Profane Legacy

Session 29
The Desecrated City

The group find a cave to rest for the night, with Sahri keeping watch. Unfortunately the group are snuck up upon by five floating, tentacled, beaked, bulbous creatures called Grells. They lash out at the group with poisoned barbs, striking several party members. Sahri lashes out at them with her axe, while Rakshasa blasts them with Scorching Ray. Rey uses Dissonant Whispers to cause one to flee, but one of its tentacles gets caught in a gap in the rocky ceiling and it gets stuck. The group finish them all off, with Tsuki collecting some of their venom for later use.
The group rest for the night, with The Spectre has a dream where he enters The Mithral Pyramid of Minauros, seeing through the eyes of the elf who inhabits his amulet. Walking through the symmetrical hallways to the apex of the pyramid. On the way there, he sees a sombre elf, who he knows is Councillor Empirios, sitting with their head in their hands. He continues to the council chambers, but several seats are empty. He greets the sphinx Suraphinon and Councillor Ferahna, and says that, while Empirios will join them soon, the other three Councillors will not be joining them.
Tsuki has a familiar dream, seeing The Outsider standing before them. Tsuki and The Outsider are both wearing masks and they say: “We are all puppets, suspended on strings that gleam like gold. The Puppetmaster is most fearful, even Meridar fears his touch. I am not Free, but you can be.”. The Outsider removes Tsuki’s mask, begins to take their own off, and then Tsuki awakes.
Rakshasa has a dream that she’s walking through Undillivek in its heyday, moving past strangely dressed dark elves as she goes. Graz’zt tells her that a servant of his, Asmodeus, has begun to displease please him, and that he’s looking for a displacement. She moves down into the sewers, muttering a passcode in Abyssal to reveal a shrine to Graz’zt. Sitting on an altar is a finely made longsword, a blade known as The Red Spider’s Fang. She’s told to claim this sword to honour Graz’zt.
The group continue to Undillivek, quickly crossing the remainder of The Darklake when Rey uses her Polymorphed Killer Whale form. On the way, they see a group of ogres sailing west, using the huge cap of a mushroom as a vessel.
The group sneak into the sewers, seeing thousands of ogres entering the city and hundreds leaving, moving towards The Lower Dark. Camping in the sewers underneath Undillivek, Rakshasa sneaks off to find Fang. When she reaches the secret shrine she notices a dark elvish man is already there. She seduces the surprised man, and realises he was sent here on the same mission as her. Although it seems that neither of them expected competition. She draws the blade and stabs the man through the throat, hearing Graz’zt’s laughter as the blade is soaked in the man’s blood. Reading his journal, she finds out that he gave an ogre a magic whispering sword to get smuggled into the city.
Ana scouts out the city and finds out that Orianna apparently intends to go ahead with The Rebirth, seemingly going against Rahn‘s wishes to do so. She is gathering her followers to Eldor’s old temple in the city.
The next day, the group move to the surface and find the partially ruined temple to Eldor. the group can hear distant voices from inside and other strange sounds. They hear a body slam against the barred front doors, and then silence. They use a rope to pull themselves up trough a shattered window, seeing an injured ogre clutching a sword, lying against the door. Across the floor is blood spatters and traces of glistening, black, acidic, ooze. The group approaches the ogre, who watches them peacefully. The Spectre takes the sword, soon realising it is a sentient blade that is loyal to its owner, the ogre Grolingar. Tsuki finds out the sword is named Kalagiano and Grolingar tells the group that Orianna completed her ritual at the back of the temple but that the word told him to flee, which is how he escaped. The Spectre returns Grolingar’s sword and tells him he has a place on Ajaakor’s Hangman in the surface world.
The group move through the temple, seeing that the floor is covered in small puddles of black ooze and that most surfaces are covered in mildly acidic slime. The group come across a large, carved, statue of Rahn with an inscription that reads: “Warlord Ran’Zoz’Ix, who leads us unto greatness”. Ghesh and Sahri begin to destroy the statue and Ana curses as black ooze creatures begin to drip down from the ceiling onto the characters.

