Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 13
The Elemental

The group find a small cave at the edge of the farm, and through Rey‘s Dancing Lights they see a small creature living within. The creature tells them in Draconic to leave but Rakshasa tries to enter the cave, triggering a trap. Eventually the group convince the creature to surrender and return what it stole, and they discover it’s one of the small lizard-like Kobolds which they fought at the farmhouse. The kobold identifies himself as Kirtul, and says that he is the last of his tribe, and was brought here from another world by The Tome. He agrees to join the group on their journey but briefly disappears when they visit the farmhouse. They find the young man, whose name is Ramas. He seems to be recovering and has been joined at the farmhouse by his mother, who the group hear but don’t see.
The group soon reaches Riverstride, where Sahri grew up. Sahri takes Kirtul to join her at the local Adventurer’s Guild where she is reunited with Rhogar and Ayesha, friends and fellow guildmates. Rey meets a group of fellow bards and their leader, Jocelyn Silver-Tongue is impressed by her skill. Rakshasa talks to Reverence, who seems quite distant, and later blames her mood on family troubles in Hasamidat. Ghesh and The Spectre find the local Storm Church and speak to a worried woman named Vonda. She says that an earth elemental is beset in The Badlands and later says to Sahri that the elemental is searching for an artifact called The Dark Chain.
The group leave Kirtul behind in Riverstride and go with Vonda to find The Elemental. They soon find it, but it acts suspiciously and eventually reveals it lured the group here. Vonda and the Elemental attack the group. Ghesh and Rey’s spells quickly destroy the elemental, but the group are shocked to find the elemental was really a human woman assuming an elemental’s form. Ghesh kills the woman for her blasphemy and the group manage to extract a confession from Vonda before killing her. She’s working with a clan of Gnolls under the command of someone named Keth The Black Claw. The Spectre realises reinforcements are coming and urges the group to hurry after they burn the bodies. They are soon beset by a host of six Gnolls and a giant Hyena.

Session 12
The Spring Festival

The group continue on, soon coming across a patrol of silvers who briefly question them before continuing on their way. Ennefer seems worried about contact with civilisation and parts ways with the group, saying her farewells. The group return to Ephundali finding Reverence and seeking help and advice from Shandri, who cures Rakshasa’s mutism. Shandri seems alarmed by Ghesh’s tale. The party soon discover that the cityfolk have taken to calling them: “The Warriors of The West”. Some of the group then make their way to Vishkanya who confirms that Hadar was the Angel of Truth but that that is not knowledge that should be freely shared. She recommends that the group speak to Sulgastor’s church, as Truth was Sulgastor’s angel. She also assures Rey that she knows someone who will take care of Gerald, Jandar, a priest of Sildar in the city. The priest is found in his church in the gardens, with Gerald seeming happy there.
The group realises that tomorrow is The Spring Festival, but Sahri and The Spectre aren’t overly excited for it. Rey performs during the festival and builds a nest for Gerald. Ghesh assists his church during the celebrations. Rakshasa does strip shots in The Wailing Wolf while Sahri challenges Roscoe in the fighting ring. Though she is soundly defeated, Sahri realises the calming nature of her ornate amulet.
She takes it to Vishkanya the next morning, She says there is a mysterious spirit inside of it and that her ‘’Silver-eyed friend’’ may be able to tell her more. Sahri has a dream while sleeping wearing it where she is walking through a beautiful, unfamiliar city. Ahead of her is an enormous white pyramid, and suspended above it, inverted, is an obsidian pyramid that fills her with worry.
The group shares rooms at The Well-Watered Watchman north of Ephundali. Reverence seems shy and unsure about pursuing a relationship with Rakshasa. The Spectre has a dream he hasn’t had since he was a child. He sees a shadowy figure through the mist and pursues them until he reaches an altar, which the figure stands behind. The altar whispers “We are watching you” in Sylvan, which the shadowy figure repeats. As the group continue north to Riverstride a distressed man calls to them, saying he was robbed and attacked by a small yellow eyed figure.

