Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 23
The Lifeweaver's Legacy

The Group take a long rest, with Priyanka removing the charm effects from the party. Meanwhile the Minotaur, who introduces themselves as Tolun, moves off to fight the rest of Rahn‘s creatures. When Tolun returns he thanks the group for their help and says that through their honour and skill they have passed the first test. Sahri hugs him and he gives her his magical greataxe, The Mazewalker’s Axe. Tolun says his sister, Prianyi Masheran, died last century and he has been guarding the maze for two centuries. He says his two older brothers oversee the next two tests and that he will escort them, but cannot aid the group.The Spectre Offers him a spot on his ship, Ajaakor’s Hangman which Tolun accepts. Moving to the next room, the group find a man with a foxes head who seems to have spent the past few centuries painting the room with beautiful images over and over. They see prominently a portrait of six brothers and sisters who the group know are Tolun’s family before they were changed into chimera. The Fox-man, who later identifies himself as Nemon, tells the group to tell him the three things he wants most. They correctly guess he desires his freedom, the happiness of his family, and for his sister Prianyi and her works to receive the respect and recognition they deserve.
The group proceed to the final trial, said to be a test of character. The final brother is part rhino and later identifies himself as Kerok. He asks each member of the group in turn why they want to finish the maze and find the work of his sister, Prianyi. He gets a variety of answers, ranging from people wanting to help and protect their friends, people wanting to find knowledge, or people believing it’s the right thing to do.
The three reunited brothers embrace and the group are transported to a warm, peaceful demiplane, which Kerok calls The Lifeweaver’s Demiplane. The group see it is filled with a variety of animals all peacefully coexisting, and they see many chimera as well. Kerok shows them Prianyi’s tower, which is filled with books, most notably a unique tome called: The Fundamentals and Possibilities of The Variety Of Life Found In The Planes Of Ahlim. The book contains a variety of information about the Nemorian animals of The Faewilds, the ecology of Ahlim, the morphology and anatomy of many living things, and the reason and process behind the creation of the chimera. The book also offers Prianyi’s belief in how The Demonlords were created, which she says involves a plant called “Daemon’s Kiss”. She says that the immortal Nemorians were fed this flower which allows them to be possessed by Anathematic Spirits. As such, this plant is destroyed wherever it is found, and is considered an illicit substance. Interestingly Rakshasa has a flower on her, and also knows of a grove where the plant’s grow freely. Priyanka and Rey transcribe The Lifeweaver’s Tome, and Ghesh reads it cover-to-cover and absorbs its magic. Rakshasa spends some time playing with the animals, while Sahri spars with Tolun. Tsuki befriends Nemon, who teaches her some rogue tricks.
Ghesh has a dream where he finds himself in a solid cloud castle, with Aaracockra circling above. He finds a court of cloud giants and air elementals who greet him warmly, he notices The Cloud Queen, ruler of The Elemental Plane of Air, and a smiling, masked cloud giant in particular. Ajaakor speaks to him through the sky, praising him for his noble deeds and saying that his soul will have an honoured place here when his mortal form perishes, and that, if he excels in his quests, he may visit this place during his life. Power flows down into Ghesh and he awakens, happy and contented.
Tsuki finds herself surrounded by familiar darkness, but instead of many masks surrounding her, there is just one: a smiling, floating mask. The mask speaks to her sadly, saying: “We are all puppets, suspended on strings that gleam like gold. The Puppetmaster is most fearful, even Meridar fears his touch.”. The Mask stays where it is, but Tsuki continues, towards a doorway of light in the distance. Strange shapes move through the darkness, trying to ensnare Tsuki. The speak to her, some demanding information, some ordering her to carry out their commands, and some insulting her. She makes her way through them, leaving the smiling yet sombre mask behind.
The Spectre stands atop an enormous polished obsidian platform, surrounded on all sides by a familiar mist. He realises he is standing atop the inverted pyramid of the ancient city of Minauros. The mist seems thick and agitated, swirling around The Spectre as he hears Ajaakor’s voice. Ajaakor warns him that dark powers desire his soul, and that he must resist them or risk eternal damnation. As the mist swirls louder and faster around him, Ajaakor’s voice becomes muffled and eventually fades. The Spectre turns to see a large, open eye watching him through the mist. The eye blinks and The Spectre awakes.
Rey sees a beautiful waterfall, nestled amongst a copse of trees. Above her is a clear, starry night sky, and the three moons of Ahlim shining brightly. Rey passes through the waterfall to a secret pond. Kneeling by the pond is The Seer, seemingly praying. The Seer rises to greet Rey, telling her that she’s proud of what she’s accomplished and that she continues to grow in esteem. She tells Rey that The Seer shall be exalted by the Gods and that when that happens Rey shall become a great champion. She rests her hand on Rey’s cheek, and Rey awakes, with the warm, soft touch of The Seer lingering on her cheek.
Rakshasa hears the whispering voice of Graz’zt speak to her, saying that if she planted Daemon’s Kiss in The Lifeweaver’s Demiplane he would be very pleased. Rakshasa finds a secure, secret, space in the plane to plant the flower, knowing that such an act desecrates the sanctity of this place.
Sahri hears Satief whisper to her, saying that if she slays a chimera here, without being found out, she will be greatly rewarded.