Season 28
The Darklake

Spending the night in the secret chamber, Ana reveals that the blade she retrieved is her families ancestral longsword: The Moonblade of House Gemflower. Ana gives Tsuki a magical heavy crossbow and promises to help her refine her technique in the future. Rakshasa prays to Graz’zt in her own way, while Rey reads about the history of Salisa, specifically: the war between Vecna and Kas. The group hear Ogres moving about outside frantically, apparently fleeing before the oncoming military assault.

Ghesh has a dream where he is moving angrily through The Underdark with an angelic warrior beside them. The pair are fighting an assailant who is striking them with a fiery blade and powerful magic. Ghesh’s angelic companion, defeated, drops their weapon, resigned to their fate as they are turned to stone. Ghesh strikes angrily with a crackling axe with a head that glows with electricity, but their attacks are parried by the wielder of the fiery blade. Ghesh begins to turn to stone and the dream ends as the pommel of the blade is smashed into his face.
The group continue the next morning, moving through the now mostly abandoned fortress. The group see thousands of ogres fleeing the city, moving towards Undillivek. The party travel north, finding blue divination crystals underneath an overhang when they stop to rest.
The continue to the waterfalls that will take them to the lower level of The Underdark. The Spectre spots a familiar human looking out over the waterfall, circling him slowly are three Flumphs. The human introduces themselves as Chen, Who Sees, and says he is in The Underdark to foil the plans of those who would do harm. He says he stopped cultists of The Red Spider enacting a dark ritual on a Nemorian spider, which The Spectre recalls as what he saw during his dream. Chen says that Rahn is an enemy of The White Swan, his master, who he says lives in Lassiades, Rzeka. The flumphs seem to like the group and let themselves be petted. They display particular interest in The Spectre and Tsuki, and say that their mother is big, bright, and beautiful, and that they love her. Chen tells the group that although Rahn is gifted with Arcana magic, he rejected the path of the psionicist. The two groups part ways, but two of the three flumphs, Xel and Uri, decide to stay with the group.
The party descend the falls, but upon reaching the bottom are struck by strange living stalagtites, who are soon killed by the group. After the rest Ana says the group will have to row across The Darklake in her Foldable Boat. Rakshasa complains about having to row, so Ana puts her immediately on rowing duty. Rey decides to try out her Polymorph spell, shifting into a giant shark to pull the boat along. The Spectre decides to steer the boat, using his experience as a pirate.
The boat is soon attacked by large manta-like Cloakers, that let out a terrifying moaning sound as they approach. One envelopes The Spectre and is soon stuck to him by Ana’s crossbow bolts as it dies. The other cloaker envelopes Ghesh but is soon killed and pushed into the lake. After the fight The Spectre tells Ana off for her reckless shooting, and Ana apologizes.
Continuing on, the boat hits some rocks beneath the surface, throwing Tsuki, Ana, Sahri, and Rakshasa overboard. Soon, large, pincered insects known as Chuul arrive and attack the group. They poison Ghesh and Rakshasa and one of them drags Rakshasa underwater as it dies. Tsuki dives to down to rescue her, while Sahri walks across the surface of the water using her Ring of Water-walking.