Session 11
The Angel

The group soon figure out that Raziel, who was leading this group, was attempting to raise his master, Hadar The Dark Hunger, from death. The spell seems to have only partially succeeded, with the body of Hadar being raised and Raziel being transformed into a monster. Rey had recovered a fragment of an important set of works: The Profane Legacy, and though the text was familiar, it seems to have been annotated with new information. Sahri’s book, a history of Hadar by famous author Magnus of Perrin, is also annotated with numerous mentions of “The Angel of Truth”, who the group have never heard of. The Priest who identifies himself as Laucian, whose Rod of The Pact Keeper Rakshasa had taken, says that he will help the group prepare for the battle with Hadar and Raziel, but will not fight them himself. The other man, Aust, says he may as well help, expressing his hopelessness at the situation. The group make their way back downstairs, preparing for a battle. Laucian drops the Arcane Lock that had sealed the door and flees upstairs. Rey sees Raziel whispering to an armored figure sitting upon a throne. As she casts magic into the room and moves away, the beast races to the door. Raziel bursts through the doors, affixing its one sickly eye onto The Spectre. He’s still wearing scraps of robes and a detailed amulet. The group realises that Raziel has become a Nothic and quickly disable him, Sahri decapitating him with a critical strike. In the ritual chamber Hadar rises into the air, hovering on skeletal wings. Glowing green eyes open across his wings, fixing their gaze onto the party members. The group rushes him, striking from up close and a distance. He lashes out with both eye beams and Arms of Hadar, injuring several party members. Eventually he is defeated, uttering “My children know your faces now” as he falls. In his deathroes his eyes glow brightly, afflicting several party members with madness. Rakshasa loses her voice and Sahri goes mad, furiously attacking Ennefer and then The Spectre.
The group returns to the living quarters after The Spectre picks up a vial of Alchemist’s fire and Rey gathers the dust of Hadar. The Spectre also recovers the ornate amulet of Hadar from Raziel’s corpse and gives it to Sahri. Ghesh picks up Raziel’s tome which was lying open on the floor, feeling a strange connection to it, he still hands it to Rey, however. During the rest The Spectre hears a pair of people moving about outside. A tall blonde woman and a shorter, armored figure are revealed. The woman uses a command phrase which causes Ghesh to take Raziel’s tome from Rey forcefully, and hand it to the woman, despite the group’s attempts to stop him. The Spectre attacks the woman but is quickly defeated by the pair. The pair teleport away, and Ghesh soon recovers his senses. Upstairs the group find Laucian, being strangled by a warped wall sconce. He has been marked with Lady Midnight’s symbol and says that Raziel stole from Lady Midnight and these people came for him. He identifies the woman as a cruel mage from the north: Evangeliza Lavain. Sahri has apocalyptic dreams while she recovers from her madness and when she wakes up she kills a depressed Aust, against Rey’s desires. The group leave the fortress, with Rey’s egg soon hatching a seemingly healthy male Griffon chick. Rey names the child ‘Gerald’.

