Profane Legacy

Session 63

The Seer's Tower

Following the defeat of the avatars of Piro the party recuperate, checking on the wounded and investigating the Iron Flask. Willem Gold-eye was knocked unconscious during the fight and seems embarrassed by that fact. Tsuki asks Vishkanya to find out what’s in the flask and she obliges. Vishkanya says that there is a live dragon in the flask, Tsuki makes her swear to secrecy.
Sahri and the party follow Brutalitops to his wagon, which he somehow hid inside of the manor. He says he has a new item: A Deck of Many Things. He warns that this item is risky to use, but can be very rewarding. Sahri draws the first card, The Void, and her soul is pulled from her body. Ghesh gains a spellscale follower from The Knight card who joins the party. The party eventually draws the whole deck, giving them magic items, curses, and permanent magical improvements. With that, Brutalitops leaps into his wagon and disappears.
The group drags Sahri’s body out to Vishkanya who says that her soul is in The Astral Plane, with The Seer. Itenon seems worried about Sahri and asks if he can help in any way, Rey says they need 100 platinum pieces which Itenon hands over. Rey goes out back to talk with Lord Patros and they eventually cut a deal, with Rey selling him her Manual of Golems. Lord PAtros says he has made his living by procuring ancient artifacts and says that he wants to launch an expedition to find The Moaning Diamond, which was used to build the ancient pyramids of Minauros.
Vishkanya wishes the party good luck in the astral plane and then teleports them into The Tower of Hariolation, The Seer’s sanctum. The Seer greets the party and takes Sahri to her soul which trapped inside of The Vegeant’s legendary axe, Sky-Sunder. The Seer then leads the party to Nyx, the Annerian of the night sky, who appears as an enormous woman made of stars with flowing nebulae for hair. Nyx creates a human-sized avatar who shares a hug with Rey and The Seer. The group then proceeds to the living area where Nyx and The Seer begin to prepare a delicious curry meal. Ghesh asks Nyx about Und and Jelan. She explains that Jelan and her saw The destroyer, who Jelan went to investigate. Und grew tired of dealing with mortal affairs and the conflict between the dragons and the giants, so he went to sleep until Ahlim needed him. Tsuki asks The Seer if she can identify the dragon inside of The Iron Flask. The Seer tells her, surprised, that the dragon is Hiromi The Platinum Dragon, mother of the living Dragonlords. Tsuki and The Seer decide it would be best not to release her at this stage, as they don’t know why she was put in there in the first place.
The Seer and Tsuki go off to speak in private about The Outsider. The Seer says that The Outsider is basically a good person who has suffered because they’ve tried to do the right thing, while soul-bonded to Piro, of The Anathema. The Seer thanks Tsuki for trusting and helping The Outsider, saying that she cares about their well-being.
The group then enjoy a delicious meal of butter chicken with rice with Nyx and The Seer. Rey asks how they like it served, The Seer says mild and Nyx says she doesn’t mind.
Nyx and The Seer then decide to clarify a few things about themselves, Ahlim, and The Destroyer and his Anathema. The Seer explains that her name is actually Korinyi Atethys, Kori for short, and that she is an immortal mage soul-bonded to Nyx, an Annerian. She goes on to say that her, The Vengeant, and The Outsider are all refugees from another world, who fled The destroyer thousands of years ago.
art by Chris Rahn
She says that The Outsider is a moon elf named Lessempir Atethys who is her twin sibling and that The Vengeant is Mortimus Falkettan, the father of her daughter, Aliza. She says that The Destroyer attacked their homeworld, devouring first the outer planes and then the inner planes. The three refugees and many others fled, but only Korinyi, Lessempir, and Mortimus arrived safely. She tells of how Caiphon brought together the three gems of The Anathema and used them to awaken The Destroyer. Kori explains how she rallied the Annerians to aid her in a powerful imprisonment spell which put both The Destroyer and Caiphon to sleep. Ghesh asks Kori about his dream in which a woman crawled from the sea to kill him in a previous life. She doesn’t know this woman based on Ghesh’s description but says it may be possible that this was one of Caiphon’s followers who prematurely awakened. She tells of how she is worried about the status of her imprisonment spell, given that Caiphon has already awakened from it.
After that discussion the party go to rest for the night in their quarters. Rey stays up talking with Kori and Nyx through the night, discussing their past, and their plans for her.



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