Session 22
The Maze

The group travel to the mage’s tower, finding it mostly deserted. They see a teleportation circle that has been in use for some time and find a drawing of an eye above three giants. The table in use by the bald man is marked by five evenly spaced burn markings, which The Spectre suspects may be from the gems inlaid in the man’s sword.
The group move north towards the ruined watchtower, where Priyanka says the entrance to the maze is. The group watch Alberich and the bald man from a distance, as two large Umber Hulks clear away the last of the rubble. The Spectre reads Alberich’s lips and discovers that Alberich is going to go back to the mage’s tower to get reinforcements from someone called ‘Orianna’.
The group ambush Alberich as he makes his way to the tower. Rey ensnares Alberich and his two companions Umber Hulks using Plant Growth. The Spectre and Priyanka are both disoriented by the Umber Hulks’ gaze, while Rakshasa and Tsuki are affected by The Hunger of Hadar. The group soon disable the Umber Hulks, but Alberich teleports back to his master, the bald man. The Spectre knocks him out with a well-placed crossbow bolt, but the bald man revives him, and then teleports him to safety. The bald man, heavily armoured in opalescent carapace armour, strides confidently towards the group, seeming unconcerned by their efforts. He has a large gaping eye on his chest, which quickly disabling much of the parties’ magic. The Spectre notices he has heterochromia, with his left eye being deep brown and his right eye being ice blue.
The man introduces himself as Rahn and says that he knows many of the group’s faces from when they fought his father, Hadar. Ghesh immediately recognises the sword at his hip as Pyra, The Fire Queen’s long-lost artifact. He explains that he is searching for the life’s work of The Warp Witch, which he believes takes the form of a powerful tome deep within the maze. Fearing the magical prowess of Rahn, the group agree to assist him if they get a share of the treasure. Rakshasa, The Specte, and Sahri attempt to flirt with Rahn, to mixed success.
Preceded by Rahn’s minions, several Gibbering Mouthers, Displacer Beasts, and strange humanoid scorpions, the group enter the maze. They journey for several hours in the dark, hearing the distant sounds of battle between Rahn’s creatures and a large blade-wielding humanoid. Eventually they find the humanoid, a large Albino Minotaur covered in scraps of armour and weapons. The Minotaur decries Rahn as an evil man who must not pass. Rahn directs the party to fight the minotaur, which they do, before both the party and the minotaur turn their wrath on Rahn. The struggle is short but fierce, with Sahri and The Spectre being knocked unconscious and Rahn fleeing, frustrated, into The Underdark.

