Profane Legacy

Session 63
The Seer's Tower

Following the defeat of the avatars of Piro the party recuperate, checking on the wounded and investigating the Iron Flask. Willem Gold-eye was knocked unconscious during the fight and seems embarrassed by that fact. Tsuki asks Vishkanya to find out what’s in the flask and she obliges. Vishkanya says that there is a live dragon in the flask, Tsuki makes her swear to secrecy.
Sahri and the party follow Brutalitops to his wagon, which he somehow hid inside of the manor. He says he has a new item: A Deck of Many Things. He warns that this item is risky to use, but can be very rewarding. Sahri draws the first card, The Void, and her soul is pulled from her body. Ghesh gains a spellscale follower from The Knight card who joins the party. The party eventually draws the whole deck, giving them magic items, curses, and permanent magical improvements. With that, Brutalitops leaps into his wagon and disappears.
The group drags Sahri’s body out to Vishkanya who says that her soul is in The Astral Plane, with The Seer. Itenon seems worried about Sahri and asks if he can help in any way, Rey says they need 100 platinum pieces which Itenon hands over. Rey goes out back to talk with Lord Patros and they eventually cut a deal, with Rey selling him her Manual of Golems. Lord PAtros says he has made his living by procuring ancient artifacts and says that he wants to launch an expedition to find The Moaning Diamond, which was used to build the ancient pyramids of Minauros.
Vishkanya wishes the party good luck in the astral plane and then teleports them into The Tower of Hariolation, The Seer’s sanctum. The Seer greets the party and takes Sahri to her soul which trapped inside of The Vegeant’s legendary axe, Sky-Sunder. The Seer then leads the party to Nyx, the Annerian of the night sky, who appears as an enormous woman made of stars with flowing nebulae for hair. Nyx creates a human-sized avatar who shares a hug with Rey and The Seer. The group then proceeds to the living area where Nyx and The Seer begin to prepare a delicious curry meal. Ghesh asks Nyx about Und and Jelan. She explains that Jelan and her saw The destroyer, who Jelan went to investigate. Und grew tired of dealing with mortal affairs and the conflict between the dragons and the giants, so he went to sleep until Ahlim needed him. Tsuki asks The Seer if she can identify the dragon inside of The Iron Flask. The Seer tells her, surprised, that the dragon is Hiromi The Platinum Dragon, mother of the living Dragonlords. Tsuki and The Seer decide it would be best not to release her at this stage, as they don’t know why she was put in there in the first place.
The Seer and Tsuki go off to speak in private about The Outsider. The Seer says that The Outsider is basically a good person who has suffered because they’ve tried to do the right thing, while soul-bonded to Piro, of The Anathema. The Seer thanks Tsuki for trusting and helping The Outsider, saying that she cares about their well-being.
The group then enjoy a delicious meal of butter chicken with rice with Nyx and The Seer. Rey asks how they like it served, The Seer says mild and Nyx says she doesn’t mind.
Nyx and The Seer then decide to clarify a few things about themselves, Ahlim, and The Destroyer and his Anathema. The Seer explains that her name is actually Korinyi Atethys, Kori for short, and that she is an immortal mage soul-bonded to Nyx, an Annerian. She goes on to say that her, The Vengeant, and The Outsider are all refugees from another world, who fled The destroyer thousands of years ago.
art by Chris Rahn
She says that The Outsider is a moon elf named Lessempir Atethys who is her twin sibling and that The Vengeant is Mortimus Falkettan, the father of her daughter, Aliza. She says that The Destroyer attacked their homeworld, devouring first the outer planes and then the inner planes. The three refugees and many others fled, but only Korinyi, Lessempir, and Mortimus arrived safely. She tells of how Caiphon brought together the three gems of The Anathema and used them to awaken The Destroyer. Kori explains how she rallied the Annerians to aid her in a powerful imprisonment spell which put both The Destroyer and Caiphon to sleep. Ghesh asks Kori about his dream in which a woman crawled from the sea to kill him in a previous life. She doesn’t know this woman based on Ghesh’s description but says it may be possible that this was one of Caiphon’s followers who prematurely awakened. She tells of how she is worried about the status of her imprisonment spell, given that Caiphon has already awakened from it.
After that discussion the party go to rest for the night in their quarters. Rey stays up talking with Kori and Nyx through the night, discussing their past, and their plans for her.