Session 10
The Cult

Ghesh opens the door and is immediately fired on by an armoured human. Sahri moves out into the corridor to fight this humanoid, but falls into a pit trap, which she spends the rest of combat climbing out of. Ennefer rushes up in wolf form and is struck in the side by an arrow from a hidden elvish woman. The Spectre moves up to the woman and threatens her, she seems unfazed. Both enemies are taken out by the groups combined efforts. Rey’s cloud of daggers spell deals massive amounts of damage to them. The elvish woman is knocked unconscious until awakening to Rakshasa’s cruelty. The man is made to remove his splint armour, which Sahri dons. He is questioned by Rey and eventually the group realises that there is a secret door leading to his employers. He proves quite uncooperative however and The Spectre pushes him to his death into the pit trap. The Spectre realises a lot of the corridor is trapped. The woman is also killed by Rakshasa when she attempts to escape.
Deciphering a message transcribed into late celestial from deep speech Rey opens a hidden door disguised as part of the wall. It reveals living quarters that have apparently been occupied for quite some time, despite this fortress supposedly being abandoned. The group finds a small shrine to Sulgastor, which they soon discover leads down a staircase. The Spectre picks up a strange, but familiar looking prayer mat. He sneaks downstairs, peering through a keyhole he can see a library and a pair of metal doors depicting strange angels. Beyond the doors he can hear a chant occurring and light emanating from the room. The group heads down just as the ritual is finished. They hear screaming and three frightened individuals come out of the room, sealing the door behind them. The priest threatens the group and when they refuse to allow him to pass he casts Hunger of Hadar on them, he is eventually knocked out by the group. The Spectre picks up a seemingly important magical item he was carrying. Sahri kills the cooperative thug when he attempts to run upstairs, Rey grabs the third person who has seemingly been traumatised by what he saw in the room, repeatedly saying: “I’ve seen him, and he’s seen me”. Ghesh hears a large, inhuman creature moving about the locked room and it seems to be trying to break free. Rey and Sahri each grab important looking items from the shelves before they close the doors behind them.

Session 9
The Undead

Ghesh, The Spectre, and Sahri climb up the right side of the cliff-face as fast as they can, while Rakshasa, Rey, and some skeletons exchange fire on the left. Skeletons are climbing the left side as well, racing with the party to reach the top. A gaunt humanoid figure with glowing blue-green eyes kills the griffon after injuring a young woman dressed in hide armor. The gaunt figure knocks out the young woman before being defeated by Ghesh’s spiritual weapon. The young woman is revived by Ghesh after he realises the griffon is beyond saving. The young woman explains that the undead have come out of the mountains, likely originating in the abandoned fortress of Kas. She’s a druid who seeks to preserve nature from dangerous forces but is frightened of this fortress. Rey and Ghesh help pull the griffon out of its nest to check for eggs, discovering two that have been crushed and two that remain whole. Rey and the young woman, who introduces herself as Ennefer, say that they will take care of the eggs until they hatch, which Ennefer guesses will be soon. Ennefer flies off in eagle form to find where the undead came from, finding a strange tunnel entrance within a few hours. She seems reluctant to go any further, but The Spectre and Rey convince her to go on.
They continue down this dark, apparently magically created tunnel for two days, during which Rakshasa has an important dream. She awakes in the Shadowfell, in the Demonlord of Lust’s domain. He brands her with his symbol and asks her what she desires most. During the second night The Spectre hears slow footsteps approaching, waking up Ghesh, they illuminate the tunnel. Standing some distance away is an undead figure, after a moment of staring it begins to charge. The Spectre teleports in front of it, and blasts it backwards with a mind thrust. The party awakens and attempts to engage the creature while it almost strangles the life out of The Spectre. The creature seems to feel no pain and only after many attacks does it finally fall to the floor, letting out a moan as its soul seems to depart its body. The group finish their rest and continue onwards, soon approaching the light at the end of the tunnel. Two skeletons and another gaunt creature are waiting for them in a stone room, and after a quick fight they are dispatched. The Spectre hears the sound of a humanoid moving beyond the door.