Session 21
The Warp-Beasts

One of the Chimera seems to be part black dragon, the other is part blue dragon. The black chimera swoops over the party, spewing acid over them as it goes. The blue Chimera lands and begins to ravage The Spectre, who is soon joined by Sahri. Rakshasa blasts the black chimera with Scorching Ray. In retailiation, the black chimera lands and knocks Rakshasa unconscious. Ghesh blasts the blue chimera with Call Lightning, bypassing its resistance due to him being an Elemental Adept. Sahri eventually slices off the blue chimera’s heads, and Rakshasa soon slices the black chimera’s throats. Priyanka and Rey harvest dragon scales from the two chimera. The group has a short rest and continues on, with The Spectre soon seeing a pair of cockatrices. He kills one and the other glares at him before running off, The Spectre has made an enemy.
The group rest for the night, with The Spectre seeing a multitude of Cockatrices before scaring them off. Rakshasa sees what looks like a black panther moving through the trees but it soon disappears from view. The group continue on to Vishkanya but soon realise the panthers, which The Spectre, Rey, and Priyanka identify as Displacer Beasts, are following them. When Rey realises they’re going to attack she casts Plant Growth which ensnares several of the creatures and gives the group a head start. The beasts soon catch up to them and a vicious battle ensues, with Rakshasa being knocked unconscious again. One Displacer beasts escapes, and Tsuki angers a cockatrice, which The Spectre kills.
The group soon see the mostly ruined city walls in front of them, and can see the mage’s spire of the old school of Transmutation in the centre of the city. Strangely, there is light in the windows, suggesting that someone is dwelling in this supposedly abandoned city.
The Spectre flies over the city towards the spire and sees the wounded, escaped, Displacer Beast moving through the city. The Spectre kills it just before it reaches the college of Transmutation with a psionically charged dagger. The Spectre moves cautiously up to the window and sees a dark-skinned, bald human reading a heavy tome. He is sitting at a desk whilst wearing a Cloak of Displacement, at his left is a sending stone, and to his right is a finely constructed sword with a sheath covered in gemstones and mithral. The man calls for someone named Alberich who he tells to go check on the progress of ‘The Insects’.
The Spectre follows Alberich to the north of town and hears him singing a strange but distinctive melody to himself. Alberich arrives at the ruins of a watchtower outside the city, and The Spectre can see the rubble shifting and moving and hear the sounds of digging.
The Spectre returns to the party and the group find an abandoned inn in the city to spend the night, ‘The Marvelous Mage’. They find an extremely aged bottle of unopened whiskey made by the Wizards of Wine company.
during the night the party hear a cacophony of voices slowly moving down the empty streets. They eventually see that the source of the voices is a Gibbering Mouther constructed from several human bodies. It appears as a blob of flesh with several mouths, eyes, and grasping hands. Rakshasa directs its attention away from the inn using Thaumaturgy and sees a crying face on its back as the creature moves away.

Session 20
The Questioning

The group return to The Silver’s Fortress, and Rakshasa finds out that Reverence‘s parents were attacked by Midraba’s agents. Rey interrogates the wizard who was animating plant creatures across the city: A man named Meladin. He says that Evangeliza lives in The Dread Marshes of Rzeka and that Lady Midnight has several servants including The Corpsemaster, Gallard The Betrayer, Driselle Black-Spear, and Osterie.
Ayla tells the gorup that Midraba’s real name is Caelynn Darkfang and she has a living sister in The Rift. She also says that Midraba was thought dead, and has not been in Salisa for several years. Midraba says that she thinks Satief’s Cult of Blood are misguided fools and that The Raven’s plans are much more consequential. When Tsuki asks her what she knows of The Outsider Midraba tells her that though they offer freedom for others, they have none themselves. When Rey asks Midraba why she would serve The Anathema she simply replied “Power.”.
The Spectre and Ghesh deliver Sinan to his sister at the Artis estate. She thanks them and gives the group their reward in a Bag of Holding. Sinan tells the group that he received information concerning The Ruins of Vishkanya and a maze that was apparently built underneath the city. He directs the group to a young woman named Priyanka Masheran, who believes a distant relative may have been The Warp-Witch. Priyanka says that she intends to go on an expedition to Vishkanya and that the gorup will be compensated should they help her.
Sahri, Rakshasa, and Rey all visit Asymptote, who delivers Sahri’s enchanted pumpkin sword. Sahri then challenges Orudis to a rematch, defeating him this time. Rey speaks with The Archmage of Hasamidat, the Angel of Curiosity who compensates the group for returning what Midraba had stolen.
The group set sail for The Ruins of Vishkanya, passing through The Warp Watch on the way there. They then set off on foot and soon encounter a trio of Owlbears. Using Beast Speech she calms the Owlbears down and is told that Chimera are innocent creatures that live in fear of the stranger beasts that live closer to the city. When Rey asks the lead Owlbear if it has a name it replies: “I don’t remember”.
The group sees two enormous chimera circling them the next day, Priyanka suggests the group take shelter, but it is too late, the beasts descend on the party.

