Profane Legacy

Session 64

The Astral Cities

The party wakes up the next day in the Tower of Hariolation. Kori offers to take the party to the dwelling of Jolibzan the Astral Dragon. As soon as the party leave the tower Rey receives an urgent message from Khalida saying that Lady Midnight is planning an attack on The Astral Plane to capture Driselle. Rey tells Kori this and Khalida suggests imprisoning Driselle in the north or south pole where they won’t try to look for her. Kori leaves the group at Jolibzan’s floating temple to enact her ritual.
The group approach the slumbering, shimmering-scaled dragon and decide they won’t mention that they have his sister, Hiromi the Platinum Dragon, trapped in the iron flask. Rey wakes him up and the group speak with him at length. He says that he is willing to give them blood for their ritual but that he will donate it after the coming battle. He explains that the party are going to attack the Gith who dwell in the remnants of Vecna’s displaced city. He also talks about his fellow dragons, saying he is disappointed in the actions of Itenashi but believes Yagami and Ashekani are just behaving according to their nature. He says that Ashekani and The Green Prince know their relationship, but The Green Prince doesn’t stay in contact with his daughter much. When Rey asks why this is, he says that The Green Prince can’t bear to look at his daughter because she reminds him of his dead sister, Nithanwyl. Jolibzan offers to fly the party to The Rainbow City so they can meet The Violet Empress. They accept and the journey begins.
Arriving in the city they are greeted by several Atephrans with the heads of owls and plumage of many colours. The party are greeted by The Violet Empress’s attendant: an Atephran named Salabra. Jolibzan and the group part ways and Salabra escorts them to the court of The Violet Empress. Outside the front of the court are two statues of sphinxes, one is Lamassu The Just and the other is Nefertiri The Muse.
She welcomes the group telling them that she has heard much about them. She confirms that she was once known as Tomyra The Wise. Rey informs her that Suraphinon The True’s spirit persisted beyond The Scourge which she reflects on. Tomyra says that she doesn’t molt or get furballs, but she does like Riddles. The party go pretty well with the riddles but the riddle Sahri poses to Tomyra is laughably easy. Tsuki asks about retrieving some atephran feathers and Tomyra says that will be arranged. The party also ask about having a party and Tomyra also says that will be arranged.
A celebration happens in The Rainbow City which Jolibzan sits and watches. Kori and Nyx soon arrive and begin to dance with one another. Rey joins them. However, Jolibzan and Kori leave part-way through to combat Nerezikia and The Crimson Matron who were moving about close to The Tower of Hariolation.
After a rest Kori explains that the party is being tasked with defeating Tariton The Screaming Blade. She gifts Rey with Foresight and says the party will need to fight their way to the docks in the centre of the floating city. Kori and Jolibzan will take care of Loreizan The Blood Rose.
The two groups split off and approach the ruins floating in the starry void.
The party move across floating stepping-stones of rubble to the city and come upon a group of emaciated, silver-armored Gith. A battle ensues across the step-stones with several combatants being thrown into the void before rising back up again. Alucard is knocked unconscious at one stage but Ghesh revives him. Rey uses her angelic wings to fly back up to the group when she is knocked off at one stage. One of the gith teleports in front of Rakshasa but regrets it when she uses Hurl Through Hell on him. Soon the gith are all defeated and the group continues on into the city.



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