Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 87
The Storm Dragons

An air-born battle ensues, with the dragons viciously attacking one another while spells are thrown from the back of one dragon to the other. Eventually the group is victorious, and the slain form of the blue dragon slams into the ocean below.
Meren is convinced to aid the group in the fight if things go badly and the party proceed into the volcano.
Inside the volcano Rey is tied up next to Alexis, and she sees that Yagami, Shan Ling, and Mala are talking to another about Jun, and a portal of some kind. Yagami has the Anathematic Gem of Prio around his neck. Alexis says they’ve been imprisoned for a long time, and that they did indeed know who Lady Midnight was, but was prevented from telling the group. Rey brings Alexis up to date with what’s been happening in the outside world. She tells Alexis that Hiromi was freed and reunited with Khalida.
The arrive at the edge of the central cavern of the volcano, and Alucard is shot by a legendary Raven: The Slayer. The Spectre recognises him as the one who killed him in his previous life. A fight begins, with Yagami expressing his disdain for the group and using his breath weapon on them. Mala summons illusory copies of herself to attack Rakshasa and Shan Ling opens a portal to The Shadowfell and pulls out Midraba’s shadow demon ally. The shadow demon charges Sahri and begins to attack her, while The Slayer paralyses Ghesh and Tsuki with poison. Alexis and Rey are freed and begin to help their allies. The Spectre is briefly banished to The Faewilds by shan Ling before Alexis breaks their concentration. Rakshasa blasts Yagami and hurls him through The Abyss, wounding him severely. Alexis kills Shan Ling and Sahri kills The Slayer, but the fight continues.

Session 88
The Greater Conflict

Midraba’s shade is defeated and Yagami absorbs the shadows to activate his Shadowstorm form. Mala heals him quite significantly while Rey Polymorphs. With the help of the bards, Ghesh and Tsuki recover from their paralysis. Meren then flies down from the ceiling to help the heroes, striking Yagami with her acidic breath. Jun appears out of the darkness and seems unsure whether to side with Yagami or Tsuki. He eventually decides to ally with Yagami and begins to attack.
Jun strikes Sahri several times, and then drags The Slayer’s body into the shadows, disappearing. Alexis kills Mala and then offers Yagami an ultimatum: the anathematic gem or his life. Yagami reluctantly tears off the gem and surrenders.
The group contact Ashekani and Kori while Alexis hands the gem over to Ghesh.. Alexis reveals to Tsuki that they also accepted “The Father’s” gift and used them to defy Piro. They warn Tsuki that continuing to use the powers will corrupt her and drain her of free-will like it did to them. Tsuki says she will not use her ice powers anymore and Alexis gives her The Ring of Nine Facets, a powerful artifact from The Enlightenment. Tsuki eventually reveals to Alexis that Morty has passed away while they were imprisoned. Alexis is heart-broken, but then grows angry at Sahri. Alexis demands to know why she let Mortimus give up his immortality to her and attacks her. They eventually calm down and are convinced to stay.
Kori soon arrives and consoles Alexis, as well as enjoying their reunion after so many years apart. Rey speaks to Yagami, discovering that Yagami was never intending to attack Itenashi or Chayundo, he says he was going to travel to The Abyss to join Caiphon. Rey reveals that he has done something to Rahn, possibly killing him. When Rey tells Yagami that Hiromi has been freed, he attempts to flee, but is stopped by Rakshasa.
Hiromi unexpectedly arrives, with Dragonlord Ashekani in tow. Hiromi throws the cowering Yagami to the ground revealing that he’s the one responsible for allowing her to remain imprisoned in the flask for so long. She calls him a dissapointment and asks for the group’s advice on what should be done with Yagami. Rakshasa suggests imprisoning him in the Iron Flask, which Hiromi approves of. Hiromi says that since Yagami will no longer be ruling Kerodv, Ashekani has command. Ghesh asks if Hiromi and Calee would want to rule Chayundo together like they used to. Hiromi says that noone will be ruling Chayundo, because Chayundo will be destroyed. Hiromi tells the party about a new star that has appeared in the sky tonight, a red star. Kori confirms that she’s seen it but is unsure of its meaning. Hiromi says that Calee can explain and the group are soon joined by Lady Midnight. Calee and Hiromi explain that The Nine Hells will require land to be pulled from Ahlim for its creation.
Lady Midnight explains in detail what she’s learned of this universe and The Overdeities that created it. She tells of a being called The Originator that created this universe and all of the worlds in it. She tells of this beings foe: an entity called Tharizdun. Tharizdun was the creator of another universe but destroyed it. Tharizdun used an object called The Dark Shard to pierce the boundary between his universe and this universe, releasing a variety of Aberrations into this universe. From this Far Realm, Tharizdun seeded each of The Originators worlds with a powerful aberration called an Elder Evil. Ahlim’s Elder Evil is a being known as “The Father”, who has influenced Ahlim’s history at several points. Calee says that now that Tharizdun’s Red Star is in the sky, each world’s Elder Evils will set their plans in motion. She also gives more information about Zehan, specifically that he has devoured many worlds worth of Elder Evils and Gods. She says that she knows how to combat the Elder Evils but that Tharizdun would require an enormous alliance to resist. With that, Calee and Hiromi leave the group to their thoughts, in Yagami’s lair.