Session 27
The Stone-Skinned General

Rakshasa bonds with Sahri‘s old greataxe as her pact-weapon. The group then sneak into the fortress, moving upwards in search of Norixius. The group sneak past patrols, quickly making their way to The Throne Room. Ghesh sees tapestries hung up on the walls depicting goliaths being led from The Elemental Plane of Earth by Rahn. The goliaths are subsequently warped into Ogres and put under the command of stone giants.
The group soon find the entrance to The Throne Room being guarded by Ogres. Rakshasa and Ghesh distract the guards and draw some of their number away from the group. The rest of the group move up and attack the weakened remainder. Rey scatters some of her harvested tinmask into the long corridor behind the group and casts Plant Growth to entangle and disorient any reinforcements. Sahri and The Spectre move up to engage the defenders, with Sahri falling unconscious after a vicious assault Rakshasa sneaks up behind the defenders and engages their mage. The pair exchange literal fire until Rakshasa burns them alive using Hellish Rebuke, pointing and laughing as she does so.
The group hear the reinforcements running through the corridor full of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Most become confused and start attacking each other or wandering back the wrong way. The few that make it through are quickly killed. Ana gives Tsuki a thumbs-up when Tsuki makes some good shots with her crossbow.
The group break down the door to the throne room and immediately have two sets of giant-sized chairs thrown at them. In the room are two stone giants, one of which is partially armoured. Ana identifies the larger, incompletely armoured giant as Norixius Stone-Skin, the first general. A wave of magic washes over the group from Norixius charming some of the group. Sahri slashes the other stone giant’s legs to tatters with her Mazewalker’s Axe before being picked up by Norixius and used as a projectile. Sahri bowls Rakshasa over and is herself knocked unconscious again. Norixius says that The Rebirth is inevitable now and that the group’s efforts won’t stop that. Norixius throws Rashasa at The Spectre now, while the severly injure other stone giant almost succeeds in crushing Ana. Ana runs to the backwall of the throne room, smears some of her blood on it, which begins to open, revealing a secret chamber. Ghesh is petrified by Norixius as he tries to heal Sahri.
Rakshasa uses Eldritch blast to crater Norixius’s ribcage, and he slumps against the wall beside the statue of Ghesh. Rey asks him questions about the other generals but he’s uncooperative. Ana retrieves a finely made Longsword from the room, and after whispering something to Norixius she stabs him in the throat. She then hacks off his head and rolls it to Rey. The group identify what was on the war-table the giants were standing around before sequestering themselves in the back-room. Ana manages to use Lesser Restoration to return Ghesh to his true form. The group rest for the night in that room, hearing the panicked movements of the Ogres around them.

Session 26
The Underdark

Rakshasa and The Spectre go to buy some magic items, picking up some improved armour and a Belt of Health from a woman named Lia Holimion. Ana asks Tsuki about any poison she’s carrying, being an assassin. Tsuki realises that her poison is Vrock Bile, a rare and valuable poison she took from Midraba.
The group set out to The Earth Sea, passing growths of both small and towering mushrooms. The group camp besides The Blue Cliffs, with Ana catching and cooking a Cave Fisher with Rakshasa’s limes. Tsuki takes this time to compare her and Ana’s cloaks of Elvenkind which differ dramatically in design and style. Tsuki also tells Ana of the group’s adventures so far, which she seems to appreciate. Rey uses the hollowed-out cave fisher shell as a sleeping bag, earning her the name “Pillbug”. Her and Rakshasa enact a performance, with Rey as the monster and Rakshasa as the damsel in distress.
The group set off the next day for The Underdark, moving down the mushroom-covered Blue Cliffs underneath a waterfall. Setting off for The Capital City, where they expect to find Norixius Stone-Skin, the group soon encounter a patrol of ogres. Catching them by surprise, Tsuki and Ana riddle them with crossbow bolts while Rakshasa consumes them with Hunger of Hadar. The group quickly dispatch of most of the patrol, with Ghesh partially disintegrating their leader with his Javelin of Lightning. They interrogate one captive, who says that their Generals, who include Norixius, are planning something called “The Rebirth”. The Spectre and Rey deduce that their plan involves summoning The Demonlord of Gluttony, possibly utilizing the power of the legendary Tarrasque. The captive also mentions their Warlord, who the group guess is Rahn. The party continue on, finding a cave to rest in. At the back of the cave Sahri, The Spectre, and Ghesh find a cluster of glowing purple crystals, guarded by a single Crawling Claw wearing a Ring of Water Walking. The purple crystals come in various sizes and seem to hold necromantic energy.
Continuing on, the group encounter a cluster of Tinmask mushrooms, apparently growing out of some Mithral. Before Ana can intervene Rey tries to harvest some, triggering a cloud of spores to erupt. Rey freaks out and stabs Tsuki. Tsuki freaks out and knifes Rey. Soon things calm down and Ana safely harvests some. Seeing the Mithral, Ghesh and Rakshasa manage to collect some of that too.
The group continue to the crimson column which The Capital City was built beside, hoping to gain access to the fortress built into it. The group find a group of armed, disciplined sentries who they attack. Tsuki and Ghesh are knocked unconscious before the rest of the guards are defeated. The group hide the bodies and take a short rest before ascending a staircase into the fortress.

