Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 3
The Forest

The party camp on the farm, before beginning their journey to Ephundali, a city three days south, and the place where they believe they’ll get answers about the magical tome. Early the second day they reach Silnem, a small town built around a large, magical tree. Rey spots old acquaintances Pell and Ovid, who run the local Inn ‘’The Lady’s Luck’’. They tell the players that several people have gone missing during the night, including their children Anna and Tolun. The players make their way to an emergency town meeting, where the mayor is trying to reassure the townsfolk. Accusations of a witch, called Kamahla, taking the children occur. The mayor notices the party, asking them their business. When they offer to help he explains the situation to them, saying that thirteen people are missing, including six children, the town wizard Evendil and the town tracker Fareeha. Ghesh notices a woman dressed in green who has been watching the party talking with the mayor and asks her about Kamahla. She says that Kamahla would never do the things that the townsfolk are accusing her of, saying that Kamahla used to serve at the local church in the town.
The party begin their tracking and find the footsteps of several adults and children. During the night they are attacked by a wild boar that seems to be charmed for aggression. Investigating to see who put a charm on the beast Ghesh, Rey, and Rakshasa find a faerie in the woods, who Ghesh quickly gains the trust of. The faerie, who is quickly named Pam explains that Kamahla and her are trying to stop Evendil’s group by co-opting the assistance of the forest and that Pam thought the party were the interlopers. She says she doesn’t know where the missing groups are, but says the children are with Kamahla. She agrees to stay with the group, until Rakshasa begins to damage the corpse of the boar, at which point she flees. The Spectre decides to perform sacred rites on the body of the boar, to pay it proper respect.
The party continue on to Kamahla’s hut. On the way they are stopped by the tracker Fareeha who explains that she’s with a group looking for the children that Kamahla took and that they were attacked by giant wolves during the night, with Evendil and his bodyguard Therin splitting off to continue the search. The party doesn’t trust her story, which has several holes in it, seizing the tracker. Fareeha cries out, calling for her companions who rush to join the fight. The party mobs the tracker, but she manages to escape the group, leaving Rey with serious wounds. The Spectre knocks her out as she flees, and the two groups begin to exchange fire through the trees. Ghesh slays a human, whose wife charges angrily, before being slain by Tsuki’s blade. Rey angers a gnomish male, who angrily charges Sahri, but is killed by a dagger skilfully thrown by Rakshasa. The final member of the tracker’s group is reluctant to fight. He’s a young half-elf named Jamal and admits that Evendil tricked him into helping him, playing off his insecurities. The group comfort him and The Spectre suggests that he joins the crew of his ship “Ajaakor’s Hangman”, Jamal obliges.

Session 2
The Tome

After catching their breath for a moment, Ghesh smashes down the door to the dining room. On the opposite end of the room are two armored figures who seem unsure of how to deal with the party. They attempt to negotiate with them, with Ghesh taking the lead. The language barrier proves troublesome however, and a deep voice from the back of the house commands the armored figures to attack the party. A desperate battle ensues, with Rey briefly falling unconscious before being revived by The Spectre. Tsuki climbs up on the table to gain the high-ground and a flanking position, slaying one creature by decapitation. Ghesh finishes off the creatures by slamming the remaining creature into the wall. Realising the commanding creature will find them in their injured state they seek refuge in an empty bedroom, blocking the door with a bed. After their rest, the beast has apparently left the house, feeding on corpses along the way. Sahri stealthily makes her way to the back of the house, finding a door leading to the basement. In the basement is a young man who, surrounded by candles, has been reading a magical tome for several days straight. He begs the players to take the book before more creatures come out of it. They oblige, managing to pry the book from his desperate grasp, taking the skin off his fingertips as they do. They ask him about how he got it, after reassuring him. He apparently spent his money on this book, purchasing it from a dark elvish stranger. They take him to his bed and go to find the large escaped creature. It has been chasing the cattle and killing those it catches with its morning star. They slay the creature from a distance utilising spells, and well placed shots from Tsuki and Ghesh (and a thrown greatsword from Sahri). The party all reach level 2.

Session 1
The Farmhouse

After meeting up in the town of Riverstride the young adventurers travel three days south to a farm infested by strange creatures. The group arrive at the abandoned farm, upon approaching the house they fight a group of red, lizard-like creatures. Tsuki has a rough start, falling over, but The Spectre helps her up. Sahri shows off her martial skill, slaying 2 of the creatures with a single strike. Ghesh’s Guiding Bolt destroys one, who catches flame and rolls down the hill. Tsuki kills one with a masterful arrow-shot, while Rakshasa rains debris down on the others when an Eldritch blast goes astray. The more stealth-inclined members of the party investigate the dimly lit home. They realise there are two figures making noise in the next room and that the walls where they are have severed hands crawling over them. Tsuki has one begin crushing her wrist, while another seizes hold of Rakshasa’s ankle. Ghesh, Rey, and Sahri make short work of the hands, slaying many at once.

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