Profane Legacy

Session 62

The Long-awaited Party

Rey spends the last of her vacation researching the traitorous archmage Ahriman and his crimes and thefts. He stole the first generation of Golems, several artifacts, such as the Scarab of Protection, and took many cultists with him. She also tries to find out what the Dragonlords’ favourite food is. She finds out that Dragonlord Ashekani enjoys pudding by reading an old copy of “The Daily Salisan”.
Rakshasa returns to Hasamidat and makes a connection with Amon, a worker of a senator. Amon has some contacts and smuggles illicit or controlled substances into the city. Rakshasa gets in on this deal and makes a small profit.
Sahri spends her time looking for a war scythe. She finds an old, beat up one, but rejects it. She then finds out that Asymptote has a better one but, after comparing it to her Axe of The Mazewalker, rejects that too.
Tsuki spends her time with Nemon and finds out that one of Midraba‘s agents is still active in the city.
Finally, The Storm King shows The Spectre the portal that links the Elemental Plane of Water to The Faewilds. The Spectre recalls that he passed through this portal in a dream long ago. The Storm King also tells The Spectre that he thinks he should try and obtain the magical trident on The Dread Isle.
Ghesh and The Spectre travel to The Dread Isle after Ghesh returns Rava home and picks up a mask from the cloud giants. They travel deep into a set of coral-filled caverns in the isle where water collects near the ceiling and crustaceans crawl about everywhere.
They find the female Nemorian crab, who seems quite friendly. It seems to be guarding a bronze trident in the centre of the room. The Spectre uses his telepathy to communicate with it, and it tells him that “she” is here, and the trident can help awaken her. Ghesh and The Spectre follow the crab to a dark green room inhabited by the rhinoceros-sized male aspect of the Nemorian beetle. In the back of the room is a green, glowing egg, which The Spectre soon realises is a bronze dragon egg. The Beetle and the Crab refer to the dragon as The Green Princess and say that if The Bronze Trident and The Scarab of Protection are brought here, she will hatch. They entrust The Bronze Trident to The Spectre, who promises to return with The Scarab of Protection, an artifact of Nithanwyl, the Elder Bronze Dragon slayed long ago by The Vengeant.
Now with everyone back in Hasamidat, the long-awaited party begins.
The group are introduced to the Akundish delegation: Shan Ling, Jhazi the Shrewd, Ti-Lan Jii, Qara Valeng, Wu Jen, and Itenon. Itenon crushes Ghesh’s hand with a handshake and then has his hand crushed in the same way by Sahri. The two arrange a training session and a tour. Rey and Tsuki impress some nobles with both Rey’s showmanship and Tsuki’s sneakiness. Rakshasa flirts with several people including a fancy noble named Lord Patros of Rzeka. Rey finds Willem Gold-eye, the head of the College of Lore, and challenges him to a musical contest. This contest attracts a large crowd but the crowd seems to favour Willem, leaving Rey dejected. Sahri finds Asymptote and Brutalitops putting on a performance using magic. They’re soon joined by Errich Dundragon and a magical rave begins. As Tsuki goes to join the rave she sees a masked figure disappear upstairs. Tsuki goes to investigate and Alexis beckons them into a private room. Alexis gives Tsuki the Iron Flask and tells her that she must give it to a woman she found or will find in the north. With that, Alexis is pulled into an entity of growing shadow who begins to pursue Tsuki, demanding the flask back. Tsuki flees and soon more avatars of Piro begin to appear throughout the manor. The group fight a shadow dragon with glowing blue eyes who descends the stairs. The shadow is resistant to most forms of damage and assaults the party with a necrotic breath weapon and its flailing tail. Eventually through The Spectre’s psychic assault, Ghesh’s radiant spells, and Rey’s Moonbeam the shadow is dispersed.



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