Session 8
The Badlands

The party wakes up spread across Ephundali but meet up at Hoveked’s workshop to spend their hard-earned money on magic items. Ghesh purchases a cloak of protection, Rey buys bracers of agility, Sahri exchanges her greatsword for a +1 Greataxe, and The Spectre buys a periapt of wound closure. Sahri and Rakshasa go to a brothel where Rakshasa finds a pair of Graz’zt cultists: A half-Elf owner, and a Vithian named Fear. Ghesh and The Spectre visit The Church of Storms, with Ghesh asking if there is anything in the region that he should pursue. Shandri says that a Warp-Beast called a griffon was seen a few days south-east of Ephundali, and that it is very strange to see one this far west. Rey visits Vishkanya, briefly discussing the book before Rey is handed the sending stone recovered from Fareeha. Rey gathers the group together before sending a cautious message, attempting to find out where Evendil was meant to take the children. The group stock up on last minute items, with The Spectre deciding to pick up a whip for any possible griffon-training that may occur. The group head south-east towards the mountains in the Badlands, with the terrain moving first from forest to grassland, and then from grassland to dirt and sand. The group hear the cries of beasts and the screeching of an eagle on the second night. Soon the group come across three enormous hyena devouring the corpse of a griffon. The three giant Hyena’s attack, but are quickly dispatched by the party. The group continues the next morning, crossing a deep ravine which Rakshasa has trouble leaping across. The party continue up the mountain, hearing the pained cries of an eagle. Up on a cliff-face there are a group of armored skeletons seemingly ascending to attack a wounded nesting Griffon.

Session 7
The Celebrations

The group reach the surface and are greeted by an incredulous Malark. They return to the city and are greeted by cheering crowds of miners. Tsuki leaves the party to find the owner of the raven, while Sahri and Rakshasa join the celebrations. Tsuki soon meets up with the owner of the raven, he calls himself Taman the Quiet and claims that Zanna, murdered in The Well-Watered Watchmen, was his partner. He says the culprit is Midraba, the dark elvish woman whose handiwork the group has been cleaning up. Rey, The Spectre, Ghesh, and Varis make their way through the crowd to meet Vishkanya. She congratulates the group on their success and expresses concern at the apparent theft of a valuable spell scroll by Midraba. Rey and Ghesh inquire about valuable missing artifacts, in response Vishkanya unfurls a comically long piece of parchment. They notice several names: The Tome of Ultimate Evil, The Day I Slew Death, The Well of Worlds, The Blackrazor, and The Storm Blade. The party then take their leave, with The Spectre and Rey heading off to carouse, while Ghesh returns to his church.
Sahri and Rakshasa find their way to a shadier part of town, locating The Wailing Wolf, a dive bar. It’s run by a Vithian named Yasheira Fork-Tongue and two rough looking patrons sit at the bar. They introduce themselves as Roscoe and Merla who are mercenaries. Downstairs they hear a fight going on, with Yasheira’s permission, they head down to see what’s going on. A group of people are gambling and fighting in a small fighting ring, and Sahri decides she’s going to compete. She defeats the reigning champion Llewis the Lucky who turns out to worship Satief. The Spectre soon arrives and decides to challenge Sahri. The Spectre utilises his psionic abilities to soundly defeat the drunk Sahri. Rey and The Spectre manage to make quite a lot of coin while carousing. Rakshsasa receives a prayer from Yashiera to contact Graz’zt, The Demonlord of Lust. While praying Ghesh receives a vision of Ajaakor standing at the intersection between the four elemental planes. Ajaakor praises Ghesh and says that he has been watching him. The Spectre receives a less kind vision, but Ajaakor says that he is beginning to redeem himself. Sahri receives a vision of a dark, blood stained battlefield, where she stands alone. A voice tells her that: ‘’Blood must flow…”. Rey receives a vision from The Seer. Rey stands in an open field beneath a starry sky, and The Seer appears behind her. The Seer tells her she is proud of her and grants her new abilities to pursue truth.
The group reach level 3.