Session 89
The Earth Father's Rebirth

Tsuki is invited to Calee’s and Hiromi wedding, which is in several days’ time. The Seer tells Rey that she is now a High-Harper and that she has an important mission for her soon. The group travel to Kochiyama with Yagami and Ashekani. Itenashi proclaims that Chayundo has been victorious, and that Yagami has shamefully surrendered. Yagami begs his older brother to help him, but Itenashi ignores him. The group notice Asmodeus standing nearby, with the nemorian goat in tow. Half the group travel to Kodoma, to update Ajaakor’s Triad on what’s happened and the other half travel to Kerdov so that Yagami can formally abdicate the throne. A woman named Chara Khan sides with Ashekani and denounces Yagami as ruler, the crowd seem to comply. Yagami is then sealed in the flask, and the group travel to their fortress. The party receive a message from Alloces, saying that he is working with Asmodeus and Lady Midnight to create a race of beings called Devils. They’re also alerted by Aliza, Maldrana IV, Turiel Dust-Born that they’re close tor reaching The Tarrasque in The Underdark.
Rey collects “An Outsider’s Observations” that was left for her by Alexis. The group then teleport north to Svoren to join Maldrana IV and her force of Clerics and Paladins. The group then splits into three groups, each taking a different slime-covered path. The party come across several gibbering mouthers and ooze creatures, who seem to be drinking the spilt mithral-blood of The Tarasque. The party fight them, with Rey using her breath weapon on the ooze creatures. Several of the gibbering mouthers crowd around Sahri, trying to devour her. Soon the beasts are defeated. However, a roar of pain echoes throughout the caverns and the ceiling begins to collapse. The party run from it, and arrive in a large chamber where Jubilex seems to be devouring the defeated Tarrasque. Several of Jubilex’s followers are there, including one who’s wearing Rahn‘s armour, which they seem to have gotten from Brutalitops.
Alucard is devoured by Jubilex and dissolved, angering the group. Jubilex spews acid over the party, while his servants bombard the group with spells. Ghesh kills the woman wearing Rahn’s armour and then the group slay Jubilex. To ensure he’s banished Rey bombards his remains with Moonbeam, that burns away Jubilex.
Ghesh ressurects Alucard with Ajaakor’s help who asks him to help his brother. Sahri and Rey approach the wounded, weak Tarrasque, comforting it. They treat its wounds as best they can but its missing eye can’t be restored. The Angels soon arrive, and Rey calls for The Seer. The Seer begins to cast Soulmeld, to combine Und’s Angels’ essence with The Tarrasque to attempt to restore The God. The process takes several hours and The Seer admits she has never attempted Soul-Melding so many begins at once before. Gradually The Tarrasque’s form becomes molten and it becomes humanoid in form. Eventually the rocky and magma-like visage of Und appears, with one glowing ember-like eye. He thanks the group for returning him to life and says he has seen their lives and has great respect for them all. He places a fiery hand on Sahri’s shoulder and says that scars are nothing to be ashamed of. Ghesh opens a portal to The Elemental Planes which Und steps through, being reunited with his brother, Ajaakor.
Tsuki notices an invisible woman behind her and accepts her offer to attend “The Wedding” and is whisked away from The Underdark.