Session 62
The Long-awaited Party

Rey spends the last of her vacation researching the traitorous archmage Ahriman and his crimes and thefts. He stole the first generation of Golems, several artifacts, such as the Scarab of Protection, and took many cultists with him. She also tries to find out what the Dragonlords’ favourite food is. She finds out that Dragonlord Ashekani enjoys pudding by reading an old copy of “The Daily Salisan”.
Rakshasa returns to Hasamidat and makes a connection with Amon, a worker of a senator. Amon has some contacts and smuggles illicit or controlled substances into the city. Rakshasa gets in on this deal and makes a small profit.
Sahri spends her time looking for a war scythe. She finds an old, beat up one, but rejects it. She then finds out that Asymptote has a better one but, after comparing it to her Axe of The Mazewalker, rejects that too.
Tsuki spends her time with Nemon and finds out that one of Midraba‘s agents is still active in the city.
Finally, The Storm King shows The Spectre the portal that links the Elemental Plane of Water to The Faewilds. The Spectre recalls that he passed through this portal in a dream long ago. The Storm King also tells The Spectre that he thinks he should try and obtain the magical trident on The Dread Isle.
Ghesh and The Spectre travel to The Dread Isle after Ghesh returns Rava home and picks up a mask from the cloud giants. They travel deep into a set of coral-filled caverns in the isle where water collects near the ceiling and crustaceans crawl about everywhere.
They find the female Nemorian crab, who seems quite friendly. It seems to be guarding a bronze trident in the centre of the room. The Spectre uses his telepathy to communicate with it, and it tells him that “she” is here, and the trident can help awaken her. Ghesh and The Spectre follow the crab to a dark green room inhabited by the rhinoceros-sized male aspect of the Nemorian beetle. In the back of the room is a green, glowing egg, which The Spectre soon realises is a bronze dragon egg. The Beetle and the Crab refer to the dragon as The Green Princess and say that if The Bronze Trident and The Scarab of Protection are brought here, she will hatch. They entrust The Bronze Trident to The Spectre, who promises to return with The Scarab of Protection, an artifact of Nithanwyl, the Elder Bronze Dragon slayed long ago by The Vengeant.
Now with everyone back in Hasamidat, the long-awaited party begins.
The group are introduced to the Akundish delegation: Shan Ling, Jhazi the Shrewd, Ti-Lan Jii, Qara Valeng, Wu Jen, and Itenon. Itenon crushes Ghesh’s hand with a handshake and then has his hand crushed in the same way by Sahri. The two arrange a training session and a tour. Rey and Tsuki impress some nobles with both Rey’s showmanship and Tsuki’s sneakiness. Rakshasa flirts with several people including a fancy noble named Lord Patros of Rzeka. Rey finds Willem Gold-eye, the head of the College of Lore, and challenges him to a musical contest. This contest attracts a large crowd but the crowd seems to favour Willem, leaving Rey dejected. Sahri finds Asymptote and Brutalitops putting on a performance using magic. They’re soon joined by Errich Dundragon and a magical rave begins. As Tsuki goes to join the rave she sees a masked figure disappear upstairs. Tsuki goes to investigate and Alexis beckons them into a private room. Alexis gives Tsuki the Iron Flask and tells her that she must give it to a woman she found or will find in the north. With that, Alexis is pulled into an entity of growing shadow who begins to pursue Tsuki, demanding the flask back. Tsuki flees and soon more avatars of Piro begin to appear throughout the manor. The group fight a shadow dragon with glowing blue eyes who descends the stairs. The shadow is resistant to most forms of damage and assaults the party with a necrotic breath weapon and its flailing tail. Eventually through The Spectre’s psychic assault, Ghesh’s radiant spells, and Rey’s Moonbeam the shadow is dispersed.

