Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 71
The Sphinx's Plan

Tsuki explains to the group that her Iron Flask has to be delivered to a woman she’s met in Rzeka at some point in her adventures. Unfortunately she doesn’t know which woman this would be. The group decide to hold a convention in Meridom to gather as many people in the city to them as they can so that Tsuki can find her target, or at least narrow down her possible targets.
While the news of this convention spreads the group decide to cross another part of their ritual of the list: the aid of a willing spirit from The Ethereal Plane. The group contact The White Swan who invites them to Lassiades to come to The Border Ethereal. Alucard finally asks her what her name is, and she says her name is Renn, short for Ren’Var’Ix. She brings the group into The Deep Ethereal, a field of whiteness with strange wind blowing through it. Renn leads the party to the mother of the flumphs, an enormous white jellyfish floating through the whiteness. Groups of happy flumphs are dancing around her in rotating, concentric circles. The party ask her if she would be willing to help the material plane against the demons. She seems reluctant to leave the ethereal plane and says she will help if noone else does. The Spectre realises the flumph mother was once the female nemorian jellyfish but is now technically a demonlord. The flumph mother doesn’t try to hide this fact, and says she is one of the True-born demonlords, like Sloth and Gluttony. She says that altough many know Sloth as Belphegor, her chosen name is, in fact, Enverna. She also says she is one of six True-born demonlords, not 4 as the group guessed. She seems fearful to talk about the other two True-born, saying that their eyes are always watching.
The Spectre leaves to find the spirit of the sphinx, Suraphinon. Suraphinon is waiting for him at a familiar altar and greets The Spectre by his given name.
The two discuss the demon banishing ritual, and Suraphinon says he would be willing to help if they do him a favour. He desires the use of The Moaning Diamond for three days so he can create a plane he has dreamed of: Mechanus, The Clockwork Nirvana. He says that the afterlife of Ahlim is highly unregulated, and the ethereal plane is inundated with spirits trapped in limbo. He explains that he would regulate the passage of souls to their rightful places and to restore order to Ahlim. The Spectre asks about how the moaning diamond can be used and Suraphinon explains in detail. He says that material and energy must be moved from an existing location or individual to create a new plane of existence using the diamond. Alternatively, the diamond can move existing earth or matter around, and could be used to raise an island from the sea, for example. The diamond originates from many millenia ago and was created to honour the gods by building the pyramids of Minauros. Suraphinon says the diamond could also be used to return the pyramid of order to its rightful place, with the pyramid of innovation. This would help restore the fundamnetal balance that Ahlim has been lacking for the past four millenia.
The group return to meridom to find Tsuki’s mystery woman.
In the meantime Rey has a dream of a dark swamp, filled with crumbling ruins and swarming flies. She sees an old, worn road sign that seems to be pointing to Atalia, the lost city of the dreadmarshes.
The Spectre has a dream of an icy jagged mountain within which is nestled a dark iron fortress. All around him rages an unending blizzard which bites at his skin.
Finally, Rey has a dream of an enormous underground chamber filled with the sounds of people in suffering. From the ceiling hangs an enormous stalagtite, carved into a fortress, glowing with internal red light.
Rey also receives a message from Khalida, detailing a recent development in the dreadmarshes. She says that Lady Midnight has given up or lost the title of Ereshkigal to the soul-bonded demonlord/druid entity whose wedding the party disrupted.
Many people come to the convention, which takes place over several days. Alucard seems to very popular with the older women of the city, for whatever reason. Sahri is asked by the local chapter of her fan-club to show off her muscles and fighting moves. Many people visit Tsuki, but none of them seem to be the proper recipient of the iron flask. One gnomish woman does capture Tsuki’s attention though, and seems to have met Alexis. She tells Tsuki that she saw Alexis near the border of the dreadmarshes, wandering near one of the forts. Tsuki decides to move her search in that direction and heads to the fortress she visited sevral months ago. Before the group leave, they’re told by Joan Fairhelm that a horde of zombies are marching towards High-hill and will be there soon.
Tsuki investigates the fortress, sizing up Music and the others to see if they might be her target. She concludes it’s not anyone at this fortress and the group are requested to go help High-hill, which is in imminent peril.
The group arrive, seeing aurorans evacuating the town, and a large army of zombies moving into the town. They also spot a gargantuan flesh golem, built out of the corpses of at least a dozen storm giants. The group are certain Evangeliza is involved, and spot many other familiar flesh golems circliing the city. The Spectre flies in closer, covered by Tsuki. He tries to teleport Evangeliza’s masterpiece into the sky, but the grotesque creature resists. Rey contacts Khalida, asking if she can bring the group some of The Grey King’s gunpowder. Khalida says she’s partway through inflitrating Evangeliza’s laboratory but will help as soon as she can. The group race into the town, seeing mages moving into into the grove at the top of the hill. Before the party is a horde of vicious zombies stopping their approach.

