Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 68

The Demonlord of Wrath

The party ready spells and actions for the upcoming ambush of Yeenoghu. Ghesh takes his angelic form, Tsuki poisons her crossbow bolts, and Rey prepares a powerful spell. The Spectre teleports the party into the centre of the camp, launching an ambush on Yeenoghu and his companions. The enemy gnolls and druid are knocked prone under the assault and the demonlord of wrath is viciously wounded. The group recognise that the druid is the same moon druid they fought outside Kassadom several months ago. He is quickly knocked unconscious, but manages to inscribe a blood-rune onto the ground before he does. Yeenoghu proceeds to swipe at the party with his flail, The Butcher and savage them with his foul jaw. He paralyses Rey and Sahri with the magic of his flail, and knocks Rey unconscious. An elderly woman appears over the dead druid’s body, examines it, and then joins the fight. The group defeat Yeenoghu, and his body dissolves into smoke and ooze, disappearing into The Shadowfell. Rey is revived and realises that the woman is Victria The Red, the moon druid who began the druidic schism more than five centuries ago. Victria Polymorphs into a gargantuan dragon and unleashes her poisonous breath on the party, felling several of them. The group eventually push her out of the form, so she transforms into a huge red and silver werewolf, biting Ghesh viciously when she does. The party surround her, and knock her out of that form, too. Sahri sends her to The Shadowfell but she casts a powerful spell before she disappears: Storm of Vengeance. The group scramble to escape, half of them using psionics to reappear near the tunnel, the other half teleporting back to the besieged City of Brass.
The battle against the gnoll hoard is currently raging but the group gain some quick healing at an infirmary. They race to the walls and Rakshasa yells at the gnolls, telling them their leader is dead. Some gnolls flee, but the majority stay to continue the fight. The party locate Na’Sul, who points out the leader of this force: Nezrebe, an albino gnoll.



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