Session 61
The Well-earned Rest

Maldrana joins the party, congratulating them on obtaining The Storm Blade and defeating Vannakun. She says that there is a final holdout of cultists in the keep and they’re refusing to speak to anyone except The Warriors of The West. The party head over through the fortress until they reach the doors of the keep. They are greeted by Caiphon, the leader of the cultists. Rakshasa immediately calls him old and he eventually responds that he is, in fact, 4, 120 years old. Rey asks him what he had been doing that whole time, and he explains that he was magically put to sleep, but has now woken up. The Spectre asks him what his goals are, and he says that he wants to awaken Zehan the Destroyer so that he can leave Ahlim with him and travel far away. He says he wished to assess his competition and that although the party has delayed him, his success is inevitable. He then leaves and teleports away with his followers.
The party celebrate their victory with the dwarves and are honored by a speech from Queen Maldrana.
The group then finally return to Hasamidat for a rest from adventuring for a while. The party receives invitations to a party welcoming a delegation from Nuin in a few weeks. Rey and Rakshasa spend their time with Curiosity first, taking drugs and asking about his life for Rey’s book. Ghesh and The spectre deliver the Mace of Disruption to Meridom for safekeeping and then travel to Kodoma. They research their past lives, discovering that Ghesh is technically more than 900 years old. They discover that they were adventurers and warriors in many of their past lives as well. Ghesh shows Rava The Storm Blade, asking if he’s worthy to wield it. She says that he is and hugs him. ghesh asks her on several dates, which she accepts. Rakshasa, Ghesh, and Rava then travel to The Elemental Plane of Air, visiting The Cloud Queen’s Castle. They given a glorious feast, although some pranks are played by The Smiling One. They then journey to the Wind Dukes of Aaqa, visiting their floating islands.
They ask Ghesh to retrieve a powerful Trident for them in exchange for the Plate-armour of the Sky Warrior. Ghesh realises that this armour is his by rights and that they’re trying to trick him. The genies give him his armour and make him promise to ‘retrieve’ the trident. They realise their mistake, noticing that their agreement did not involve the trident being returned to them. Ghesh tries on his plate armour, noticing that its cape flows and floats to allow his new wings to protrude. Rakshasa has a beautiful, sheer, dress made for her by the genies.
Rey visits Gerald the Griffin in Ephundali and Vishkanya that she is one of the High Harpers and had hoped Rey would become The Angel of Knowledge. Rey and Gerald fly through the air, with Rey using her newly gained angel wings. She then returns to Hasamidat to make progress on her book about the mindflayers, The Illithiad. She receives messages from Khalida who says that she is getting closer to working out how to banish The Anathema. Her method involves using a Sphere of Annihilation to consume the three gems that hold the essence of The Anathema.
Sahri has her Axe of the Mazewalker upgraded by Asymptote and the two spend a night ingesting Mithral, having a variety of magical hallucinations. She receives an invitation to fight the reigning champion of the arena of Keidados, Natalia Firemane. She accepts the invitation and two have a close fight in front of a crowd of thousands. Sahri is narrowly defeated but swears the fight will go differently next time.
Tsuki researches The Ravens, discovering that their base of operations is in Akundin and that Jun The Humble Monk may be part of Yagami’s inner council. She purchases a shiny green and gold dress with scale motifs for the coming party. She then looks into poisons and decides that Wyvern Poison is best for her purposes. She travels to New Town just outside of Hasamidat to search for sellers of the poison. She procures some and then finds a merchant that has Daemon’s Kiss. She follows the merchant and kills them, taking their goods back to The Warriors of The West’s fortress outside the city.