Session 25
The Rift

The party return to Hasamidat, splitting off their own separate ways. Ghesh looks into The Cloud Queen’s court, discovering that she has ruled The Elemental Plane of Air since the departure of The Dragons. Rakshasa and Sahri go shopping, Rakshasa finding golden tips for her horns and Sahri purchasing bargain Plate Armour in exchange for a promise. Rakshasa and Reverence enjoy an afternoon picnic and Rakshasa tells Reverence she loves her, Reverence does not respond in kind, however.
Rey researches The Demonlords, discovering several more missing Nemorians including: The Male Aspect of The Hyena, The Female Aspect of The Slug, and others. She also tries to read a copy of “The Day I Slew Death”, but when that doesn’t work she starts dancing with it. An Eldritch Knight tells her: “Stop that. That’s weird, don’t do that.” and takes the book from her. Following this she visits an old friend named Sofia who tells her that a Sand Elf Paladin named Serena Gold-Sand visited her and then proceeded to Hokuhn.
The Spectre goes to research psionics and feels that he’s being followed both to and from The Library. He finds that Northern Cleon utilised Psionics to perform experiments and repel The Dragonlords when they invaded after The Scourge. Psionics also only developed after The Scourge, with no mention of it before then. The Great Psionic Empire was believed to have created many Aberrations, which led to their downfall, when other groups fought them because of it. As he leaves he sees that a large, unhygenic man is following him, when he confronts the man he is attacked. The man attempts to strangle him and although The Spectre escapes he realises that this is the same creature from the tunnel, a Revenant sworn vengeance on him.
Ghesh is directed to a fellow Spellscale named Aoth, who says the group should proceed to The Rift where they will receive information about their quest.
The party assembles, and begins the long walk to Hokuhn, and then, The Rift. The Spectre has a dream where he sees two young twins, a boy and a girl, playing in the ruins of a dragon’s tower in Bhanet, Salisa. He sees that both twins have heterochromia and hears the voice of his amulet say: “Behold, our saviour and our destroyer”. On the way Ghesh relives a dream where he finds a long-haired woman, crawled up on a beach. This time he notices she’s wearing a platinum dragon scale around her neck, and that this is a beach in Rzeka. Rey later tells him that the only platinum dragon she’s heard of was Hiromi, the deceased mother of The Dragonlords who now reign in Akundin.
Rakshasa dreams of a large, dark chamber filled with slithering snakes and petrified statues of humanoids. A voice, who she finds out is a legendary Demon called Hien The cruel, tells her that Graz’zt may find a place for her in his court, but that she shouldn’t encroach on Hien’s domain.
The Spectre has another dream where he speaks at length with the Ghost-Elf spirit who dwells in his amulet. The spirit tells him he serves a sphinx named Suraphinon, who lived on in The Ethereal Plane after The Scourge. The Elf tells him that he must serve as his ally, and swear new loyalty.
The group arrive at Hokuhn, which is filled with Drow Refugees, and Tsuki finds some cats to play with. Rey and Rakshasa party at a raunchy joint called “The Enthusiastic Elf” while Sahri finds the highest point in the city. She climbs to the top of what was one a dragon’s palace and look over the city. She realises the above-ground topography of The Rift matches the mountain she saw in her dream, though the mountain is mostly toppled now. Ghesh finds out that the Topaz Nas’Ul gave him is a magic Elemental Gem.
The group move underground, passing groups of soldiers and refugees. They see that luminescent fungus grows across many surfaces, including the ceiling of the cavern, giving the impression of a starry sky. In front of the city of Vikkyn they see a large, imperious statue depicting Vikkyn Amakiir, a famous hero of the past. The group are brought to a central palace where they meet with four important figures. The Dark Elvish King, Gevuron Silver-Hand, the leader of Eldor’s Church, Turiel Dust-Born, an immortal sand elf clan leader, and the newly discovered Angel of Peace, Elena ( and her blackbear companion, Rinn). They tell the group that they have been given a quest: The assassination of the leaders of The Ogres: Norixius The Stone-Skinned, Orianna The Pious, and Vapraak The Everlasting. This will take place during a military endeavour launched jointly by The Silvers, The Dust-Born, and The Drow, which should serve to distract and weaken The Ogres.
Rakshasa makes a friend in Turiel, she asks him what it’s like going to the beach, having a body made of sand. He responds with : “I AM the beach”. Sahri and Rey ask about how long he’s lived with a body composed of sand, stone, and metal. He says that he’s had this body since The Scourge and seems sad about the transformation, if not the end result.
Turiel tells Ghesh that The Fire Queen greatly desires her sword back, but that the safety of The Rift is more important.
The group is finally introduced to Anastrianna (Ana) Amakiir, the princess of The Rift. She seems to be fond of crossbows, particularly her heavy crossbow ‘Piercer’. When Ana tells the group why she wishes to go on this quest, she offers her somewhat tragic backstory, and says she hates The Ogres for destroying her civilisation and desires to reclaim an heirloom. Rakshasa divulges her tragic backstory, involving both of her parents choking to death while eating ham sandwiches, saying:
“My parents were killed by processed meat!”
To which Ana responds: “My people ARE processed meat!”
The pair share a sad high-five, becoming bonded by tragedy.

