Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 83

The Uncertain Bargain

Ghesh, lying, says the party will help Vecna. Vecna senses the deception and attempts to gain control of him, but Rey and Rakshasa intervene. Vecna says he will not accept the parties’ help unless the untrustworthy Ghesh is under his command. The party reluctantly accept, and an unsteady deal is struck. The party will aid him in stealing Iuz’s divinity, and in return he will free them from the Demiplane of Dread.
The group has just reached Citadel Cavitius when The Spectre attempts to covertly free Ghesh from his Domination but fails. Vecna, unable to detect who made the attempt punishes the whole party, casting Meteor Swarm on them. Rey diffuses the situation, and Vecna says that if there’s anymore interference with his plans he will kill them all. Most of the group are sent off, but Rey, Alucard, and Ghesh stay behind with The Lich. Rey discusses the Book of Vile Darkness, but deems it too dangerous to read, or take. She asks if Vecna can remove the darkness of The Vestige without robbing her of its power. He says he may be able to, once he achieves Godhood, but cannot, at this stage. Rey is conflicted over whether she wants to keep the power, while risking bringing the darkness of Zantras The Kingmaker back to Ahlim. Vecna confirms that The Dark Powers are Vestiges, the lingering malice of dark gods, and that several party members made deals with them. Vecna tells Rey that he believes Lady Midnight’s goal, if she were reunited with Hiromi, is to create a plane of existence called The Nine Hells of Baator. He says that if she were not reunited with Hiromi it was her intention to use her magics to commit Deicide. Vecna says he has also pieced the spell required together, and will use it when Iuz is at his most vulnerable.
Several days pass, and Cavitius slowly drains the life force of the party. Eventually Iuz appears, vicious and towering, roaring out Vecna’s name. The group spring into action, challenging Iuz and his demonic servants. Vecna and Iuz exchange heated words in the common tongue of Greyhawk while The Spectre telepathically tells Iuz that they intend to betray Vecna.
The Battle begins, with Vecna and the demigod Iuz waging a titanic combat, while the rest of the group, including Kas and Mordenkainen, fight the demons. They make short work of them, aided by Mordenkainen’s spellcasting , with Alucard and Ghesh excelling. With that fight won, Kas tells the group to assist Vecna, but the group betray him, with Sahri grappling him. Kas thrashes violently, refusing to submit, blocking the incoming attacks of the party. Rakshasa casts Dominate person, forcing him to drop the Sword of Kas, which The Spectre snatches up. They see Vecna, surging with necrotic power, throwing spells at Iuz from afar.



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