Session 60
The Demon's Defeat

The party rush to attack Jubilex and his ooze servants, while the army proceeds to the city. The Spectre and Ghesh work together to make the mystic almost untouchable, spelling misfortune for any who attempt to harm him. The Demonlord uses his disgusting slime and acid to harm the party members, poisoning them and corroding their weapons and armour. Maldrana the angel of obligation uses her holy powers to smite the demonlord’s ooze servants and then moves onto the demonlord himself. Soon Jubilex is alone, and surrounded on all sides by foes. He attempts to flee into the lake but is harassed by the heroes, being slowed down, shot, and blasted as he crawls away. Finally his form is destroyed by Maldrana, spraying acid and slime in all directions. Some sizzling onto the earth, the rest lands in the slime covered lake, bubbling. Maldrana tells the party to proceed into the fortress to deal with Caiphon and Vannakun. They oblige, moving into the warzone that is the lakeside fortress.
Ghesh sees Vannakun land in a crumbling structure in the northern part of the fortress and leads the group there. On the way they are attacked by several two-headed Barlgura and Vrocks, spawn of Demogorgon. They quickly defeat them, with Rey transforming into a dinosaur and The Spectre smiting several with his Mace of Disruption. Sahri finishes off the final vrock by throwing her greatswords at it from a distance. The group climb onto Rey who rushes them to the structure, which seems to be a partially destroyed arena. In the arena they see Vannakun the balor along with several summoned demons and warlock servants. Vannakun raises The Stormblade in his fist, veins of lightning crawling up his arm. A flaming whip forms in his other hand, cracking with power.
A desperate fight begins, with Vannakun’s power being deadly to any who draw too close. He uses his whip to pull the heroes close to him, and then strikes them viciously with Ajaakor’s misused artifact. One of his Glabrezu followers notices Tsuki trying to sneak into a flanking position and leaps over a crumbled pillar to attack her. The warlocks counter several of the parties’ spell attempts and use destructive spells of their own. Rey bites Vannakun ferociously with her Tyrannosaurus rex form but he lashes out with his stormblade, forcing her back into gnomish form. His body radiates heat, searing those close to him. Ghesh calls upon the power of Ajaakor, using his divine intervention on Vannakun. A storm erupts from Ghesh’s body and consumes Vannakun, injuring him severely, but failing to remove The Stormblade from his demonic grip. Vannakun grows angry and desperate, striking first Rakshasa, then Rey, and Sahri unconscious. The Spectre, having avoided much of the damage revives Sahri using his psionic restoration. Sahri deals the final blow, slicing off Vannakun’s hands, and slashing his body grievously. The Balor explodes, throwing a blast of fire outwards. Several of his followers are consumed in the inferno and many of the party members are seriously injured in the blast. The Spectre revives Rakshasa first, who then revives Rey. Ghesh heals the party, and The Spectre picks up The Stormblade, it’s form appearing as a cold, mithral axe.

Session 59
The Battle for Deep-Dwell

The group are given command of the dwarvish army and march on Deep-Dwell. Passing through the city they see that all the water sources are covered with a film of slime-like oil. Rey takes a sample which Tsuki tests, seeing that it resists flame. The Spectre decides to drink some, downing as much as he can before passing out. Sahri realises it is almost certainly demonic in nature and the party move on.
They arrive at the lake-side fortress, seeing it occupied by cultists and ogres. Ghesh sees that atop the walls are two balors, both wielding crackling weapons of lightning.
The two armies march out to meet on the field, with thousand of warriors ready for battle. The conflict goes well for the heroes, with several units of cultists being broken and subsequently fleeing. The enemy warlocks are a problem, using their arcane blasts to scour the dwarvish units. One of the two Balors leads a squad of vrocks to attack Ghesh’s unit of clerics. However, Queen Maldrana joins the fight with her unit of paladins, scouring the demons with holy light. Rakshasa loses her squad of soldiers to a vicious attack by a unit of ogre archers but joins up with some veterans instead. Tsuki takes out the leader of the ogre archers, breaking their unit. A squad of trolls march on Sahri’s units, seemingly impervious to their counter attacks. Sahri challenges the giant leading the trolls to single combat, and emerges victorious. The trolls scatter, fleeing from the fight. The balor and its vrocks are finally defeated by the combined might of the dwarvish armies’ strongest units. The rest of the dwarvsh forces encircle the remaining enemy units, defeating them one by one.
With the battle over, Maldrana orders her forces to take the city, and Ghesh sees Vannakun the balor disappear behind the city walls. Suddenly, the oily lake bubbles and the heroes see a mass of slime and tentacles rise up into view. The Demonlord Jubilex has arrived!