Session 24
The Return

Sahri, having a crisis of faith, rejects Satief’s goals, swearing herself to The Vengeant instead. Rakshasa, after planting Daemon’s Kiss, hears from Graz’zt. He asks if she wishes to see when he was born.
She sees from the perspective of a large snake, being led on by his friends to a circle of robed figures. He’s fed flowers and eventually a vial of biter potion. He begins to grow lethargic, seeing darkness all about him, and feels an intelligent, ambitious presence pressing in on his mind. He awakens in a new body, and laughs in the now familiar voice of Graz’zt.
Tsuki spends time with Nemon, befriending him. Kerok tells the group about Rahn, saying he is an immortal human mage who worships one of The Demonlords. He says that his younger twin sisters: Kodesha and Jayinya, abandoned them and moved to Akundin and are now advisors to Dragonlord Ashekani. He also says that he will gladly take any vulnerable creatures into his realm to protect them, after Rey asks him. Ghesh sends a message to Nas’Ul The Fire Elemental via Sending about Rahn, she tells him to go to Hasamidat for instructions. Tolun agrees with The Spectre when he suggests that he would make a good addition to Ajaakor’s Hangman. Rakshasa, Ghesh, and Rey decide to spend a day in Ephundali. The group see Gerald the griffin again and play with him, he seems to be growing more mature. Rey is reunited with Vishkanya and, working with her assistant Varis, the three of them work on producing copies of The Lifeweaver’s Manifesto for Posterity. Rakshasa finds Yasheira in The Wailing Wolf and finds that Asir spoke of the group, before travelling north. She also finds out that Roscoe and Merla have begun travelling to Hasamidat. Rakshasa spends the night partying, while Ghesh keeps her out of trouble. Rey spends the night working on transcribing The Lifeweaver’s Manifesto with Vishkanya, and Varis.
The next day, the group meet up in Hasamidat, after being bid farewell by Kerok and being teleported. Ghesh goes to the cities’ Storm Church to share information with the High Priest there, Melech Stormborn. He tells him that a quest awaits him and the group in The Rift and that they will be escorted there.
Rey speaks to Asymptote and convinces him to go to Ephundali to help create some magic items for her. Priyanka goes to Asymptote to ask about giving Nemon his human appearence back, so he can re-integrate into society. The transformation is complete and Nemon thanks Tsuki for her help and says he hopes he sees her again. Sahri and The Spectre retrieve the amulet of Hadar from Arizima Steelgaze, and she says that the harmless spirit inside seems interested in The Spectre.
The group see that a meteor will soon strike Ahlim, south of Hasamidat, and rush to collect it. They find a small polished clump of Mithral in the crater, and after fending off other scavengers, they enjoy their valuable find.