Session 70
The Granting of Gifts

Sahri builds an ornate spear for her trial, with patterns of fire engraved upon it. Alucard builds a spear that resembles Ghesh‘s Javelin of Lightning. Rey builds a lengthy fire starter using her tinkerer’s tools. Rakshasa builds a wooden penis-replica.
Sahri sets out into the dune-sea to find a worm. She’s told that four varieties of sand-wurms exist: red worms, purple worms, blue worms, and a legendary worm of enormous size: “Big Blue”.
Sahri is eventually attacked by a gargantuan blue worm and a vicious battle ensues. At one point Sahri is swallowed and she is later thrown several hundred feet across the sands. Eventually she cuts the worms stinger off and pursues it further into the desert. As she kills it she sees an incredible sight on the horizon: The sky-blue, kilometre long, form of Big Blue, the legendary sand-wurm. The party and the sand-elves harvest the stinger for valuable worm poison and Sahri returns with trophies taken from her defeated foe.
That night she shares the story of her victory with the tribe and relates her sighting of Big Blue. The tribe are very impressed and Urrok True-Spear makes Sahri an honorable member of the clan. She takes the name True-Spear and the party return to Hasamidat. That night she has a dream of a harsh mountainous slope, with fortresses clinging to its side and canyons running through it.
They speak with Curiosity and Vishkanya and she agrees to transport them to The Faewilds, specifically to the realm of The Lady of Reflections. She explains that The High-Harpers are privy to the secret teleportation sigil of the Archfey’s realm. The group teleport to the bottom of a still, warm-lake with a reflective bottom. Swimming to the surface they see that they’re in a quiet hot-spring in the middle of a snowy winter forest. The group soon see a tall red-haired women with silver draconic eyes rise from the lake. She says that she is The Lady of Reflections, one of the four Fey-Dragons. The party request some of her blood for their demon-banishing rtual and the Archfey accepts. She transforms into her Elder Silver Dragon form and donates some blood to the party.
The party then travel to Meridom, where The Seer’s church is to be opened soon, to great celebration. Rey helps with preparations and readies several songs for the occasion.
The opening night of the church goes excellently, with thousands of the cities occupations attending. Even the angels of Meridar, Celestia and Joan Fairhelm make an appearance. Partway during Rey’s performance, The Seer appears, giving Rey her blessing. Rey’s flute, Revenitio, is given improved magical abilities by Nyx, and with some parting words to the awed crowd, The Seer returns to The Astral Plane.