Session 90
The Coming Apocalypse

Tsuki is brought to a forest clearing in the mountains of northern Chayundo to a gathering for Calee and Hiromi’s wedding. She sees that Asmodeus, Erinye, Alloces, Ereshkigal, The Corpsemaster, and Gallard the Betrayer are all present. She also notices the female Nemorian scorpion watching happily. The corpsemaster casts Soul-meld on Calee and Hiromi, combining their bodies and life-essence. Calee/Hiromi thanks all the guests for their presence and comments on how well this wedding went compared to the last one she attended. She says she is in a generous mood and hands Tsuki the yellow Anathematic Gem as well as a map of Ahlim. With that, Calee/Hiromi transforms into her true form: A gargantuan two-headed metallic lavender dragon with one set of platinum eyes and one set of purple eyes. She then flies away, leaving Tsuki to eat some cake with the other guests.
The group help The Seer recover from her exertion and then wonder where Tsuki went. The Seer tries to locate her and briefly sees her in Chayundo, before Asmodeus teleports Tsuki away to Hasamidat.
Arriving in the city, Tsuki realises it’s in the grip of a fierce downpour of acid rain from which people are fleeing for their lives.
The Seer says she has an important mission for Rey, the most important quest either of them has ever had. The Seer then teleports the group to Hasamidat so they can assist Tsuki and the beleaguered city. Ghesh casts Control Weather, and clears the sky around the city. Unfortunately it seems this weather pattern is affecting vast swaths of Salisa, and is certainly unnatural. The group send several mages off to use Control Weather throughout Salisa while others stay to repair the city and help its residents. The party go to meet with the master wizard of Divination who says that the Red Star, which is now visible in broad daylight, is the strengthening sign of Tharizdun. She says that the days growing shorter is the first sign of The Father, Ahlim’s Elder Evil.
The next day a meeting of The World Council is called, bringing together leaders from across Ahlim. All the Angels who haven’t fallen (besides Rakshasa) are there, as well as most of the leaders of the world’s nations. The meeting is held at Sargonia, The Mithral City, and discussions go on through the night. The Seer calls for mobilisation of military forces to the north where cult forces devoted to Cryonax have risen. She suggests that mages continue to moderate the bizzare weather patterns near populated areas. She says that the Warriors of The West will defeat the Elder Evil responsible for Ahlim’s plight.
Sahri attempts to befriend The Storm King, to moderate success. Rey manages to befriend some of the world leaders who are suspicious of the group. She gains an offer of assistance from the Pharaoh of Nyoka in finding a Sphere of Annihilation to destroy The Anathematic Gems. Ghesh chooses this moment to bring up Calee/Hiromi’s plan to create The Nine Hells. The map Tsuki received had on it all the areas of Ahlim that were going to be ravaged by the creation of The Hells. The Dreadmarshes are almost completely consumed by this ritual, as well as most of Chayundo. Rey is horrified and the assembled council try to think of ways this destruction can be mitigated. The Giant Monarch concede that the Elemental Chaos may be an option, as it provides an almost limitless supply of matter and energy. Ashekani says that Nuin and Kerdov will accept refugees from Chayundo.
The council talk continues while the heroes contact Calee/Hiromi about their compromise involving The Nine Hells. The group are invited to join them at the grey shore of The Dreadmarshes, where Calee and Ghesh first met.
The party arrive after several hours, noticing glowing footprints leading into the sea and several scrolls of Water-Breathing weighed down by rocks.
Rey polymorphs into a giant shark and carries the group across the seabed, following the glowing path. At one point they come across the male nemorian shark, corrupted by demonic magic, swim south. The soon find Calee/Hiromi, who opens up telepathic communication with the group. She tells them it would be possible to use The Elemental Chaos, but that it would slow down the process dramatically. She tells the group that she is going to Zehan to gain more power by “Drinking of The Water of Life”. She also explains that she’s going to find out how to defeat Ahlim’s Elder Evil and what will happen once it is defeated. Rey questions her, and she admits that Calee was a Warlock of Piro, and is currently a Warlock of Zehan. She admits she would be willing to extend the timeline of The Nine Hells’ construction if she was assured it would not be interfered with.
The party notice an enormous demonic marine creature following them. Calee/Hiromi says that entity calls itself Dagon and will not harm the party while she is with them. She does say that other creatures live near and within Zehan’s prison that would not be so kind, however.