The Lifeweaver's Legacy Excerpt
Written by the late Prianyi

The Archetypal Animals, often referred to as ‘Nemorians’ are large fae creatures imbued with the essence and vitality of The Faewilds. They are albino, larger than their mundane cousins (perhaps children?) and are found in both the Mortal Plane and The Faewilds. Silvermane’s White Lions and The Eagles of Hasamidat being well-known examples of the former. Most Nemorians dwell in Syldar’s Realm in their pairs, male and female. However, after much research into the subject I have discovered that not all the pairs are complete. For example, The Male Snake Aspect and the Female aspect of The Bat are both absent, with no explanation given in the popular histories or by The Emerald Enclave.
The Illicit flowering plant, commonly referred to as ‘Daemon’s Kiss’ is at the centre of this mystery. The flower is known to have mind-altering properties and is poisonous in all but the smallest doses. The places it grows are few and far between and The Emerald Enclave eagerly destroys these colonies. I have concluded that, after some research, that this common name is disturbingly reminiscent of what this plant was used for.
The Demonlords only began to appear after The Scourge and in the chaotic and foggy years following this disaster I believe that this plant was central to their appearance. To clarify, I believe that Anathematic cults harvested this plant for usage in dark rituals. In sufficient quantities, and prepared correctly, I posit that Demon’s Kiss could permit the possession of the usually unassailable Archetypal Animals by Fiendish Essence. By combining the inherent magical properties and everlasting Health of The Nemorians with the dark intelligence of Anathematic Spirits a being described as a ‘Demonlord’ could be engineered.
In fact, my creation of the chimera was an attempt to counter these Demons. By combining the Life Essence of The Nemorians and other creatures with the skills and minds of humanoids I believe I can reverse the damage The Anathema have done to Ahlim and its inhabitants, both civilised and natural. Time will tell whether or not my experiments fulfill their purpose, or even thrive…