Session 69
The Breaking of The Horde

The party regroup with the help of Rey‘s Wish spell, which also transports them right into the centre of the gnoll horde. The group engage Nezrebe, Yeenoghu’s general, in combat. Rey begins the combat by using her other Wish spell, casting Divine Word. She tells The Seer that she’s going to cause “Annihilation through Hariolation”, which her god approves of. This powerful spell consumes many of the demons guarding Nezrebe in blue light, banishing them back to The Shadowfell. Nonetheless, a difficult fight ensues, with the group getting attacked by angry Goristros and Shoosuva. Ghesh expends his magic to keep the group healthy, but Rakshasa is knocked unconscious when one of the goristros brutally gores her. Sahri challenges Nezrebe to a fight, and faces off against her bone-sword, The Winnower. Sahri succeeds in defeating Nezrebe with the assistance of well-placed bolts from Tsuki and takes her sword for her own. Sahri then successfully slices the Goristro who downed Rakshasa down the middle, in a formidable martial display. Rakshasa stands to her feet and announces to the horde that their leaders are slain. The party then teleport back into the city, victorious. The horde flees and disperses over the coming hours, being hunted down by the vengeful natives of the Plane of Fire.
The group rest, and soon the fire queen returns, having successfully defeated Imix, the prince of evil elemental fire. The fire queen awakens Sahri’s angelic powers, granting her wings of fire. Na’Sul brings up a quest that she wants Ghesh’s help on. The Cloud Queen wants to unite the four elemental planes for a lofty goal: the construction of a flying city, using all four elements. The last kingdom that needs to accept is the kingdom of earth, and she wants Ghesh’s help convincing the Stone King to join the project. Ghesh guesses that Turiel Dust-Born will be welcome at the Stone-King’s court and expresses interest in gaining his assistance.
The group celebrate and rest in the city of brass and Rakshasa is spirited away to Graz’zt’s palace. Graz’ztt explains that he thinks the parties demonic ritual will only banish to The Demonlords The Abyss if they are currently in The Shadowfell. He says that demons who were in the material plane, for instance, would be able to remain until they were defeated. They would then go to The Abyss also, instead of The Shadowfell. He says he has accepted this fate and seems happy that as long as Rakshasa is in Ahlim he will still have influence there.
Rey has a dream of an icy sea, through which runs a black, oily river. In the sky she can see a floating glacier contained in which is an indistinct humanoid figure.
The Spectre, now in possession of both The Bronze Trident and The Scarab of Protection, journeys to the Plane of Water to find The Green Princess. He discovers that The Scarab of Protection is actually hollow and is filled with dried blood. He realises that the scarab likely held the traitorous archmage Ahriman’s heart, which the group never found. Due to this, he suspects that Ahriman has not truly been destroyed, and may return. Nonetheless, he cleans the scarab and goes with the two nemorian wards to the egg chamber of the caves. He places the two items near the egg and sits in wait with the nemorians for several hours. Finally, the egg hatches, and out crawls a Bronze Wyrmling, The Green Princess. The wyrmling is very friendly and immediately warms to The Spectre. The nemorian crab tells The Spectre that this the first dragon born for almost 4, 000 years and she will likely be a powerful ally to him in the future.
The party return to the material plane and seek out Turiel Dust-Born. Turiel accepts Ghesh quest and the two say farewell to the party. Ghesh insists he’ll return when the group need him most and travels back to the elemental planes with Turiel.
The desert druids of clan Dust-born transport the party across the Dune Sea, to the home of the True-spears. The party arrive at a path of rocky outcrops that lead to the plateau home of the True-spears, which rises high out of the surrounding sands. They notice it has numerous stakes magically created protruding from it, likely to deter the sand-wurms the group has heard about.
The group are greeted by some sand elf warriors who know Sahri by reputation. They lead the party up to the top of the plateau where they meet the clan. Urrok True-spear is currently acting as a ‘trial’ clan-leader and welcomes the group. He comments that Sahri’s magical gear looks ferocious and Sahri assures him her combat skills are a match in ferocity. He says that Sahri’s task is to defeat a sand-wurm single-handidly in combat. He explains that to do so, she must use a spear of her own making. He also invites the rest of the party to carve their own spears, though they need not fight a sand-wurm.

Session 68
The Demonlord of Wrath

The party ready spells and actions for the upcoming ambush of Yeenoghu. Ghesh takes his angelic form, Tsuki poisons her crossbow bolts, and Rey prepares a powerful spell. The Spectre teleports the party into the centre of the camp, launching an ambush on Yeenoghu and his companions. The enemy gnolls and druid are knocked prone under the assault and the demonlord of wrath is viciously wounded. The group recognise that the druid is the same moon druid they fought outside Kassadom several months ago. He is quickly knocked unconscious, but manages to inscribe a blood-rune onto the ground before he does. Yeenoghu proceeds to swipe at the party with his flail, The Butcher and savage them with his foul jaw. He paralyses Rey and Sahri with the magic of his flail, and knocks Rey unconscious. An elderly woman appears over the dead druid’s body, examines it, and then joins the fight. The group defeat Yeenoghu, and his body dissolves into smoke and ooze, disappearing into The Shadowfell. Rey is revived and realises that the woman is Victria The Red, the moon druid who began the druidic schism more than five centuries ago. Victria Polymorphs into a gargantuan dragon and unleashes her poisonous breath on the party, felling several of them. The group eventually push her out of the form, so she transforms into a huge red and silver werewolf, biting Ghesh viciously when she does. The party surround her, and knock her out of that form, too. Sahri sends her to The Shadowfell but she casts a powerful spell before she disappears: Storm of Vengeance. The group scramble to escape, half of them using psionics to reappear near the tunnel, the other half teleporting back to the besieged City of Brass.
The battle against the gnoll hoard is currently raging but the group gain some quick healing at an infirmary. They race to the walls and Rakshasa yells at the gnolls, telling them their leader is dead. Some gnolls flee, but the majority stay to continue the fight. The party locate Na’Sul, who points out the leader of this force: Nezrebe, an albino gnoll.