Session 91
The Southern Colony

Sahri asks more questions about what Calee/Hiromi could offer and what they would require in return. She says that at this time the most she has on offer is a plane of The Nine Hells and the most she could demand is a person’s life and soul. Sahri says she’ll consider the offer and the group teleport away, back to the world council. The talks continue for several more days until the group decides to head south on one of the Pharoah of Nyoka’s ships. The group notice the handsome stranger Asmodeus, who tells them to call him Ashmodai. He tells them he has a plan to imprison Calee/Hiromi in The Nine Hells, arguing that she can’t be trusted and deserves punishment. He says he was an angel of a fallen God named He Who Was, who struck Asmodeus down for embracing the full meaning of Law.

Rey is told about The Seer’s secret mission: The Imprisonment of Tharizdun. Rey bids farewell to the group and joins Nyx, Kori, Vishkanya, Selim, Celestia, Tomyra, Jolibzan, Sulgastor, and Meridar. The Seer explains that she’s contacted Gods from across their universe, urging them to help her imprison Tharizdun and save the universe from destruction at his hands. On the way Rey reads An Outsider’s Observations and finds out that Celestia is worried about her church in her absence. Hundreds of Gods turn up including the prominent figures of Pelor, Lathander, and Bahamut. These beings have a Cosmic Conference, discussing how to defeat Tharizdun and what it will entail. Rey knows that as a minimum Tharizdun’s Angels of Madness, The Astral Dreadnoughts, will appear.

Th group sail south for more than a week, across the cold, still sea. During this time The Red Star changes again, become a cyclic glyph in the sky, the time that the sun is out continues to decrease as well. The end of the year passes and the new year begins while the group sails to The South Pole. They see several ships sailing north, presumably from the southern colony. They arrive at a small village near the shore, surrounded by tree stumps from a recent deforestation event. Tsuki sees The Father on the shore, waving pleasantly at her. No one else sees the kindly elvish man and when Tsuki tells the group about him, his kindly manner fades and he disappears from view. The group investigate the strangely architectured village, realising it has been abandoned for quite some time. They tell the Nyokan crew they can return home.
The group proceeds in-land through the remains of a forest and soon realises there is someone invisible nearby allied with the familiar pixie, Pam. The person introduces themselves as Xochitl and says they’re a psionicist on the run from the tyrant Lord Blue-Eyes. Supposedly he has psionically enslaved the population of the Southern Colony and is sailing them north for war. She doesn’t speak common or know much about The Mainland but her psionic abilities smooth out the two parties’ cultural differences. She says that her and her followers were imprisoned by Lord Blue-Eyes for resisting his plan but she escaped. She’s currently being pursued by several groups of psionic trackers.
The party decide to help her resist her pursuers and retreat back to the village. Soon, several psionicists arrived, in the garb of Lord Blue Eyes’s loyalists. They demand to have the invisible Xochitl handed over, and use a supernatural candle to identify her location. The psionicists summon crackling blades of energies from their hands and Tsuki attacks them, beginning a combat. The group quickly defeat the psionicists and the hidden assassins who were with them. The pursuers, amazed by the furiosity of Xochitl’s defenders, flee. Xochitl thanks the party for their help and praises their martial prowess.