Session 23
The Lifeweaver's Legacy

The Group take a long rest, with Priyanka removing the charm effects from the party. Meanwhile the Minotaur, who introduces themselves as Tolun, moves off to fight the rest of Rahn‘s creatures. When Tolun returns he thanks the group for their help and says that through their honour and skill they have passed the first test. Sahri hugs him and he gives her his magical greataxe, The Mazewalker’s Axe. Tolun says his sister, Prianyi Masheran, died last century and he has been guarding the maze for two centuries. He says his two older brothers oversee the next two tests and that he will escort them, but cannot aid the group.The Spectre Offers him a spot on his ship, Ajaakor’s Hangman which Tolun accepts. Moving to the next room, the group find a man with a foxes head who seems to have spent the past few centuries painting the room with beautiful images over and over. They see prominently a portrait of six brothers and sisters who the group know are Tolun’s family before they were changed into chimera. The Fox-man, who later identifies himself as Nemon, tells the group to tell him the three things he wants most. They correctly guess he desires his freedom, the happiness of his family, and for his sister Prianyi and her works to receive the respect and recognition they deserve.
The group proceed to the final trial, said to be a test of character. The final brother is part rhino and later identifies himself as Kerok. He asks each member of the group in turn why they want to finish the maze and find the work of his sister, Prianyi. He gets a variety of answers, ranging from people wanting to help and protect their friends, people wanting to find knowledge, or people believing it’s the right thing to do.
The three reunited brothers embrace and the group are transported to a warm, peaceful demiplane, which Kerok calls The Lifeweaver’s Demiplane. The group see it is filled with a variety of animals all peacefully coexisting, and they see many chimera as well. Kerok shows them Prianyi’s tower, which is filled with books, most notably a unique tome called: The Fundamentals and Possibilities of The Variety Of Life Found In The Planes Of Ahlim. The book contains a variety of information about the Nemorian animals of The Faewilds, the ecology of Ahlim, the morphology and anatomy of many living things, and the reason and process behind the creation of the chimera. The book also offers Prianyi’s belief in how The Demonlords were created, which she says involves a plant called “Daemon’s Kiss”. She says that the immortal Nemorians were fed this flower which allows them to be possessed by Anathematic Spirits. As such, this plant is destroyed wherever it is found, and is considered an illicit substance. Interestingly Rakshasa has a flower on her, and also knows of a grove where the plant’s grow freely. Priyanka and Rey transcribe The Lifeweaver’s Tome, and Ghesh reads it cover-to-cover and absorbs its magic. Rakshasa spends some time playing with the animals, while Sahri spars with Tolun. Tsuki befriends Nemon, who teaches her some rogue tricks.
Ghesh has a dream where he finds himself in a solid cloud castle, with Aaracockra circling above. He finds a court of cloud giants and air elementals who greet him warmly, he notices The Cloud Queen, ruler of The Elemental Plane of Air, and a smiling, masked cloud giant in particular. Ajaakor speaks to him through the sky, praising him for his noble deeds and saying that his soul will have an honoured place here when his mortal form perishes, and that, if he excels in his quests, he may visit this place during his life. Power flows down into Ghesh and he awakens, happy and contented.
Tsuki finds herself surrounded by familiar darkness, but instead of many masks surrounding her, there is just one: a smiling, floating mask. The mask speaks to her sadly, saying: “We are all puppets, suspended on strings that gleam like gold. The Puppetmaster is most fearful, even Meridar fears his touch.”. The Mask stays where it is, but Tsuki continues, towards a doorway of light in the distance. Strange shapes move through the darkness, trying to ensnare Tsuki. The speak to her, some demanding information, some ordering her to carry out their commands, and some insulting her. She makes her way through them, leaving the smiling yet sombre mask behind.
The Spectre stands atop an enormous polished obsidian platform, surrounded on all sides by a familiar mist. He realises he is standing atop the inverted pyramid of the ancient city of Minauros. The mist seems thick and agitated, swirling around The Spectre as he hears Ajaakor’s voice. Ajaakor warns him that dark powers desire his soul, and that he must resist them or risk eternal damnation. As the mist swirls louder and faster around him, Ajaakor’s voice becomes muffled and eventually fades. The Spectre turns to see a large, open eye watching him through the mist. The eye blinks and The Spectre awakes.
Rey sees a beautiful waterfall, nestled amongst a copse of trees. Above her is a clear, starry night sky, and the three moons of Ahlim shining brightly. Rey passes through the waterfall to a secret pond. Kneeling by the pond is The Seer, seemingly praying. The Seer rises to greet Rey, telling her that she’s proud of what she’s accomplished and that she continues to grow in esteem. She tells Rey that The Seer shall be exalted by the Gods and that when that happens Rey shall become a great champion. She rests her hand on Rey’s cheek, and Rey awakes, with the warm, soft touch of The Seer lingering on her cheek.
Rakshasa hears the whispering voice of Graz’zt speak to her, saying that if she planted Daemon’s Kiss in The Lifeweaver’s Demiplane he would be very pleased. Rakshasa finds a secure, secret, space in the plane to plant the flower, knowing that such an act desecrates the sanctity of this place.
Sahri hears Satief whisper to her, saying that if she slays a chimera here, without being found out, she will be greatly rewarded.

Session 22
The Maze

The group travel to the mage’s tower, finding it mostly deserted. They see a teleportation circle that has been in use for some time and find a drawing of an eye above three giants. The table in use by the bald man is marked by five evenly spaced burn markings, which The Spectre suspects may be from the gems inlaid in the man’s sword.
The group move north towards the ruined watchtower, where Priyanka says the entrance to the maze is. The group watch Alberich and the bald man from a distance, as two large Umber Hulks clear away the last of the rubble. The Spectre reads Alberich’s lips and discovers that Alberich is going to go back to the mage’s tower to get reinforcements from someone called ‘Orianna’.
The group ambush Alberich as he makes his way to the tower. Rey ensnares Alberich and his two companions Umber Hulks using Plant Growth. The Spectre and Priyanka are both disoriented by the Umber Hulks’ gaze, while Rakshasa and Tsuki are affected by The Hunger of Hadar. The group soon disable the Umber Hulks, but Alberich teleports back to his master, the bald man. The Spectre knocks him out with a well-placed crossbow bolt, but the bald man revives him, and then teleports him to safety. The bald man, heavily armoured in opalescent carapace armour, strides confidently towards the group, seeming unconcerned by their efforts. He has a large gaping eye on his chest, which quickly disabling much of the parties’ magic. The Spectre notices he has heterochromia, with his left eye being deep brown and his right eye being ice blue.
The man introduces himself as Rahn and says that he knows many of the group’s faces from when they fought his father, Hadar. Ghesh immediately recognises the sword at his hip as Pyra, The Fire Queen’s long-lost artifact. He explains that he is searching for the life’s work of The Warp Witch, which he believes takes the form of a powerful tome deep within the maze. Fearing the magical prowess of Rahn, the group agree to assist him if they get a share of the treasure. Rakshasa, The Specte, and Sahri attempt to flirt with Rahn, to mixed success.
Preceded by Rahn’s minions, several Gibbering Mouthers, Displacer Beasts, and strange humanoid scorpions, the group enter the maze. They journey for several hours in the dark, hearing the distant sounds of battle between Rahn’s creatures and a large blade-wielding humanoid. Eventually they find the humanoid, a large Albino Minotaur covered in scraps of armour and weapons. The Minotaur decries Rahn as an evil man who must not pass. Rahn directs the party to fight the minotaur, which they do, before both the party and the minotaur turn their wrath on Rahn. The struggle is short but fierce, with Sahri and The Spectre being knocked unconscious and Rahn fleeing, frustrated, into The Underdark.