Session 67
The Lingering Archmage

Ghesh, Tsuki, and Rey prepare to explore the rest of the tower and take a peek inside the next room. They see piles of emaciated bodies wearing the tattered remains of robes scattered throughout the room. The group also see a dead, robed figure slumped against a magical chest, with a bloodied knife in one hand and a flimsy box in the other. This figure is wearing a mithral diadem and has a large chest wound, Rey realises that they’re Ahriman, the traitorous archmage. The moment the group step into the room, the piles of bodies rise and fuse together, and Ghesh is possessed by Ahriman. He turns on his ally and the towering skeletal monsters use devastating necromantic magic on the party. Alucard tries in vain to damage the skeletal creatures and is knocked unconscious by them. He is soon joined by the rest of the party besides Ghesh, who breaks free of his possession. The slumped form of Ahriman rises now, uttering a foul true name : Salavanis. Ghesh manages to heal the party back to health, besides Tsuki, who has been given Mummies Curse. The skeletal devourers teleport the unconscious forms of Rakshasa, Tsuki, and Alucard into their chest cavities. It seems as if their souls are going to be devoured, until Ghesh finally destroys Ahriman’s form and the necromantic magic fades from the room. Ghesh successfully revives the party with Alucard’s help and they go about finding their treasure. Rey moves to stow the diadem away in her Bag of Holding but is possessed by the lingering consciousness of Ahriman. Ghesh manages to banish the spirit back into the diadem and Rey puts it away where it’s no threat.
They see that the flimsy box opened during the fight, spilling the Scarab of Protection onto the floor. The Spectre picks it up and with a glow of green, it attunes to The Bronze Trident. Ghesh dispels the magic protecting the chest and Tsuki opens it, revealing a treasure trove of valuable tomes. They find The Black Scrolls of Ahm, in black cases ornately carved to show images of squirming snakes, cruel birds of prey, and disturbing insects. They also find a copy of The Day I Slew Death, and two Manuals of Iron Golems.
The group decide to visit the Gold-Eye clan of Sand Elves a few days to the east, before proceeding to the True-Spears, deep in the Dune Sea. They meet the sand elves at twilight, being introduced to their clan-leader, Thia Gold-eye who seems to know about several members of the party by reputation. The group spend the next two days with the clan, sharing stories, and relaxing. Rey is introduced to the previous clan leader, Evarra, Thia’s mother. Evarra says that she’s one of the High Harpers and she has heard good things about Rey from Vishkanya.
The group continue on north-west towards the True-spears and Rey has a dream about a strange bog. The bog has putrescent brown skies and bizarre structures made of stacked stone. She sees what looks like the obsidian pyramid of Minauros partially buried in the bog. It’s being held up by toiling prisoners and at the top is what looks like an ornate golden palace. Tsuki has a dream too, seeing a mountain spewing rivers of lava. This volcano is being circled by a dragon and she realises that this is mt Kaigan of Chayundo, home of The Dragonlords. however the surrounding countryside does not resemble Chayundo at all, it seems as if the volcano is in the wrong place.
On the way to the True-Spears Ghesh receives an urgent message from Na’Sul, saying that Yeenoghu has entered the plane of fire with his horde and is going to attack the City of Brass, along with Imix. Na’Sul and some Efreet bring the party into the city, directly to the court of the Fire Queen.
The party are brought to the Fire Queen’s war council and are told that they’re being assigned to take out Yeenoghu’s leadership, including Yeenoghu himself. The group are given Dust of Invisibility, potions of fire resistances and are told they can arrive near Yeenoghu’s camp through a secret tunnel. Na’Sul leads the group to The Forgemaster first, but recommends that Ghesh stay outside, as he is no longer wearing his Fire-Rune armour. Alucard is given a red dragon scale shield and lent a Flametongue longsword. Rey asks Na’Sul if she has a partner and she says no. Rey says that she’s here to support her and Na’Sul thanks her. Na’Sul leads them to the tunnel which is beneath an enormous dining hall. The group pass many spicy and sweet foods on the way, and Na’Sul wishes them good luck.
The party pass beneath the smoldering plains, to beneath the marching horde of Yeenoghu. They come out of the tunnel near the edge of the war-camp and see thousands of gnolls and cultists marching towards The City of Brass. The Group turn invisible, sneaking past some patrolling guards. Rakshasa creates a distraction further into the camp, telling some nearby gnolls that they have small genitals. One seems confused, another, believing rakshasa is someone named Jon-grar, seems angry.

