramas the Mime goes up against Alexis and The Outsider purposefully loses the duel, graciously accepting defeat. Rey goes up against Willem Gold-Eye in the grand finale. Rey uses her Scroll of the Try-hard to perform immaculately, defeating Willem Gold-eye soundly, despite him putting up a good fight. He is a sore loser, and storms off the stage.

The Spectre:
You see two sailing vessels sailing across a bright ocean. You recognise the vessels as Ajaakor’s Hangman and The Gray Blade. Aboard you see Jamal, in the Crows’nest, Tolun the minotaur chimera, Captain Lily-Tydes, and The Spectre. Aboard the Gray Blade you see a baby Bronze Dragon, running about happily, this is the young Green Princess. The Spectre steps out onto the side of The Gray Blade and produces The Moaning Diamond from inside his coat. You see the water begin to shift and glow, and you faintly see the glowing outline of two pyramids beneath the water.
Sahri, Angel of Fire:
You see the burnt, ashy form of Sahri, now known as Zariel, upon a throne in Avernus. She wears an impressive suit of armour and her featherless, skeletal wings curl behind her. A pair of Devils bring a humanoid into her throneroom. They throw down a confused Dark Elf at her feet. The dark elf, known as Brutalitops the Magician, asks where they are, until they look up to see their nemesis, Zariel sitting before them.
Rakshasa strides in a leisurely pace through a humid, decadent palace. She’s wearing sheer clothing, left open to her navel. She has elaborate jewellery strung up in her hair and horns and large, dark wings curled up on her back. She approaches a tall, dark-purple skinned figure with some horns protruding from their head and an enticing smile on their handsome features. She leans up to whisper in their ear, and the smile on Graz’zt’s face widens perversely.
Standing on an enormous stage in front of a crowd of thousands, Rey produces her mythic flute with a flourish. The Stars are in the sky above and helpful bardic colleagues are assisting in crowding amazing lighting and smoke effects around the stage. Rey begins to perform her set, igniting the crowd into furious passion. She performs the same set she used to win the Battle of the Bards, and finishes with an encore for the delighted crowd.
Examining the blue markings that wind up her arms, Tsuki crouches just out of sight in a city alleyway. She frowns until she hears a purr and a small figure rubbing up against her. Tsuki’s frown fades and she pets Jinx with her good hand. She puts her glove back on, obscuring Father Llymic’s marking and looks up to see a familiar figure with a grinning masque hanging from their waist. Tsuki strides off into the city with them, on another mission, smiling as she speaks with The Outsider, with Jinx walking between them.
Standing at the altar in front of Ajaakor’s church, Ghesh holds hands with Rava, smiling at her. Alucard seems to be conducting the ceremony, at the wedding between Ghesh and Rava. In the crowd are the faces of their families and Ghesh’s old ally Garel-kai, the Genasi. The other members of the Warriors of The West are present in the crowd. Even Dragonlord Ashekani has made an appearance, in a polymorphed human form. We see Rava and Ghesh kiss, to the roar of the assembled crowd.
The Seer
The Seer walks with a cane through her church in Meridom, smiling at the assembled Church-goers. Unvicles the Star-Knight is giving a sermon and he stops when he sees her in the crowd. She puts her finger to her lips and he continues. She sits down beside a young gnome. She points to a newly made stained-glass window depicting Rey, with her angel wings outstretched. The gnome nods and begins to talk excitedly, looking from The Seer to the image of Rey. The two go back to listening to the sermon. The Seer smiles contently.
Decorated with black and white face-paint Ramas performs silently in a small square in Hasamidat to a crowd of fascinated onlookers. He’s performing geometeric movements in a deliberate, expressive way, using his white gloves to great effect. As he finishes his performance the crowd claps and several throw coins into his black hat. Ramas looks startled for a moment as a small, red-scaled figure throws in a gold coin. Kirtul the kobold nods to the once-farm boy and strides off into the city.
We see Reverence striding throughout the streets of Hasamidat, her polished armour gleaming in the sun. She has a frown on her face and seems to be looking for something. She stops when she hears a sound and turns down a side alley. She sees a young girl, seemingly lost and crying. She crouches down and comforts the girl, asking her about a small doll she’s clutching. The girl shows that she’s carrying a stitched-together Sahri doll, complete with a small wooden axe (blunt of course). We see Reverence deliver the girl to her thankful family, who seem distraught at having lost her. They offer Reverence to share dinner with them but she politely declines. We see Reverence striding throughout the streets of Hasamidat, her armour gleaming orange and pink in the sunset, she has a smile on her face.
Finally, We see Gerald, a young adult griffin racing through tall green grass, swaying in the wind. Beside the griffin we can see a brightly dressed gnome running along, smiling and offering encouragement. The pair race past a huge Flail snail, with several smaller flail snails, who look up from grazing to watch. The griffin begins to flap his wings furiously, lifting off the ground for a moment before landing back down. He tries again, and this time gains lift-off. He soars into the blue sky, flying amidst the clouds. He looks at the ground below him with his brilliant golden eyes and screeches in victory.



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