Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 5

The Artificer's City

The party trade their recovered gear in for some improved armor and weapons. Rakshasa and Tsuki join in the morning prayer. The group head south, arriving at the inn The Well-Watered Watchman, they speak with a tiefling guard named Reverence who tells them a patron was murdered two nights ago. Inside the inn the innkeeper Jeodred gives the party their rooms and gives them more details about the death of a young woman named Zanna. The characters investigate the room, detecting signs of a struggle. The window is broken but upon investigating outside they see that some magic may have covered the sound. The players enjoy some lamb curry and Sahri stands watch outside with Reverence. They discuss what happened and Reverence tells her that Captain Borivik of Ephundali has taken over the investigation.
The players set out towards Ephundali the next day. They see the colossus of Ephundali standing watch outside the city and the smoke from a hundred forges. Two silvers stop the players, asking their business. One of them has heard of their deeds at the farm and vaguely recalls the master wizard Vishkanya lives within the city. Upon entering the city Tsuki notices that a man is watching her from an alleyway. The party looks for him, but he disappears from sight. The group make their way to the artificer’s district. As they approach, they hear crashes and an armored creature bursts into view, throwing debris across the street, damaging several stalls. The group engages the bodiless, armored figure, with Ghesh being knocked unconscious. The parties mundane weapons do little damage to the being, but magic does the job. Sahri and Rey free a trapped woman, who is very thankful. An elderly man and his embarrassed apprentice appear to clean up the mess. The elderly man slaps his apprentice and says that he foolishly activated the creature. An elderly gnome appears, chuckles at his colleagues misfortune and then returns with some golems to clean up the square. The rescued woman, named Chandra, says that she opened the stall due to her husband being out of work. Her husband, Raj, is a miner but the mine just outside the city has been closed. Chandra says that the party can stay with them at the miner’s housing that night. The party continues into the artificer’s district, heading towards the mage’s tower at the centre. They pass a pair of Eldritch Knights guarding the tower. A familiar figure stands in the tower, Varis, Vishkanya’s assistant. He leads them to her office at the top of the tower, where Vishkanya sits at her desk. She takes the Tome and the wand and promises to inspect them. She suggests that the party attempt to solve the trouble in the mines. The group split up at this point, with Sahri looking for a way to improve her gear in the artificer’s district. She finds a woman named Marta who runs ‘’The Red Iron’’. Ghesh and The Spectre go to the church of Ajaakor in the city. They meet Shandri who is the high priestess there. Ghesh and her converse about The Fire Queen and her sword Pyra, Shandri has no reason to believe it’s in the city. Her and The Spectre don’t get off to a good start. Tsuki, Rakshasa, and Rey take a look through the Artificer’s gardens where a familiar Raven drops a small medallion at her feet, emblazoned with the image of a grinning masque.



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