Session 66
The Buried Watch-Tower

Rey has a dream of a fiery wasteland with rivers of blood and swarms of flies. Her best guess is that this is some sort of prophetic vision of The Shadowfell. Kori tells Rey that she’s going to keep her physical form merged with Nyx semi-permantly. This transformation happens, changing The Seer taking taking on the appearance of a half-elf with wavy white hair and freckles that glisten like stars. Rey, Rakshasa, and The Seer return to The Rainbow City to visit Tomyra The Violet Empress. The party needs the tear of a sphinx and Rey decides to appeal to her artistic side, knowing that she was ‘The Muse’, after all. Rey gives Tomyra a song and the script for a theatre production called “Cats”. Tomyra is inspired by this idea and performs one of the songs, with the support of her Atephran band. She gets really into the performance, releasing her pent-up emotions and shedding a single enormous tear, which rey catches in a flask. The group thank her and return to The Seer’s tower, in preparation for returning to Salisa. Sahri broaches the difficult topic of Aliza with The Seer. The Seer explains that she doesn’t know whether or not Aliza is actually dead, she may still be alive. Unfortunately she doesn’t know where or maybe even WHEN Aliza is. She says that it’s possible Aliza was displaced to a world too far away for her to see. Sahri and her agree that perhaps this could be something they could use their new ship for in the future, once they’ve figured out how to use it. She wishes the party good luck and teleports them back to Hasamidat.
Sahri finally has her date with Itenon. They first have a sparring match, which Sahri wins, and then sleep together, almost burning down the building. Rakshasa, Rey, and Tsuki go to the black market in the evening looking for Daemon’s kiss and Mithral. Tsuki manages to steal some Daemon’s Kiss and Rakshasa purchases some of the illicit drug ‘The Heroine’s Helper". The group notice arguing wiLord Patrosth a shady merchant about a map, but move on. They try to rob a merchant with some body guards but fail. They eventually find a half-elvish woman named Mala who says she has a store of 5kg of mithral she’s willing to sell. The trio follow her into the sewers and she shows them a large pile of Mithral which appears genuine. Unfortunately the mithral is selling for 55, 000 gold pieces, which the party cannot afford. Rey, Rakshasa, and Tsuki move off to discuss on their own, leaving Mala alone in the chamber. Rakshasa suggests just killing the merchant, who is obviously an unsavory character. Tsuki agrees and sneaks back to the room, seeing Mala impatiently tapping her foot. She fires her crossbow, but realises too late that the image of Mala was just an illusion. In a surge of anathematic darkness Tsuki is pulled into The Shadowfell and Rey and Rakshasa run to the university for help. Mala casts Hold Person on Tsuki and takes The Iron Flask from her. Tsuki breaks free however, slashing at Mala, who seems to be a servant of Piro. She snatches back the flask and uses her patron’s magic to return to Rey and Rakshsasa, who had enlisted a sleepy mage to return their friend.
Ghesh and Alucard go to Kodoma for the day, with Alucard simply wandering, and Ghesh spending time with Rava.
The next day the group travel east, to The Dune Sea to find the resting place of Ahriman, the traitorous archmage. On the way, Rakshasa has a dream of a sprawling, partially constructed city in the middle of a valley of jagged rocks. At it’s centre is a pristine silver tower, the only part of the city that seems completed.
Rey asks The Seer for information about The Black Scrolls of Ahm and she explains that they’ll be with whatever’s left of Ahriman and in three separate cases.
The group eventually come across the top floor of a tower, mostly buried in sand. They can hear the thumping of fists coming from the inside, seemingly trying to get out. Eventually the walls cracks and explodes outwards, revealing what was trying to escape: two iron golems. The golems move to attack the group and from behind them, some undead wrapped in torn robes stagger out of the tower.
The golems spew poisonous gas at the party members while the mummies attack with archaic weaponry. The group dispatch them relatively quickly, slicing the golems apart with their magic weapons and destroying the mummies with spells. The party move into the watchtower, seeing old supplies scattered about and that the staircase leading lower into the tower is completely filled with sand.

Session 65
The Screaming Blade

The group continue into the city and Ghesh heals the group, while the sounds of battle can be heard from elsewhere in the city. A group of scouting gith find the group and a battle ensues, with blasts of magic being thrown back and forth between the parties. The Warriors of The West soon end the battle and race to the docks in the centre of the floating city. They see several flying ships attempting to fly off into the Aether, before they’re downed in blasts of magical fire. Up ahead of them, guided by Rey‘s Foresight, the group find Tariton The screaming Blades’ ship, crewed by armoured gith warriors.
The party bombard the mage piloting the hovering ship from a large throne with spells. The Gith warriors, including Tariton, leap off the ship to attack the party on the dock while two bolt-throwers on the ship attack the party. A desperate and almost failed fight ensues with all of the party being knocked unconscious at one time or another. Several times, the gith are knocked off the dock into the void but always find their way back up. Tariton swings his axe furiously, felling several party members. Eventually, expending almost all of their resources, Sahri and Tsuki stand victorious amongst the remains of their foes.
The party are all eventually revived and Kori and Jolibzan arrive, congratulating them on their success. The party decide to keep Tariton’s ship, cleaning it and searching it. They come up with several possible names for it, but don’t decide on one. The Seer kindly offers to transport the ship to The Tower of Hariolation and the party rest there for the night.