Session 58
The Cult of Blood

The party spend their night in the castle of Queen Maldrana. Rey asks Maldrana for one of her feathers and she obliges, transforming into her angelic form. Rakshasa spends the night with Ulfgar Battlehammer.
The party join The Queen’s escort the next day, marching toward the military encampment a day out of Deep-Dwell. Rey asks if one of the clerics can Scry using the foot Rey bit off the druid in Salisa as a focus. He says yes, but wants to do it once the group rest for the night. Tsuki notices that he group is being watched by ogres and the party goes to investigate.
They fight some ogres, several of which are attractive women, and soon defeat them. One of the ogres runs away however, yelling out to tell Roscoe and Merla that The Warriors of The West are here. Sahri and Rey call out, goading Roscoe and Merla into facing them. The two, heavily armoured warriors move down to the group, calling Sahri a traitor. Llewis The Lucky is with them, seemingly prepared for a fight. Sahri challenges Roscoe and Merla to single combat, and they oblige.
Sahri and Roscoe exchange blows, with Sahri’s Axe of The Maze-Walker proving superior to Roscoe’s greatsword. At one point Roscoe blasts Sahri’s mind with images of Satief, taking the form of a blood-red insectoid creature.
Sahri overcomes her fear and defeats Roscoe handily, but Merla then joins the fray. Merla fights with a barbarian’s fury, swinging her Battle-axe angrily. Sahri drives Merla to the brink of defeat but is struck down.
Merla and Llewis move to attack the rest of the party, but Merla is knocked unconscious by Rakshasa and Llewis surrenders once the revived Sahri talks to him. Sahri then kill Roscoe and Merla, severing his final ties to Satief.
The party soon reach the military encampment, seeing hundreds of mountains dwarves preparing for the coming battle. Rey casts Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion for the party, giving them a place to sleep. Her servants give everyone delicious Bacon and Pork-filled meals. Soon, Rey and rakshasa begin to partake in some mushrooms and other such substances, filling the mansion with smoke. At this point Rey invites several of the dwarvish soldiers to join them, appearing in the mansion’s doorway as a silhouette. Most of the soldiers enter the mansion and have a wonderful night. The Cleric performs the Scry spell for Rey, while high, and sees several druids, some gnolls, and an elderly red-haired woman talking somewhere in Svoren. Rakshasa seems to like this cleric and spends the night with him.

