Profane Legacy

Session 67

The Lingering Archmage

Ghesh, Tsuki, and Rey prepare to explore the rest of the tower and take a peek inside the next room. They see piles of emaciated bodies wearing the tattered remains of robes scattered throughout the room. The group also see a dead, robed figure slumped against a magical chest, with a bloodied knife in one hand and a flimsy box in the other. This figure is wearing a mithral diadem and has a large chest wound, Rey realises that they’re Ahriman, the traitorous archmage. The moment the group step into the room, the piles of bodies rise and fuse together, and Ghesh is possessed by Ahriman. He turns on his ally and the towering skeletal monsters use devastating necromantic magic on the party. Alucard tries in vain to damage the skeletal creatures and is knocked unconscious by them. He is soon joined by the rest of the party besides Ghesh, who breaks free of his possession. The slumped form of Ahriman rises now, uttering a foul true name : Salavanis. Ghesh manages to heal the party back to health, besides Tsuki, who has been given Mummies Curse. The skeletal devourers teleport the unconscious forms of Rakshasa, Tsuki, and Alucard into their chest cavities. It seems as if their souls are going to be devoured, until Ghesh finally destroys Ahriman’s form and the necromantic magic fades from the room. Ghesh successfully revives the party with Alucard’s help and they go about finding their treasure. Rey moves to stow the diadem away in her Bag of Holding but is possessed by the lingering consciousness of Ahriman. Ghesh manages to banish the spirit back into the diadem and Rey puts it away where it’s no threat.
They see that the flimsy box opened during the fight, spilling the Scarab of Protection onto the floor. The Spectre picks it up and with a glow of green, it attunes to The Bronze Trident. Ghesh dispels the magic protecting the chest and Tsuki opens it, revealing a treasure trove of valuable tomes. They find The Black Scrolls of Ahm, in black cases ornately carved to show images of squirming snakes, cruel birds of prey, and disturbing insects. They also find a copy of The Day I Slew Death, and two Manuals of Iron Golems.
The group decide to visit the Gold-Eye clan of Sand Elves a few days to the east, before proceeding to the True-Spears, deep in the Dune Sea. They meet the sand elves at twilight, being introduced to their clan-leader, Thia Gold-eye who seems to know about several members of the party by reputation. The group spend the next two days with the clan, sharing stories, and relaxing. Rey is introduced to the previous clan leader, Evarra, Thia’s mother. Evarra says that she’s one of the High Harpers and she has heard good things about Rey from Vishkanya.
The group continue on north-west towards the True-spears and Rey has a dream about a strange bog. The bog has putrescent brown skies and bizarre structures made of stacked stone. She sees what looks like the obsidian pyramid of Minauros partially buried in the bog. It’s being held up by toiling prisoners and at the top is what looks like an ornate golden palace. Tsuki has a dream too, seeing a mountain spewing rivers of lava. This volcano is being circled by a dragon and she realises that this is mt Kaigan of Chayundo, home of The Dragonlords. however the surrounding countryside does not resemble Chayundo at all, it seems as if the volcano is in the wrong place.
On the way to the True-Spears Ghesh receives an urgent message from Na’Sul, saying that Yeenoghu has entered the plane of fire with his horde and is going to attack the City of Brass, along with Imix. Na’Sul and some Efreet bring the party into the city, directly to the court of the Fire Queen.
The party are brought to the Fire Queen’s war council and are told that they’re being assigned to take out Yeenoghu’s leadership, including Yeenoghu himself. The group are given Dust of Invisibility, potions of fire resistances and are told they can arrive near Yeenoghu’s camp through a secret tunnel. Na’Sul leads the group to The Forgemaster first, but recommends that Ghesh stay outside, as he is no longer wearing his Fire-Rune armour. Alucard is given a red dragon scale shield and lent a Flametongue longsword. Rey asks Na’Sul if she has a partner and she says no. Rey says that she’s here to support her and Na’Sul thanks her. Na’Sul leads them to the tunnel which is beneath an enormous dining hall. The group pass many spicy and sweet foods on the way, and Na’Sul wishes them good luck.
The party pass beneath the smoldering plains, to beneath the marching horde of Yeenoghu. They come out of the tunnel near the edge of the war-camp and see thousands of gnolls and cultists marching towards The City of Brass. The Group turn invisible, sneaking past some patrolling guards. Rakshasa creates a distraction further into the camp, telling some nearby gnolls that they have small genitals. One seems confused, another, believing rakshasa is someone named Jon-grar, seems angry.



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