Session 64
The Astral Cities

The party wakes up the next day in the Tower of Hariolation. Kori offers to take the party to the dwelling of Jolibzan the Astral Dragon. As soon as the party leave the tower Rey receives an urgent message from Khalida saying that Lady Midnight is planning an attack on The Astral Plane to capture Driselle. Rey tells Kori this and Khalida suggests imprisoning Driselle in the north or south pole where they won’t try to look for her. Kori leaves the group at Jolibzan’s floating temple to enact her ritual.
The group approach the slumbering, shimmering-scaled dragon and decide they won’t mention that they have his sister, Hiromi the Platinum Dragon, trapped in the iron flask. Rey wakes him up and the group speak with him at length. He says that he is willing to give them blood for their ritual but that he will donate it after the coming battle. He explains that the party are going to attack the Gith who dwell in the remnants of Vecna’s displaced city. He also talks about his fellow dragons, saying he is disappointed in the actions of Itenashi but believes Yagami and Ashekani are just behaving according to their nature. He says that Ashekani and The Green Prince know their relationship, but The Green Prince doesn’t stay in contact with his daughter much. When Rey asks why this is, he says that The Green Prince can’t bear to look at his daughter because she reminds him of his dead sister, Nithanwyl. Jolibzan offers to fly the party to The Rainbow City so they can meet The Violet Empress. They accept and the journey begins.
Arriving in the city they are greeted by several Atephrans with the heads of owls and plumage of many colours. The party are greeted by The Violet Empress’s attendant: an Atephran named Salabra. Jolibzan and the group part ways and Salabra escorts them to the court of The Violet Empress. Outside the front of the court are two statues of sphinxes, one is Lamassu The Just and the other is Nefertiri The Muse.
She welcomes the group telling them that she has heard much about them. She confirms that she was once known as Tomyra The Wise. Rey informs her that Suraphinon The True’s spirit persisted beyond The Scourge which she reflects on. Tomyra says that she doesn’t molt or get furballs, but she does like Riddles. The party go pretty well with the riddles but the riddle Sahri poses to Tomyra is laughably easy. Tsuki asks about retrieving some atephran feathers and Tomyra says that will be arranged. The party also ask about having a party and Tomyra also says that will be arranged.
A celebration happens in The Rainbow City which Jolibzan sits and watches. Kori and Nyx soon arrive and begin to dance with one another. Rey joins them. However, Jolibzan and Kori leave part-way through to combat Nerezikia and The Crimson Matron who were moving about close to The Tower of Hariolation.
After a rest Kori explains that the party is being tasked with defeating Tariton The Screaming Blade. She gifts Rey with Foresight and says the party will need to fight their way to the docks in the centre of the floating city. Kori and Jolibzan will take care of Loreizan The Blood Rose.
The two groups split off and approach the ruins floating in the starry void.
The party move across floating stepping-stones of rubble to the city and come upon a group of emaciated, silver-armored Gith. A battle ensues across the step-stones with several combatants being thrown into the void before rising back up again. Alucard is knocked unconscious at one stage but Ghesh revives him. Rey uses her angelic wings to fly back up to the group when she is knocked off at one stage. One of the gith teleports in front of Rakshasa but regrets it when she uses Hurl Through Hell on him. Soon the gith are all defeated and the group continues on into the city.