Session 6
The Mine

The group make their way to the miner’s district housing for a night’s rest. In the morning they set out for the northern pavilion and are greeted by a large group of miners. They move through the group and find Varis who beckons them over. Vishkanya, Shandri, the guard captain Borivik, and the leader of the local Adventurer’s Guild Malark are discussing the mine. The group approach, with each person introducing themselves. Malark expresses a little confusion at the group for not approaching him sooner, stating that he has payment for their completed contract. Borivik excuses himself while Ghesh asks for more information about what happened from some miners who saw it firsthand. They say that a commotion began on the third level, with a shadowy figure killing a miner, and then opening a portal, from which many fire elementals poured. Vishkanya says that she read the book while warded and couldn’t stop reading it, but not due to a charm. The group makes their way outside the city, to the mine. She also says that the elementals accused the artificer’s of hiding Pyra from them and as such she can only escort them part of the way over. Malark wishes them good luck and says that he’ll be waiting with a rich reward should they return.
Two guards stand watch over the magically sealed entrance but temporarily lower it to allow the party through. The first level has some abandoned equipment and a dead golem and some smoke emanating from the second floor. The party continues down, and the scent of smoke grows stronger. Before them is a large chamber, littered with small clumps of magma, and the charred remains of two corpses of what seem to be a previous adventure party. At the end of the chamber is the entrance to the next level and to the right is a small tunnel disappear into fire. Towards the next level one of the magma clumps begins to move, revealing itself to be a small Magma Mephit. Ghesh communicates with it briefly, but the creature seems unwilling to cooperate, and after denouncing Ajaakor it calls for help. The other clumps around the room reveal themselves as well and attack the group. Two breathe fire onto the group, while Tsuki spits acid back at them. Sahri is knocked unconscious and two of the magma mephits come back as smoke mephitis who are quickly dispatched. The group proceeds downstairs, soon meeting a fire elemental. Ghesh communicates with it briefly, failing in his attempts at diplomacy, but impressing the being with his knowledge of its nation’s history. The being leads them to the portal, which sits in the centre of the third level. In front of the portal stands a larger, armored elemental. She introduces herself as Nas’Ul and explains that she was brought here and charmed by a dark elvish woman. The Fire Queen’s attention was given to this region and she eagerly funneled warriors into the tunnels. The charm has worn off and Nas’Ul realises she was manipulated by this mortal woman. Rey uses magic to join the conversation and Ghesh confirms that no one in the city believes the sword is there. Nas’Ul decides to recall her forces and gives Ghesh a Topaz as a parting gift.

Session 5
The Artificer's City

The party trade their recovered gear in for some improved armor and weapons. Rakshasa and Tsuki join in the morning prayer. The group head south, arriving at the inn The Well-Watered Watchman, they speak with a tiefling guard named Reverence who tells them a patron was murdered two nights ago. Inside the inn the innkeeper Jeodred gives the party their rooms and gives them more details about the death of a young woman named Zanna. The characters investigate the room, detecting signs of a struggle. The window is broken but upon investigating outside they see that some magic may have covered the sound. The players enjoy some lamb curry and Sahri stands watch outside with Reverence. They discuss what happened and Reverence tells her that Captain Borivik of Ephundali has taken over the investigation.
The players set out towards Ephundali the next day. They see the colossus of Ephundali standing watch outside the city and the smoke from a hundred forges. Two silvers stop the players, asking their business. One of them has heard of their deeds at the farm and vaguely recalls the master wizard Vishkanya lives within the city. Upon entering the city Tsuki notices that a man is watching her from an alleyway. The party looks for him, but he disappears from sight. The group make their way to the artificer’s district. As they approach, they hear crashes and an armored creature bursts into view, throwing debris across the street, damaging several stalls. The group engages the bodiless, armored figure, with Ghesh being knocked unconscious. The parties mundane weapons do little damage to the being, but magic does the job. Sahri and Rey free a trapped woman, who is very thankful. An elderly man and his embarrassed apprentice appear to clean up the mess. The elderly man slaps his apprentice and says that he foolishly activated the creature. An elderly gnome appears, chuckles at his colleagues misfortune and then returns with some golems to clean up the square. The rescued woman, named Chandra, says that she opened the stall due to her husband being out of work. Her husband, Raj, is a miner but the mine just outside the city has been closed. Chandra says that the party can stay with them at the miner’s housing that night. The party continues into the artificer’s district, heading towards the mage’s tower at the centre. They pass a pair of Eldritch Knights guarding the tower. A familiar figure stands in the tower, Varis, Vishkanya’s assistant. He leads them to her office at the top of the tower, where Vishkanya sits at her desk. She takes the Tome and the wand and promises to inspect them. She suggests that the party attempt to solve the trouble in the mines. The group split up at this point, with Sahri looking for a way to improve her gear in the artificer’s district. She finds a woman named Marta who runs ‘’The Red Iron’’. Ghesh and The Spectre go to the church of Ajaakor in the city. They meet Shandri who is the high priestess there. Ghesh and her converse about The Fire Queen and her sword Pyra, Shandri has no reason to believe it’s in the city. Her and The Spectre don’t get off to a good start. Tsuki, Rakshasa, and Rey take a look through the Artificer’s gardens where a familiar Raven drops a small medallion at her feet, emblazoned with the image of a grinning masque.