Session 19
The Assassin

Moving down the hatch, the party find their way to the sewers. They see a group of Midraba’s people moving about, one of whom is Iagon, the missing crewmate. The group attack and kill them, with The Spectre utilising his new found psionic abilities, following a fleeing goon down a corridor. Tsuki finds a small vial of powdered Mithral. The group find a large chamber with two standing figures, one of whom is a missing crewmate, Jafari. Behind them is a crouched figure, who the group later realise is the missing scholar: Sinan Aureal-Artis. The group move to fight them, but several more enemies appear from the shadows. Tsuki gets attacked by Midraba‘s poisoned crossbow, and The Spectre engages her in the rafters. Ghesh and Sahri pass through a deadly Cloud of Daggers to join the fight, with Ghesh administering healing to the party, while Sahri administers death to their enemies. Rey turns Midraba’s enchanted armour against her using Heat Metal, while Rakshasa blasts her with a high-powered Scorching Ray. Rey frightens a foe off, who disappears into the darkness, while Tsuki finishes of the final goon with a well-placed arrow. The fight in the rafters is going poorly for The Spectre but Midraba moves to grab the captive, being blasted from the ceiling by a Shatter spell. As she flees, pursued by the party, she is blocked by The Spectre. While the two engage in melee in the hallway the rest of the party join them, but are beset by Shadows. Tsuki falls unconscious, along with the captive Burned by Alchemist’s Fire, Heat Metal and bleeding from a many wounds, Midraba collapses in pain and is knocked out by Rey.
Behind The Spectre is a portal to Xueshan, a cold, mountainous city that has been uninhabited for a thousand years. They hear laughter coming from an inhabited building as well as the sounds of a contented leopard, but deem it best not to use the portal. Ayla soon closes the portal with some fellow Mages and takes some of the group to The Silver’s Fortress, the rest go and enjoy a well-earned rest.

Session 18
The Search

During the day The Spectre discovers that a scholar and several crewmates off a local ship have disappeared and during the night has a vivid dream. He walks through a field of whiteness, coming across a circle of humanoids talking together. one of the humanoids, an elf with reflective silver eyes, turns and greets The Spectre. Her and The Spectre return to the mortal plane, where they look down and see The Spectre’s sleeping form. The elf says that her companions and her master consider The Spectre to be very valuable and wanted to make sure he was fully committed to the path of the psionicist before they contacted him. She says that her master saw fit to protect The Spectre from Midraba‘s magic that affected the rest of the party.
Soon, the Spectre wakes up and finds the party who, after defeating the shambling plant creature, have tried to find its source. They soon find a green-dressed man playing a panflute beside a fountain. He readily admits that he serves Lady Midnight and that he has been kidnapping people so that they can join Lady Midnight’s family. The group also find out that Lady Midnight is an immortal being capable of moving between different planes of existence, and that she likely has her own plane of existence. He also says that he knows of Evangeliza and that she makes her home in the Dreadmarshes of Rzeka. When the players try to attack him he summons a dozen plant creatures, which the group soon realise have grown from the remains of the kidnapped people. The group defeat him and tie him up, and Rey takes his Pipes of Haunting.
The group question him and soon The Angel of Order, Ayla, arrives and takes the group to The Silver’s Fortress in the city. Ayla informs them that she is also currently searching for Midraba and that Sinan, brother of a senator, has been taken by her. Everyone is debriefed and Ayla tells Tsuki that Midraba is a high level agent of The Ravens, a group who are known to follow Piro, one of The Anathema. At one point The Ravens were believed to be agents of The Outsider but this is now believed to be false, The Outsider is disruptive and chaotic, not malicious. Afterwards the group goes to The Toppled Tower to party. The group makes alot of money, causes some mischief, and their reputation in the city grows.
The next day The Spectre goes to try and track down Midraba and, talking with Brocc Fast-Hands, is directed to a street in Newtown. Tsuki spends the day befriending local cats. Rakshasa meets Reverence‘s parents and buys herself a grill to wear. Rey researches The Anathema, identifying The Cult of Blood as Satief’s Following and The Ravens as Piro’s following. Ghesh asks about things that he can do to help his church and is told that for skilled warriors with a desire to do good The Ruins of Vishkanya and The Rift are both important locations. Sahri goes to the school of Enchantment to get her pumpkin preserved. She meets an eccentric wizard named Asymptote who readily agrees to her requests.
The group meet up that night, going to the street that Brocc mentioned. They find a hatch in an alleyway, which leads to the sewers.