The Refugees
A tale of Korinyi Atethys

The Northern sky was black and lilac. Smoke, fire, and death stretched across the horizon. Cities and townships dotted the terrain but most were hidden by thick clouds and unnatural darkness. The lucky ones had deserted those towns three days ago, before The Destroyer crossed the mountains. The luckiest ones were with her, at the tower that held the last hope of salvation.
Sweat was beading on her forehead and her skin felt cold and tight. She had never been this scared in her life. Not when The Destroyer arrived, not when her father was slain by their servants, and not when she had been handed his blade and told she was the head of their house just days ago. She knew how to use it, her parents had ensured that, but she hadn’t chosen the path of the warrior.
With her woollen robes bunched about her legs she sat cross-legged on the tower, finishing the last of the runic inscriptions. The Stone was veined and smooth, but dark like a storm cloud. She whispered her words over the last of her chalk markings, and saw them fluoresce briefly in response.
Aleric was explaining to a frightened family for the third time what the ritual involved. His eyes were tired but sharp and the occasional rays of sunlight highlighted the grey of his hair. He gesticulated as he repeated what he had told each of them here before: Our world was dying and we had to try and get as many people to safety as we could.
There had been other planes of existence nearby, but they had been consumed by the destroyer in the past few years. Their only hope was to travel to a whole new world. A world with different planar alignments, different people, and maybe there they could find a way to halt or end the destroyer.
She strode to the edge of the platform, looking down over the city. Grey buildings rose from brown earth and green foliage. People hurriedly moved about, some were fortifying the city, others gathered their belongings to flee. Some thought they could flee further south, though Korinyi knew they would simply perish in the hills, The Destroyer overtaking them. The wise or brave had agreed to Aleric’s plan, risking their being in a trip through the cosmos.
Little was known of their destination, it was an inhabitable world at least. It had a sun and three moons. Aleric’s scrying could only determine so much. There had originally been more mages working on the plan but The Destroyer’s arrival had scattered or killed everyone else. Aleric and her were the only people from the team who had managed to arrive at the city. Her eyes began to water as familiar faces came to mind, faces she had seen only days ago. Her mother, the matriarch of house Atethys, was amongst them, her efforts at rescuing others from the chaos had led to her death. A panicked mob had crushed dozens of people as they fled The Destroyer. Some of them were here with her. Some looked to her with hope, most would not look her in the eye.
She wiped the sweat from her brow with her sleeve and turned to address her sibling, who had just ascended the marble stairs of the tower. The twins shared their mother’s deep red hair and both wore it loosely.
‘’It’s good to see you, Lessempir. I trust your quest was fruitful.’’
Lessempir smiled. ‘’My quests are always fruitful, Kori.’’
She heard the unmistakable sound of an armoured warrior ascending the steps.
They smiled coyly.
‘’Your lucky groom. He demanded to go with the first group and it seems his Order stills holds its authority, despite it being the end of the world.’’
Kori rose and wiped her palms on berry blue robes.
‘’You shouldn’t speak that way. Especially not around these people. They can’t tell when you’re joking.’’
‘’Do you mean about Mortimus being your lover, or it being the end of the world’’ they chuckled dryly.
‘’Either. Both. They don’t want to hear that and neither do I.’’ she said sternly.
Mortimus was a tall knight with deep brown eyes that never lost their focus. He wore fine steel plate, functional and of a quality befitting his station.
When he spoke, his voice was deep and authoritative, while still managing to achieve the courtesy her family was used to receiving. ‘’Lady Atethys, you have my deepest sympathies. Your mother was a brave woman, few deserved their ends at the hands of The Destroyer’s chaos, but her least of all.’’
She stepped around her supplies to stand beside her sibling. Resting a hand on their arm. ‘’Thank you, Morty. There’s no need to call me Lady, titles hardly matter much anymore.’’
Mortimus nodded and looked over her shoulder to the group assembled on the tower-top. Families, soldiers, craftsmen, many children. Many were farmers, a few had been landowners before the surrounding countryside had turned to dust.
‘’Is this everyone?’’ he asked, his tone betrayed a nervousness he was attempting to conceal. ‘’What about the crowds down below?’’.
‘’We are the first group. The others will follow us through the Aether soon enough.’’Lessempir answered, with the voice of seriousness she had heard so much lately.
Kori left them and strode to Aleric, who seemed to be triple checking their calculations. He didn’t notice her standing beside him until she spoke.
‘’The preparations are all complete, Master. You said so yourself, our arrival is certain.’’
His weary blue eyes turned to her, the corners cracked by age and worry. ‘’You’re right of course. No-one has ever attempted something like this on such a scale before. And The Destroyer has been disruptive-‘’
‘’The Destroyer hasn’t won yet.’’ She intoned fiercely.
He smiled and put his gaunt hand on her shoulder. ‘’Are you ready? I will follow you once the other groups are on their way, the singular spell is not nearly so troublesome.’’
Korinyi nodded solemnly and turned to Lessempir and Mortimus who were still conversing quietly by the stairway. She caught her twin’s eye, they looked so melancholy, the easy smile of just moments ago gone.
While the refugees were getting into position she walked around the perimeter of the tower whispering protective wards. Her left hand rested on the hilt of her father’s sabre, she could hear the voices of her ancestors. Their voices were indistinct but she heard sadness, confusion, anger, and hope strongest of all. She smiled sadly as she heard the voices of her parents amongst the clamour, murmuring encouragement. As the last of the shields locked into place around the tower she took her place beside Lessempir and Mortimus. Mortimus was looking stoically straight ahead, Lessempir was shuffling nervously.
There were 102 of them, two dozen of whom were children, many were crying. Aleric had his tome open on a small bench before him, its pages frayed and yellowed. Korinyi looked to the north, many other followed her gaze. The storm clouds of The Destroyer had obscured the mountains. Tendrils of darkness were sweeping over not-so-distant plains. Many were muttering fearfully, others were silently weeping. Aleric had begun the spell, his voice was strong and managed to calm her nerves somewhat. The runes carved a complex circle about the group and began to glow softly as the master wizard began the ritual.
She tried to focus on Aleric, on her twin, on Mortimus. She couldn’t help but glance north and every time she did, The Destroyer had swept closer. She tried to picture their destination, but knew too little. She saw mountains, immense forests, and three moons hanging in a twilight sky.
Aleric looked into her eyes as he finished the spell. She smiled tearfully and squeezed Lessempir’s hand.