Session 92
The Psionic City

Xochitl asks Rakshasa about her wings and then says she was a Master, under the command of Lord Blue-Eyes before she betrayed him. She explains that he found a powerful psionic artifact called The Spirit Stone amidst the sunken ruins of Cleon. Xochitl says that the Awakened and the mages will not be far behind. She says that Lord Blue Eyes needs to be stopped and that the easiest way to gain his trust will be to turn her over to his followers. The party agree to this, leaving Xochitl in the village and going out to meet Lord Blue-eyes’s Hunters. They say that there was a misunderstanding earlier and that they intend to cooperate with Lord Blue-Eyes. The Awakened agree,on the condition that they can scan the party members’minds. The group accept and the psions reveal some of their secrets. They finally reveal that Rakshasa is a fallen angel who serves Graz’zt and that Tsuki has already made a pact with The Father for ice powers. The group agree to deal with these revelations later, as they have bigger problems currently.
The remains of the original hunting group go to collect Xochitl, while the party follow the Awakened to the city. They soon arrive at the gates, seeing that there are patrols of psions patrolling the city. Most noteworthy, however, is that seemingly every remaining citizen is standing in the street, alligned in perfect synchronicity. The party realise that they’re all being controlled simultaneously by Hum-Haun, aka Lord Blue Eyes. The crowd part to allow the group to walk the length of the city to a large temple atop a hill. The group are stopped there by Iktan the Awakened, Kabil the Immortal, and Carver the Soulknife, the remaining three Masters. The Masters make Alucard and Ghesh wait outside the temple, being watched by the approximately 20,000 people remaining behind in the city.
The group are brought to Hum-Haun who’s facing a floating, reflective sphere, which is presumably The Spirit Stone. Hum-Haun asks each of the party members if they’ll join his army, bound for the north. He says that The Father is soon to be freed from his icy, mountainous prison. He says that his army is already making its way to Svoren to join the forces of Cryonax, the Prince of Evil Elemental Ice. One by one, the group decline his offer, being led outside. Finally it is just The Spectre and Hum-Haun. The ice markings of Hum-Haun extend all the way up his cheeks, forming fractal patterns across his face. Tsuki changes her mind outside and returns just in time for The Spectre to turn Hum-Haun down. Hum-Haun uses Tsuki’s connection with The Father to turn her against The Spectre. The Spectre wrenches The Spirit Stone away from The Father in a battle of will and races to the entrance of the temple to reunite with the party. At this moment, the citizens of the city all draw weapons and advance on the group. The group begin to fight the three Masters, who activate their impressive psionic abilities. Iktan stuns several members of the party continuously with psionic blasts until she is finally defeated. Hum-Haun takes back The Spirit Stone and threatens to kill the population of the city unless the party surrender. They don’t, and approximately ten-thousand citizens fall to the ground, bleeding out. The Spectre takes back the stone and Hum-Haun grows furious and draws on the power of The Father one last time, blasting everyone nearby with psionic and ice energy. With that, the ice creeps over the rest of his body and he takes on a crystalline appearence. His forehead cracks open, revealing a third eye and he lets out a furious roar.