Session 17
The Spooky Session

Tsuki meets a man named Brocc Fast-Hands at the Griffon’s Grave who says that Midraba is in the city and that her followers have been harassing him. Ghesh finds out that Ajaakor’s Angels, Air and Water, are both currently unaccounted for. The Group find places to sleep throughout the city, with Rey and Rakshasa finding a cheap room at The Caring Crone, after Rey impresses Jazmin, a worker there.
Ghesh has a dream where he is walking along a grey, gravelly beach. He sees a woman with long black hair crawling onto the shore from the sea. As he rushes over to help, she turns to him, reaching for him.
Tsuki has the same dream from The Outsider but this time she can remember what they said. They say: “We are all puppets, suspended on strings that gleam like gold…”. Before they can say anymore darkness begins to spread along the wall behind them. The Outsider stands, turns to look at Tsuki, and then strides into the darkness.
Sahri, Rakshasa, Tsuki, Rey, and Ghesh all sit happily in a well-lit, luxurious dining hall, chatting while waiting for their meal to be served. As their meals are served the group begin to grow uneasy, none of them can remember how they got here, or where they are. At the other end of the table, the group see their host, dressed in a black cloak, only their bright amber eyes visible. Their host is feeding their food to a growling creature underneath the table. As their final meal is served they see that it is pulsating, as if something is moving about inside of it. Rey stabs it with a knife, and rats begin to pour out, climbing on and biting the party. the group fights back and they see that more rats are pouring out the kitchens. their host disappears and the building begins to sink. The group race to the front door, seeing that the house is sitting in a mostly featureless bog, surrounded by mist. They leap from the sinking house into the waist deep mud and begin to trudge towards a stone bridge which leads to land.
Once on the bridge they see a partially submerged skeleton that tells them that they’re being punished by her, Midraba, and that they have earned the ire of a group called The Ravens. Rey taunts the skeleton with Vicious Mockery and its amber eye sockets stop glowing. Two carrion crawlers burst out of the mud, one temporarily paralysing Sahri. Rakshasa quickly destroys them with Scorching Ray, with the help of Ghesh and Rey.
The group continues inland, hearing panicked cries in the distance. As they move towards them they see a woman with her throat cut, strung up on a road sign. Tsuki recognises her as Zanna,, Taman the Quiet‘s partner who was killed by Midraba. Ghesh performs last rites for her, but her body quickly rots away. The group continue, finding the smolduring corpses of several miners and adventurers, which the group recognize as the dead from Ephundali’s Mine. they hear panicked cries up ahead, and Ghesh recognises the vocies as belonging to Reverence and Vishkanya.
Rakshasa suspects a trap and is proved right when the figure mimicking Reverence reveals itself as a Kenku, a humanoid raven. The group engage the kenku as swarms of ravens descend on them, they can hear, but not see, many many ravens crying out around them. The ravens coalesce into an enormous humanoid feathered creature and attacks the party, laughing croakingly at their attempts to subdue it. Eventually the creature shifts into Midraba who immediately knocks Sahri unconscious with her vicious poisoned blade. Ghesh and Tsuki soon follow, and Midraba tells Tsuki: “Your master has succumbed to my darkness, and so shall you”.
working together, Rakshasa and Rey manage to defeat her with Rakshasa gutting her with a greatsword, Midraba curses them as she disappears.
The group all wake up, many of them being watched over by concerned citizens, who could not wake them from their nightmares.
The group hear a strange flute melody across the city and converge to confront it. They find an enormous mass of vines and pumpkins that has crawled onto the side of a building, attempting to snatch the mother and child who are inside. Two more smaller vine creatures approach out of nearby alleyways as the party engage the threat. Rey uses Cloud of Daggers to carve a smiling face on one of the pumpkins, while Rakshasa uses Scorching Rey to light it up like a lantern. Sahri becomes restrained as one of the vine creatures grabs her, she attempts to use her surprisingly hard nipples to escape. The mother in the building covers her child’s eyes. Sahri eventually frees herself and Tsuki who had fallen unconscious while being engulfed by the pumpkin creature. Rakshasa finishes the creature off with a dorito shaped greatsword, carving the pumpkin, as it were.