Session 63
The Seer's Tower

Following the defeat of the avatars of Piro the party recuperate, checking on the wounded and investigating the Iron Flask. Willem Gold-eye was knocked unconscious during the fight and seems embarrassed by that fact. Tsuki asks Vishkanya to find out what’s in the flask and she obliges. Vishkanya says that there is a live dragon in the flask, Tsuki makes her swear to secrecy.
Sahri and the party follow Brutalitops to his wagon, which he somehow hid inside of the manor. He says he has a new item: A Deck of Many Things. He warns that this item is risky to use, but can be very rewarding. Sahri draws the first card, The Void, and her soul is pulled from her body. Ghesh gains a spellscale follower from The Knight card who joins the party. The party eventually draws the whole deck, giving them magic items, curses, and permanent magical improvements. With that, Brutalitops leaps into his wagon and disappears.
The group drags Sahri’s body out to Vishkanya who says that her soul is in The Astral Plane, with The Seer. Itenon seems worried about Sahri and asks if he can help in any way, Rey says they need 100 platinum pieces which Itenon hands over. Rey goes out back to talk with Lord Patros and they eventually cut a deal, with Rey selling him her Manual of Golems. Lord PAtros says he has made his living by procuring ancient artifacts and says that he wants to launch an expedition to find The Moaning Diamond, which was used to build the ancient pyramids of Minauros.
Vishkanya wishes the party good luck in the astral plane and then teleports them into The Tower of Hariolation, The Seer’s sanctum. The Seer greets the party and takes Sahri to her soul which trapped inside of The Vegeant’s legendary axe, Sky-Sunder. The Seer then leads the party to Nyx, the Annerian of the night sky, who appears as an enormous woman made of stars with flowing nebulae for hair. Nyx creates a human-sized avatar who shares a hug with Rey and The Seer. The group then proceeds to the living area where Nyx and The Seer begin to prepare a delicious curry meal. Ghesh asks Nyx about Und and Jelan. She explains that Jelan and her saw The destroyer, who Jelan went to investigate. Und grew tired of dealing with mortal affairs and the conflict between the dragons and the giants, so he went to sleep until Ahlim needed him. Tsuki asks The Seer if she can identify the dragon inside of The Iron Flask. The Seer tells her, surprised, that the dragon is Hiromi The Platinum Dragon, mother of the living Dragonlords. Tsuki and The Seer decide it would be best not to release her at this stage, as they don’t know why she was put in there in the first place.
The Seer and Tsuki go off to speak in private about The Outsider. The Seer says that The Outsider is basically a good person who has suffered because they’ve tried to do the right thing, while soul-bonded to Piro, of The Anathema. The Seer thanks Tsuki for trusting and helping The Outsider, saying that she cares about their well-being.
The group then enjoy a delicious meal of butter chicken with rice with Nyx and The Seer. Rey asks how they like it served, The Seer says mild and Nyx says she doesn’t mind.
Nyx and The Seer then decide to clarify a few things about themselves, Ahlim, and The Destroyer and his Anathema. The Seer explains that her name is actually Korinyi Atethys, Kori for short, and that she is an immortal mage soul-bonded to Nyx, an Annerian. She goes on to say that her, The Vengeant, and The Outsider are all refugees from another world, who fled The destroyer thousands of years ago.
art by Chris Rahn
She says that The Outsider is a moon elf named Lessempir Atethys who is her twin sibling and that The Vengeant is Mortimus Falkettan, the father of her daughter, Aliza. She says that The Destroyer attacked their homeworld, devouring first the outer planes and then the inner planes. The three refugees and many others fled, but only Korinyi, Lessempir, and Mortimus arrived safely. She tells of how Caiphon brought together the three gems of The Anathema and used them to awaken The Destroyer. Kori explains how she rallied the Annerians to aid her in a powerful imprisonment spell which put both The Destroyer and Caiphon to sleep. Ghesh asks Kori about his dream in which a woman crawled from the sea to kill him in a previous life. She doesn’t know this woman based on Ghesh’s description but says it may be possible that this was one of Caiphon’s followers who prematurely awakened. She tells of how she is worried about the status of her imprisonment spell, given that Caiphon has already awakened from it.
After that discussion the party go to rest for the night in their quarters. Rey stays up talking with Kori and Nyx through the night, discussing their past, and their plans for her.


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