Session 4
The Witch's Hut

The players loot the corpses, with Jamal returning to the camp to prepare for his journey north. Rey skilfully ties up Fareeha, leaving her for questioning. Sahri finds a small, dark totem carved into the shape of a woman that looks like it depicts an obscure feminine deity. The group quickly makes their way to Kamahla’s hut, with Tsuki and Rakshasa sneaking ahead of the group to scout.
The group approaches the house from the front, Evendil and Therin ask the group why they’re here, Evendil repeats Fareeha’s story, and again, the party doubts it. Ghesh and Tsuki approach the hut and briefly commune with Kamahla, who warns them that Evendil is a bad man. Evendil summons dark vines from the earth, which seize The Spectre and Sahri. Ghesh severly injures Evendil with a blast of powerful magic, soon followed by an attack from Rakshasa. Therin becomes wreathed in blue mist by Evendil and begins to attack the grappled Sahri. The Spectre frees himself from the vines and manoeuvres behind Therin. Sahri escapes from the vines, uses an action surge, and destroys the mist surrounding Therin. The mist injures Sahri as it dissipates. Ghesh and Rey attempt to cast spells on Evendil but he manages to counter them. The summoned vines begin to form into a humanoid shape and attempt to grab The Spectre. Evendil tries to cast hold person on Ghesh, to stop his onslaught, but Ghesh resists the spell. Evendil realises things aren’t going his way and begins to flee saying to Therin in Abyssal that_ “Lady Midnight will graciously accept his soul”_. Therin knocks out Sahri and turns to engage The Spectre. Tsuki chases Evendil but her attack is thwarted by a magical forcefield that surrounds his body. The Spectre throws a psionically charged dagger at Evendil as he flees, the dagger strikes his arm and causes him to drop his wand. Kamahla exits her hut with Pam and quickly tries to charm Therin, she succeeds but he continues fighting. Ghesh rushes over to Therin and begins to engage him with his Warhammer. Evendil panics, spins around, and tries to grab Tsuki with a hand wreathed in necrotic energy. She deftly dodges, however, leaving Evendil with few choices. Therin curses Ghesh as an unbeliever and assaults him harshly with his longsword. The Spectre throws a second dagger into an opening in Evendil’s armor made by Tsuki, which buries itself deep in Evendil’s chest, knocking him unconcscious. Sahri stands up behind Therin and immediately buries her greatsword in his back. The Vine creature lashes out at The Spectre this time harshly battering him, with its vines wrapping around his body. Kamahla convinces the charmed Therin to drop his weapons and stop fighting. Rakshasa blasts a hole in the chest of the vine beast while Tsuki shoots an arrow expertly through its empty eye holes. It falls to the ground, the magic that was suffusing it dissipating.
The group go to restrain and interrogate Evendil while Kamahla beckons a dire wolf to kill Therin silently. The children happily exit the house and thank the heroes for saving them. The group interrogate Evendil, and question him about Lady Midnight. He’s surprised that they know about her but asserts that he wasn’t going to harm the children, he was going to take them north to join Lady Midnight’s family. The group return to Silnem taking the relieved children with them. The mayor thanks the group and apologises to Kamahla, who decides to stay for a short time in Silnem. Kamahla gifts Tsuki a Robe of Elvenkind for her aid.


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