Session 93
The Chained God

Lord Blue Eyes’s monstrous crystalline form distends its jaws and breathes ice over the beleagured survivors. Ghesh and Tsuki suffer its full effects and feel a chill in their souls. Carver recovers from his masters attack and lashes out with his Soulknife at Sahri, cutting off her right arm. The Spectre revives Rakshasa and then tosses his coral rapier to Sahri to use one-handed. Rakshasa uses Hurl through Hell on Lord Blue Eyes although he seems unharmed by the psychic assault. The group knock out Carver and then Ghesh destroys Lord Blue-Eyes, shattering his from into a spray of razor sharp icicles. Kabil soon surrenders to the group, and they rush to begin healing the dead populace of the city. The party quickly realise that even with Xochitl and her rebel’s help, they can’t hope to revive the more than 5, 000 dead. Ghesh decices to enlist the help of the churches of the mainland. As he arrives in Meridom, he receives a deluge of messages that were directed at him, but could not be received by him while he was in the south pole. He learns that Calee/Hiromi has become a god and has named herself Tiamat. She was demanding to speak to the party, but since they didn’t answer she went to the world council. They seem to have reached a compromise, and Tiamat has begun pulling up parts of Ahlim. Ghesh also finds out that the entirety of Ahlim was covered in a storm that rained blood for the last few days. Ghesh brings several clerics back with him to help revive the dead citizens of the southern colony. That night, the red star begins to expand in the sky into an enormous spiral.
The Cosmic Conference finally decides to strike and The Seer has a final talk with Rey, saying that after this it will be too late to turn back, and that the risk of death is very high. Rey promises she won’t abandon the fight now and prepares to attack. The Seer casts Korinyi’s Shield on the Ahlim group, shielding them from injury and Rey transforms into a dragon.
The first stage of the attack begins, with the host of gods, angels, and heroes attacking the Astral Dreadnaughts and their other deranged angelic followers. Rey sees Gods and heroes being torn apart and passes out. She awakens to see the battle has moved on without her and races to catch up. She sees Meridar being attacked by several Elder Evils and Sulgastor attempting to help. In horror she sees Celestia crushed like an insect when she tries to help her god. She passes out again, hearing Celestia’s dying scream in her ears. She awakens again, seeing that the battle has moved to an enormous rift in space, beyond which swimming and scuttling terrors can be seen. Enormous blood-red tentacles are swatting at the cosmic congregation. One tentacle wraps around Nyx’s leg, beginning to crush it. Rey rushes over to help, her and Jolibzan successfully freeing her. However, Tharizdun retaliates by striking Rey, killing her.

The Red Star soon disappears, dispersing in the night sky. However, the next morning, the sun rises later and sets sooner, blessing Ahlim with only one hour of sunlight. The party spend the next ten days, bringing more mages from Ahlim’s churches to the south pole. By the end of the ten days they’ve revived almost everyone Lord Blue-Eyes killed and have sent most of the low-level mages back home. At this point the party decide to assist in the north against Cryonax and Lord Blue-Eyes’s fleet. They teleport to Nazdum, learning the location of Maldrana IV‘s warcamp. They also learn that global temperatures are continuing to drop and that Turiel Dust-Born and Joan Fairhelm are holding the eastern flank, fending off barbarian tribes and cultist from the mountains. They also learn that their allies have discovered that The Father is known as Father Llymic by his deranged followers.
They learn that Maldrana has been fighting Cryonax on and off for several days but that he seemingly can’t be killed and simply reforms from snow the next day. The group decide to put a stop to this and fight off some of his frost giant minions. They then confront Cryonax himself who uses his deadly ice powers to attack the party, with Rakshasa particularly suffering. When Rakshasa uses her Hunger of Hadar spell it’s effects are magnified, seemingly empowered by Father Llymic’s apocalyptic sign. Remorhaz servants of cryonax swallow Alucard, Rakshasa, and Sahri during the fight, attempting to digest them. The Spectre is forced to teleport himself, Ghesh, and Alucard away to safety during the fight to recuperate. They reappear and quickly defeat Cryonax, as well as driving away the rest of his minions. They then Consecrate the ground, preventing Cryonax from reforming in the material plane.