Session 57
The Fiery Wedding

Khalida helps Rey construct several explosives to disperse hallucinogenic tinmask spores. The Grey King is convinced to come along for the wedding sabotage attempt. The party fly over to a grove the myconids are disappearing into and Tsuki goes down to investigate. She inhales some spores and begins to feel elated, watching the myconids disappearing into a forest of towering mushrooms. She realises that they’re going through a portal into The Shadowfell. She tells the party and they all fly through the portal into a new world.
The Spectre realises that they’re in Zuggtmoy’s realm of The Shadowfell. While the material plane here the world is dark and dead, in its reflection it is bright and vibrant.
The group see a huge congregation gathered around a central crowd of wedding-goers. Ghesh sees an elder black dracolich as well as The Crimson Matron. He sees a group of frog-like slaad as well as several mages seated. He notices a group of black-armoured nights and a women in a high-collared black dress.
There’s a half-elvish woman in a green dress holding hands with Zuggtmoy, who’s wearing a white dress made of mycelium.
The group see the demonlord and the woman fuse into one and they summon their efreeti. The efreeti says they’ll cast Meteor Swarm as long as they get to spend a night with Rakshasa and Rey writes a book about him. He casts the spell, launching four Meteors down onto the wedding ceremony and Khalida opens a Gate to the Plan of Fire, launching a stream of fire and lava down onto the scattering myconids. A cloud of spores and fire are sweeping outwards from the centre of the wedding, with a plume of smoke rising.
Out of the smoke comes the elder dragon, flying up towards the gate. The party send Fireballs and Mindthrusts down at them, which they mostly shrug off. The dragon tries to dispel the Gate but it’s attempts are countered. It lashes out with it’s tail and magical breath before being forced back into the smoke cloud. Now, The Crimson Matron appears, being ridden by Lady Atherzai. She blasts Rey with Finger of Death but her attempt is countered, and so is her attempt to dispel The Gate. Tsuki shoots The Crimson Matron in the eye eliciting retaliation from Lady Atherzai. The black dragon returns and the group wisely retreats, Planeshifting back to The Grey King’s tower.
The party congratulate each other on their disruption of the wedding. The Spectre has the black dragon scale made into a magical shield by Khalida. Khalida praises Tsuki skills, gives her some poisons, and teaches her how to make truth serum. The Grey King says that when he first arrived n Ahlim, he arrived in the south pole. He visited a southern colony under the control of a psionicist named Lord Blue-Eyes and he suggests that The Spectre investigate that town at some point.
Rakshasa is brought to Graz’zt’s palace in her dream that night. She is brought to a set of doors carved with all manner of lewd images. Beyond is Graz’zt himself, warmly greeting her. He asks if she wants anyone to join them and she says Ghesh. Ghesh appears in the dream, somewhat unsure of where he is. He is approached by Rakshasa disguised as Rava who invites him to Graz’zt’s bedroom. Grazz’zt has transformed the appearance of his room to a cloud castle and himself as Ajaakor. He begins to say: “Give me some thunder, big boy…” but Ghesh realises things are not how they appear and wakes up. Nonetheless, Rakshasa and Graz’zt enjoy a night of passion.
Khalida privately tells Rey that The Grey King’s ritual is only the first step in saving Ahlim. She says she thinks there may be a way to defeat The Anathema and that she’ll inform Rey when she has more information. The party bid farewell to The Grey King and return to Meridom. Rey sends her edited manuscript back to Sinan and send a copy of Cunning and Subterfuge, The Book of Exalted Deeds, and The Heroes’ Manual to Vishkanya. The Seer appears, congratulating Rey on her success and examining The Grey King’s ritual. The Seer tells Rey that Jolibzan, The Astral Dragon, is a trusted advisor of hers and would be perfectly willing to help in the ritual. The Seer greets and gathers the other heroes, transporting them to Nazdum.
The party arrive at Queen Maldrana’s castle and are brought to her general, Ulfgar Battlehammer who welcomes them and takes them to Queen Maldrana, The Angel of Obligation. She seems somewhat disheveled and says she hasn’t gotten much sleep lately. Rakshasa asks if it’s due to her sleeping with Ulfgar, which embarrasses the dwarvish general. She kisses The Seer’s hand and says she has heard of the parties’ deeds. She explains that she’s sending an army to the ruins of Deep-Dwell, an old city that was destroyed cultists. Worryingly, she says that the cult is being led by a man named Caiphon, who was responsible for the awakening of The Destroyer before The Scourge. The Seer tells Ghesh that one of Demogorgon’s generals, a Balor named Vannakun, is in possession of The Storm Blade. Obligation says she wants the Warriors of The West to aid her forces in assaulting Caiphon’s fortress at Deep-Dwell. The party accept, and The Seer bids them all farewell.