Session 21
The Warp-Beasts

One of the Chimera seems to be part black dragon, the other is part blue dragon. The black chimera swoops over the party, spewing acid over them as it goes. The blue Chimera lands and begins to ravage The Spectre, who is soon joined by Sahri. Rakshasa blasts the black chimera with Scorching Ray. In retailiation, the black chimera lands and knocks Rakshasa unconscious. Ghesh blasts the blue chimera with Call Lightning, bypassing its resistance due to him being an Elemental Adept. Sahri eventually slices off the blue chimera’s heads, and Rakshasa soon slices the black chimera’s throats. Priyanka and Rey harvest dragon scales from the two chimera. The group has a short rest and continues on, with The Spectre soon seeing a pair of cockatrices. He kills one and the other glares at him before running off, The Spectre has made an enemy.
The group rest for the night, with The Spectre seeing a multitude of Cockatrices before scaring them off. Rakshasa sees what looks like a black panther moving through the trees but it soon disappears from view. The group continue on to Vishkanya but soon realise the panthers, which The Spectre, Rey, and Priyanka identify as Displacer Beasts, are following them. When Rey realises they’re going to attack she casts Plant Growth which ensnares several of the creatures and gives the group a head start. The beasts soon catch up to them and a vicious battle ensues, with Rakshasa being knocked unconscious again. One Displacer beasts escapes, and Tsuki angers a cockatrice, which The Spectre kills.
The group soon see the mostly ruined city walls in front of them, and can see the mage’s spire of the old school of Transmutation in the centre of the city. Strangely, there is light in the windows, suggesting that someone is dwelling in this supposedly abandoned city.
The Spectre flies over the city towards the spire and sees the wounded, escaped, Displacer Beast moving through the city. The Spectre kills it just before it reaches the college of Transmutation with a psionically charged dagger. The Spectre moves cautiously up to the window and sees a dark-skinned, bald human reading a heavy tome. He is sitting at a desk whilst wearing a Cloak of Displacement, at his left is a sending stone, and to his right is a finely constructed sword with a sheath covered in gemstones and mithral. The man calls for someone named Alberich who he tells to go check on the progress of ‘The Insects’.
The Spectre follows Alberich to the north of town and hears him singing a strange but distinctive melody to himself. Alberich arrives at the ruins of a watchtower outside the city, and The Spectre can see the rubble shifting and moving and hear the sounds of digging.
The Spectre returns to the party and the group find an abandoned inn in the city to spend the night, ‘The Marvelous Mage’. They find an extremely aged bottle of unopened whiskey made by the Wizards of Wine company.
during the night the party hear a cacophony of voices slowly moving down the empty streets. They eventually see that the source of the voices is a Gibbering Mouther constructed from several human bodies. It appears as a blob of flesh with several mouths, eyes, and grasping hands. Rakshasa directs its attention away from the inn using Thaumaturgy and sees a crying face on its back as the creature moves away.


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