Session 94
The Vicious Cold

The party travel back to the warcamp and are given a tent by a group of soldiers. That night Tsuki hears a figure pacing outside their tent. She looks out and sees Father Llymic, who smiles at her and beckons her to follow him. She does, and he leads her out of the warcamp into the thick fog rolling in from the east. She follows for a short time before deciding to turn back. Father Llymic grows angry and insistently beckons for her to follow him. She doesn’t and he screams at her silently, and his jaw cracks open to reveal rows of icy dagger-like teeth before disappearing.
The group wake up that morning to a silent, frozen over warcamp. The soldiers outside froze to death during the night, and so did hundreds of others. Maldrana IV orders the survivors to flee south, to warmer climates. Ghesh messages Joan Fairhelm and Turiel Dust-Born to find out what’s happening east and receives only garbled messages speaking of hordes of crystalline ice-creatures.
The party set out east to the Auroran and Dust-Born forces there. On the way they battle a small group of ice creatures, who resemble Lord Blue-eyes’s final form. These creatures were once humans, dwarves, and elves, and their internal organs are visible beneath their icy skin.
As they arrive at a central war-camp they meet a ranger named Quest with her huge wolf. Quest tells them about the Brood Spawn, insectoid, crystalline ice monsters spawned by Father Llymic. Several of these Brood Spawn attack the group and Quest tells the group they should go north and rescue Joan, or go south and rescue Turiel. The group decide on the third option: Racing to Father Llymic. Quest and the group part ways and they head to a pass which will lead them into the mountains. They rest for the night and the echoing sounds of battle to the north and south stop, leaving them in silence. In the morning they awaken to two grisly signs: The bloodstained holy symbol of Joan and a dead sand-elf wearing Turiel’s mask.
The party continue on and begin to make their way up a mountain, following a path of hoof-prints. The group find numerous signs of previous habitation by human barbarian tribes, however all the villages are abandoned. They trek through an open field of snow, through brutal cold.

Session 95
The Angels of Winter

Along the way they encounter several roving bands of Brood Spawn and dispatch them without too much trouble. However they can feel that they’re being followed. Alucard builds an igloo for the group so they can rest for the night in relative safety from the raging blizzard. However, their rest is interrupted by Tsuki being knocked unconscious by someone outside. The group ready for a fight and move outside, finding several Brood Spawn who were once Aurorans as well as the frozen, corrupted form of Joan. A fight begins as Joan accuses the group of betraying her and attacks with the ice-covered Morningstar of Meridar. An Auroran casts Planeshift on Ghesh, who is sent to the 8th layer of the Nine Hells that are in construction: Cania. He sees a blizzard around him, lit from within by blue flame. In the distance he sees a frozen fortress and a beautiful, devilish woman approaching him. He planeshifts back to the icy fields of Svoren but ends up about a kilometre from the group. The party defeat several of the Aurorans and then Joan falls, thanking the group for freeing her from Father Llymic. However, a living blizzard appears, flanked by several Brood Spawn sand elves. The living Blizzard manifests as Brood Spawn Turiel and accuses Sahri of betraying him. Turiel withdraws his Topaz Greatsword from his icy form and begins to slash mercilessly at the party. Sahri and Rakshasa are soon dead and Alucard is barely keeping conscious. Ghesh contacts The Spectre, telling him he’s on the way. The Spectre teleports Alucard away from the igloo and meets up with Ghesh. They then return to the igloo, finding that each of their companion’s bodies have been taken away. Ghesh uses locate creature to track down Turiel, who is flying towards the east, along the path the group have been following. They catch up to him and engage in another battle, finally defeating him. He apologizes for what he was forced to do and drops the bodies of Tsuki, Sahri, and Rakshasa as well as his greatsword. Ghesh ressurects his dead companions and then the group rests near the bottom of a huge mountain shrouded in fog.
Rey has several dreams during her regeneration process, many are happy but some are strange. She has recurring dreams of an elderly warrior-woman digging graves in dead, grey earth. At one point Rey sees her stitching a pattern that resembles battle-armour. Then Rey hears deranged and animalistic screeching and the woman picks up a rough-looking bone axe and rushes towards the source of the sounds.