Session 56
The Illithid Outpost

The group proceed to the next floor, on the heel of the fleeing cranium rats. Khalida and Rakshasa begin the fight by launching Fireballs at the Mindflayers and their thralls. One of the mindflayers retaliates with a Mindblast, but the group resist it’s effects. Ghesh and Sahri move into close combat, and Sahri uses her Burning Hands power, flipping off the mindflayers. The battle finishes with Rey shaking a thrall like a ragdoll, killing them.
Th group hear pained cries from outside and Ghesh notices that Khalida seems temporarily uncomfortable or upset. Khalida says she feels fine. The group spread out, examining the room and its offshoots. They find a quaggoth emptying waste into a garbage shoot and Tsuki decids to lock them in there. They also see a large set of double doors, seemingly leading to a room suffused with magic. Khalida guesses that there is a teleportation circle in the room and opens it. Rey notices a closed chest and decides to whip out her eleven foot pole to test it. The chest turns out to be harmless and Tsuki opens it, finding several more metal head-pieces, some mithral, and a couple of magical scrolls.
The party hear the sounds of battle continuing outside and are now certain there is a gargantuan dragon involved in the fight. They decide to wait while Ghesh heals them and the dragon seems to fly off during this time.
The group move outside, seeing several mindflayers and their thralls walking amongst a battlefield. The party recognise the cleric who stopped them in the forest. They see a tall, robed ulitharid wielding a staff, who is presumably Aurangaul.
Khalida and Rakshasa begin the fight with Fireballs again, while Rey transforms into a Triceratops. She gores a mindflayer before it teleports away. Tsuki kills a mindflayer with her magical crossbow before it even realises what’s happening. The ulitharid uses Eyebite first on Sahri, and then on Rey. This sickens Sahri, and puts Rey to sleep. The cleric tries to Banish Rey but fails both due to Khalida’s intervention and Rey’s own willpower. Finally Khalida uses Feeblemind on Aurangaul before Sahri finishes him off with her axe.
The party look across the battlefield, seeing traces of a black dragon’s breath weapon. The Spectre finds a dragon’s scale which is large enough to belong to an elder dragon. Sahri recognises the scale, having seen a similar scale worn by Urrok True-Spear. This, combined with Rey’s dream of a dragon’s Resurrection, confirms that the dragon the party narrowly missed was almost certainly Nerezikia, the elder black dragon.
Khalida teleports the party back to The Grey King’s tower, and they arrive to the smell of pastry cooking. An elderly woman offers the party some croissants and says the grey king will be down shortly. The woman, Hinet, runs a bath for Ghesh and Music and runes begin to glow.
The grey king kisses Hinet on the cheek and leads the group to his library. He tells the group that his ritual will banish The Demonlords from The Shadowfell to The Abyss, severely limiting their power in the material plane. He says there are several requirements for such a ritual, including: the feathers of 10 angels, the blood of an elder dragon of The Faewild and Elemental planes, the tear of a sphinx, a willing spirit from the Ethereal Plane, and the heart of a Demonlord.

Session 55
The Armory

The group sneak up the stairs and Tsuki takes a shot at one of the thralls, starting a fight. Sahri moves up to engage the thralls, who may have once been gladiators. The purplish giant turns around, revealing its tentacled face. Ghesh believes they were once a storm giant who was changed into an illithid. He doesn’t have long to ponder this however as the giant unleashes a Mindblast on the party, stunning most of them. Tsuki’s knocked unconscious by the thrall she first shot, and Music breaks out of stun. Rey polymorphs into a t-rex and attacks the thralls. Khalida disintegrates the giant and Ghesh heals Tsuki. The Spectre hears scrabbling at a locked door and hears a psychic pull but resists it. The final thrall is killed when Rey slams them intoa cabinet with her tail. Tsuki succumbs to the pull and opens the door, releasing a horde of cranium rats.
The rats thank Tsuki before racing upstairs. Tsuki follows them, spying out several mindflayers and thralls preparing for battle with whatever enemy is upstairs. She hears wingbeats and roars, and Ghesh figures out that it’s a dragon. The party rifle through the room the cranium rats escaped from, finding several trinkets. Tsuki finds an old magic Mace of Disruption, caked with filth. Rakshasa hears Graz’zt whisper to her, saying he wants her to visit him in his palace. He says he’s prepared a Demon’s Kiss tonic and Mithral candles for her. Rakshasa swoons in anticipation.