Session 16
The Capital City

The group decide to allow Asir to go free, but he must surrender the blasphemous ring and give them any useful information he has. Asir agrees and he and the party soon part ways after he tells them that Keth, The Black Claw owed his allegiance to a Gnoll named Sutha, The Fang of Wrath. On the first night back to Riverstride they hear a mournful wolve’s howl. On the second day Rey and Ghesh see Ennefer in wolf-form, watching them sadly.
The group collect a bounty for the slain gnolls and soon continue on to Hasamidat. After about a week of travel the group come across Rakshasa‘s old family home, and it seems to be occupied. Inside the group find a moon elf named Alexis, who plays beautiful music and claims to collect stories for a living. Ghesh and Rey tell Alexis a story and receive a fable from them in return. The fable is the tale of The Potter and The Three Urchins, which several of the group recall hearing in their youth. Rey knows that this story actually relates to The Anathema and is somewhat suspicious of Alexis. Rakshasa tells Alexis to leave and the group enjoys a night by the magically sustained fire that Alexis apparently started.
The group finally find themselves in Hasamidat, the capital city of Salisa. The group first make their way to Sildar’s Gardens to give The Dark Chain into the possession of Sildar’s church. The local High Priestess, who eventually introduces themselves as Juno, transports them to a distant place, a city nestled amongst tall trees. The group wait at the entrance of a temple, whose interior is decorated by beautiful murals, depicting Sildar and their servants, particularly the Archfey. Juno returns with The Emerald Lady’s thanks as well as a copy of The Druidic Schism signed by the author, The Emerald Lady herself. Juno says that the group have earned her trust and she asks that they help her solve the problem of animated plant creatures taking people at night that has been going on for a short time.
Returning to Hasamidat, Ghesh and The Spectre make their way to The River District, Ghesh to research Angels, and The Spectre to look for leads. The rest of the party continue to Sulgastor’s church where they are granted an audience with Arizima Steelgaze when they say they have information about Raziel. Arizima takes the possessed amulet as well as Rey’s fragment of The Profane Legacy, giving the group compensation in return. Rey decides the party should visit the University of Hasamidat and the group have a tracking charm placed on them by Eldritch Knights. Inquiring about who to talk to about Midraba‘s recent thefts, the group are directed to the Master Wizard of Illusion, Errich Dundragon. He is an amiable fellow and thanks them for their help, but warns them that their continuing meddling in Midraba’s plans may result in retribution.
Sahri, itching for a fight after so long, decides to find a challenge outside the city walls at the “athletic arena” in New Town. She fights a disgraced knight named Orudis, and is defeated. Rey and Rakshasa join Sahri for a night of drinkng and performing, while Tsuki joins them with the purpose of finding information, suspecting that Midraba may be in this part of the city.