Session 96
The Frozen Mountain

The party build an igloo at the foot of an enormous mist and blizzard shrouded mountain. The group finally enjoy a long rest and The Spectre works on his Epic Immortal Discipline: Sprectral Juggernaut. The party hear a magical fight happening up the mountain and a wayward meteor strikes the party. The well constructed igloo survives, giving credit to its creator Alucard. The group move up the mountain, and find a panicking horse that was leaving the hoofprints they’ve been following. The horse is Jack, Azzainen‘s warhorse. The group proceed up the path, reaching a snow-covered plateau. Amidst the ice are frozen figures and they find Azzainen, broken and dying. A small, undead mage casts Storm of Vengeance on the party from atop a ruined temple. Azzainen says that they’re Jillian High-Hill reborn, and Jillian High-Hill says that Father Llymic has given her new life and purpose. With her are two Broodspawn Ogres and two Broodspawn Giants who throw rubble and breathe ice on the group. Ghesh and Sahri fly over to Jillian and attack her, while she spits and curses at them. They soon defeat her and she thanks the party for freeing her from Father Llymic’s influence. Once Jillian is defeated Azzainen joins the fight, his will restored, and he begins to smite the Brood Spawn. One of the ogres leaps upon Alucard and knocks him unconscious but is then soon defeated by the rest of the group. Azzainen says that if Jillian has risen than Mareshao certainly has too. He promises to assist the party until Mareshao is defeated. The party continues up the mountainside, coming across several Broodspawn Giants, including one with several insectoid heads, chittering maddeningly. Two of the Broodspawn giants pull out large longbows and begin to fire at the party, while The Spectre transposes with the insectoid giant, pushing it off the bridge. However it soon sprouts wings and flies back up. It slams back down onto the bridge and almost knocks the party off of it. The group, with Azzainen’s help manage to defeat these large Broodspawn however, and continue up the path. They see a huge black ice pillar stretching high into the sky above, several winged dragonborn Broodspawn crawling across its surface. They hear a roar and huge wing beats from up above and the top of the pillar falls on top of the group, injuring several of them. Ghesh flies up to attack some flying Broodspawn and Azzainen teleports up to the pillar to attack some of the crawling Broodspawn. Mareshao the Elder White Broodspawn Dracolich swoops down and breathes necrotic, icy, breath down on the party. Azzainen jumps onto her back and begins to attack her, Ghesh and Sahri also strike at her. Eventually they defeat her, Ghesh exploding her rib cage and The Spectre throwing The Bronze Trident through the remains of its chest into its spine. The beast collapses, half its body falling off the cliffside. Azzainen pulls her phylactery out of her chest and steps on it, crushing the icy blue gem. He says his quest is complete and he wishes the group luck, and gives his Sword of Sharpness to Sahri, who thanks him. The group proceed up the path, finding a large icy cavern, which seems to have been Mareshao’s lair. Azzainen seems to have lived here for some time and the group realise this is the legendary site of Mareshao’s first death. They also find a small treasure hoard which includes The White Dragon Mask, an important historical artifact. They rest here for a short while before making their final ascent to the mountain peak.
Up ahead of them is a black ice glacier upon which there is several Broodspawn. Ghesh tests out the unnatural fog to see if it would be safer than the glacier and determines it’s not, giving him a chill in his soul. The group fight their way up to the next platform, a black ice field upon which approximately two hundred Broodspawn seem to be silently praying. The group move between these immobile figures and fly up another small cliff.
They see a field of black ice in front of them with seven pillars protruding from it. In between these is Father Llymic’s elderly elvish form. He greets the group, telling them his victory is at hand and that it’s not too late to join him. One by one the pillars crack and tumble over and the group see several Broodspawn Tribal leaders approach, one wielding an axe, one wielding a staff, and one wielding a crossbow. Ghesh tries to prevent the last of the pillars from breaking, but fails. Father Llymic laughs and the ice cracks open, unearthing a huge, rotund praying mantis-like giant. The Elvish form fades and Father Llymic’s true form continues the laughter, deep and terrible.


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