Session 54
The Grey King

The party rest for the night and Tsuki hears the sound of singing and dancing in the distance. She follows the source of the sound, passing into a cloud of spores. She sees a long line of myconids, holding hands and singing. Rakshasa recognises that they’re speaking abyssal, singing about a coming wedding. Rey deduces that it likely has something to do with Zuggtmoy, the Demonlord of Fungi. Tsuki brings back some quite delicious mushrooms from her foray, which the party snacks on.
Later, Tsuki notices what looks like floating candlelight moving through the marshes. She doesn’t wade into the mud and stagnant water, content to watch the wandering light from afar. She notices a structure in the distance, with illuminated windows.
The next day the group are led by Music to the edge of The Grey King’s Domain. The group find that the area is sealed off by what seems like a large Wall of Force. Rakshasa calls out using Thaumatrugy, while Ghesh attempts to dispel the barrier. Neither method seems to work so Rakshasa decides on another approach. Rakshasa begins to scale the wall of force with Spider Climb, noticing it’s a dome and sees a half-elf running across wooden platforms over the marshes below her. Rakshasa slides back down to the party just in time to see the half-elf approach. He asks the group their business and they explain they were sent by The Seer to speak with The Grey King. He lets them up onto the wooden platform and the party notice he has a rat perched on his shoulder. The man says that the rat is The Grey King’s Familiar and the group see him have what seem like telepathic conversations several times. The party soon arrive at The Grey King’s tower, standing atop an islet amidst the marshes.
They’re invited in, and see a spacious ground floor with a bath, toilet, kitchen, and staircase in separate alcoves. They are soon greeted by The Grey King himself, an elderly tielfing with deep blue eyes. He tells the party that he’s on been on Ahlim a relatively short time. He says he came from another world, where he had recently helped an old friend sort out a problem involving a demon and a dragon. He says he has a ritual that will allow the party to banish The Demonlords to “The Abyss” where their ability to influence Ahlim will be significantly diminished. He says he wants to help the group but he needs assistance in exchange. He says his assistant Khalida has disappeared and he wants the group to find her. She was spying on Evangeliza to the south and was supposed to return yesterday, and she’s never late. Apparently Evangeliza dwells in a constantly stormy area, which Khalida was scouting.
The party set out back into the marshes to search for her, wading back into the muddy areas surrounding The Grey King’s domain. They soon encounter a zombie that spews forth green worms when they fight it. Sahri has several of them burrow beneath her skin, but Ghesh digs them out quickly. Continuing on, The Party begin to approach dry land. However two Devourers, with animated corpses hanging out of their chest cavities block their path. Undead begin to grab at the party from beneath the water, attempting to drag them to their doom. The party spread out, blasting the devourers and their spawn with ranged attacks. More undead rise from the water, and manage to pull down Rakshasa. However the tide soon turns and the last of the undead are defeated. The party proceed south, leaving the muddied paths behind them.
At one stage Ghesh hears the wingbeats of a huge creature and the party spread out, seeking cover. The apparent danger soon passes though and they continue on. The path ahead begins to become filled with fog, and visibility begins to drop. Soon it becomes clear that the group is being approached from all sides. Tsuki sees armoured figures encircling the party and warns the group. The party are stopped in their tracks by the soundless, regimented warriors and are soon approached by a cleric. The cleric tells them to put down their weapons and surrender. He says that way none of the party will be killed. The group comply, stowing their weapons, and the cleric sighs in relief. Suddenly, eight mindflayers teleport around the group. The party rush to react but aren’t fast enough, becoming knocked unconscious by a number of simultaneous mindblasts.
The party awaken in a dark dungeon, with two guards and two fellow prisoners in nearby cells. Ghesh sees that there’s a woman in the cell next to them and a captive mndflayer two cells beyond that.The party find that magic doesn’t work inside the cells, and try to figure out how to escape. There is a rumbling and roaring come from above them, with dust falling down onto their heads. They speak to the woman next to them, who seems ill, sweating profusely. Tsuki pulls out a hidden lock pick and begins to get to work. Unfortunately both guards notice and stab at her with their spears. Sahri takes this opportunity to wrench a spear through the bars and disables both guards. The party free the woman, who seems quite thankful, if a bit confused. Tsuki frees the mindflayer from both his cage and his restraints and he appears grateful. The group continue to the next room, where they procure all their equipment and hear the sounds of warriors apparently arming themselves in the room above. The mindflayer explains that he is Zellix, and that he freed Driselle to earn someone’s trust. Tsuki and Rakshasa attempt to befriend him, which seems partially successful. He soon says he will be leaving, but says it’s not somewhere the party wants to go, when they ask to accompany him. The woman says her name is Khalida, and that she is indeed The Grey King’s assistant. Tsuki and Khalida scout out the room above and see numerous warriors arming themselves for battle, as well as a purplish giant creature. Khalida suggests attacking their captors while they’re divided, and apologises for her lack of composure. The group ask Khalida about what she’s seen of the wedding the myconids were speaking of. She says that the wedding is between Zuggtmoy, Demonlord of Fungi, and Samaya Bog-Birth, a druid who was once a servant of Calamity. Rey suggests the party infiltrate the wedding and get their indebted efreeti to open a portal to the elemental plane of fire, bathing the wedding-goers in flame. Khalida giggles and says that she thinks that’s a lovely idea.


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