Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 88

The Greater Conflict

Midraba’s shade is defeated and Yagami absorbs the shadows to activate his Shadowstorm form. Mala heals him quite significantly while Rey Polymorphs. With the help of the bards, Ghesh and Tsuki recover from their paralysis. Meren then flies down from the ceiling to help the heroes, striking Yagami with her acidic breath. Jun appears out of the darkness and seems unsure whether to side with Yagami or Tsuki. He eventually decides to ally with Yagami and begins to attack.
Jun strikes Sahri several times, and then drags The Slayer’s body into the shadows, disappearing. Alexis kills Mala and then offers Yagami an ultimatum: the anathematic gem or his life. Yagami reluctantly tears off the gem and surrenders.
The group contact Ashekani and Kori while Alexis hands the gem over to Ghesh.. Alexis reveals to Tsuki that they also accepted “The Father’s” gift and used them to defy Piro. They warn Tsuki that continuing to use the powers will corrupt her and drain her of free-will like it did to them. Tsuki says she will not use her ice powers anymore and Alexis gives her The Ring of Nine Facets, a powerful artifact from The Enlightenment. Tsuki eventually reveals to Alexis that Morty has passed away while they were imprisoned. Alexis is heart-broken, but then grows angry at Sahri. Alexis demands to know why she let Mortimus give up his immortality to her and attacks her. They eventually calm down and are convinced to stay.
Kori soon arrives and consoles Alexis, as well as enjoying their reunion after so many years apart. Rey speaks to Yagami, discovering that Yagami was never intending to attack Itenashi or Chayundo, he says he was going to travel to The Abyss to join Caiphon. Rey reveals that he has done something to Rahn, possibly killing him. When Rey tells Yagami that Hiromi has been freed, he attempts to flee, but is stopped by Rakshasa.
Hiromi unexpectedly arrives, with Dragonlord Ashekani in tow. Hiromi throws the cowering Yagami to the ground revealing that he’s the one responsible for allowing her to remain imprisoned in the flask for so long. She calls him a dissapointment and asks for the group’s advice on what should be done with Yagami. Rakshasa suggests imprisoning him in the Iron Flask, which Hiromi approves of. Hiromi says that since Yagami will no longer be ruling Kerodv, Ashekani has command. Ghesh asks if Hiromi and Calee would want to rule Chayundo together like they used to. Hiromi says that noone will be ruling Chayundo, because Chayundo will be destroyed. Hiromi tells the party about a new star that has appeared in the sky tonight, a red star. Kori confirms that she’s seen it but is unsure of its meaning. Hiromi says that Calee can explain and the group are soon joined by Lady Midnight. Calee and Hiromi explain that The Nine Hells will require land to be pulled from Ahlim for its creation.
Lady Midnight explains in detail what she’s learned of this universe and The Overdeities that created it. She tells of a being called The Originator that created this universe and all of the worlds in it. She tells of this beings foe: an entity called Tharizdun. Tharizdun was the creator of another universe but destroyed it. Tharizdun used an object called The Dark Shard to pierce the boundary between his universe and this universe, releasing a variety of Aberrations into this universe. From this Far Realm, Tharizdun seeded each of The Originators worlds with a powerful aberration called an Elder Evil. Ahlim’s Elder Evil is a being known as “The Father”, who has influenced Ahlim’s history at several points. Calee says that now that Tharizdun’s Red Star is in the sky, each world’s Elder Evils will set their plans in motion. She also gives more information about Zehan, specifically that he has devoured many worlds worth of Elder Evils and Gods. She says that she knows how to combat the Elder Evils but that Tharizdun would require an enormous alliance to resist. With that, Calee and Hiromi leave the group to their thoughts, in Yagami’s lair.



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