Session 15
The Dark Chain

Tsuki leaves the group to go scout out the lower level, coming across a dining chamber filled with rambunctious Gnolls. She notices a caged prisoner in one corner of the room and finds an abattoir, as well as a side passage that leads down into darkness. She returns to the party, hearing what sounds like the Gnolls finishing their meals as she sneaks past. The group decides to take the fight to them, they slay the surprised Gnolls, with Rey‘s Cloud of Dagger’s making a mess of the butcher. After a brief round of questioning they free the prisoner. He calls himself Asir and says he was travelling to Ephundali when he got attacked and kidnapped by the Gnolls. He also says that he can understand Abyssal and that those that are taken are used as sacrifices to Wrath, one of The Demonlords. Tsuki hands over her +1 magic dagger to Asir when he tells her it’s his.
The group proceed down the dark passageway, soon coming across a pair of somewhat ramshackle wooden doors. They can hear a ritual being chanted, offering praise for Wrath and welcoming an initiate. Ghesh pushes open the doors to see a large chamber with an enormous Gnoll statue, a bloodsoaked altar and an enormous scarred hyena. The group engages them, with the blood-crazed initiate, two gnoll sentries, an enormous unarmed gnoll, and a large human turning to fight them. The human pulls a large black flail from the statue’s grasp and soon brings Sahri to death’s door. The group fells their foes one-by-one, with The Spectre narrowly escaping a dangerous group of foes using his Misty Step. As Tsuki inflicts the killing blow on the human, he strikes her with The Dark Chain, poisoning her. Rey wants to keep him alive, but with noone in the group willing or able to heal him, he soon bleeds out. Sahri and The Spectre both realise that The Dark Chain is a powerful demonic artifact which requires the spilling of blood for attunement. Reverence gives The Dark Chain to Rakshasa for safe-keeping and helps Ghesh, and The Spectre respectfully dispose of the sacrifice’s body.
The group rest for the night upstairs, behind the curtain. Asir seems particularly interested in Rakshasa, having smiled and winked at her all night. She notices he’s wearing a familiar ring: A serpent devouring it’s own tail. The Spectre notices the blasphemous demonic symbol and tensions begin to rise.

Session 14
The Hyena-Men

The group fought the Gnoll ambush party, quickly killing their leader and then slowly picking off the other attackers. One Gnoll escapes, fleeing south and the group follows. They soon find the gnoll, dead, at the mouth of a den. In the den, rummaging through some supplies, the group find Tsuki, who was searching for poison. The group rests and The Spectre skillfully kills a spying hawk with a crossbow.
Tsuki remembers a dream she had several nights ago, that she believes was a visit from The Outsider. She was standing in a field of blackness, surrounded on all sides by pale masks that match hundreds of different faces. She finds one that fits her, puts it on, and sees that she’s in a noble chamber with an androgynous, masked elf. The elf whispered in her ear, but when she awoke, she could not recall what was said.
The part continue south, soon finding a cave mouth guarded by two gnolls, who seem to be cooking meat around a large fire. Tsuki quickly kills them, but not before they alert two humans in the cave. The two humans issue a challenge for an honourable fight, which Sahri accepts gladly and Rakshasa accidently takes the warrior up on. Sahri bests her combatant who submits to her prowess, while Rakshasa taunts her fighter before Sahri slays them from behind. When The Spectre discovers that the surrendered warrior was carrying a blasphemous symbol of Yeenoghu he kills her.
Tsuki explores the upper levels, finding living quarters for the humans, as well as fine quarters for a couple downstairs. She finds a book called “The Druidic Schism” wirtten by The Emerald Lady, which she soon hands to Rey. Tsuki triggers a trap after entering a treasure room but soon finds it was worth the risk, finding a huge pile of coins and magic items. Tsuki takes the magic dagger, while Sahri takes a helmet shaped out of a hyena skull that confers darkvision. Reverence says that the helmet is disgusting, blasphemous, and that Sahri should never wear it in her presence. While the group share the loot, The Spectre hears the sounds of scuffling and hyena’s laughter coming from downstairs.


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