Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 42
The Revelations

Leaving The Sudden Storm, the group walk out into the moonlit streets. Ghesh and Tsuki notice Alexis in an alleyway, who beckons them over. Alexis explains that the group is in danger from a group of assassins, who are going to attack them. Alexis seems helpful but is unwilling to divulge alot of information. Ghesh and Rey observe that they are wearing a large blue gem underneath their clothing. Rey believes its one of the apocalyptic gems that Curiosity saw in a future vision. The group notice that Alexis seems to be threatened or endangered somehow by a malicious magical force that’s preventing them from answering certain questions. Rey tries to bypass this by Sending a message to Alexis directly, without speaking, but an evil intelligence responds, mocking her efforts. Alexis eventually reveals their pursuers are The Ravens and fades into the darkness, saying that they hope to see the group again.
Ghesh sees a dark silhouette above them and The Spectre recognises the familiar scent of his Revenant pursuer. The dark silhouette begins to shoot Fireballs at the group, while assassins try and take out Tsuki. The Revenant begins to strangle Ghesh when The Spectre moves out of reach. Rey Polymorphs into a giant eagle and begins to pursue one of the assassins when they start to flee. Sahri and The Spectre cut through the assassins and the shadowy figure, revealing them as a dragonborn mage. Ghesh finally ‘kills’ the Revenant, burning it with radiant power. Rakshasa blasts some other fleeing assassins, quickly destroying them. Tsuki knocks the fleeing assassin out with an arrow and the group tie her up.
They interrogate the assassin, finding out her name is Chiyo and she is from Chayundo. She is certainly a raven, and claims to be attempting vengeance for Midraba. She claims to have been trained by a master assassin named “The Slayer”.
The party give both Chiyo and the Revenant to the local Aurorans to be dealt with in the morning. The group then proceed to the hilltop shrine at the behest of some friendly flumphs. The Spectre uses his psionic abilities to test the location, and soon hears the voice of The White Swan.
She beckons the party into the border Ethereal plane, a strange world of grey.
Around the party are dancing, happy flumphs, several humans and the winged figure of The White Swan. She resembles her twin brother, Rahn, but is dressed in a beautiful white shawl. Rey is reunited with her lost colleague, Rossen, who was attempting to achieve enlightenment with The White Swan. Chen is nearby and politely greets the party. The White Swan speaks to The Spectre at length, explaining her alliegances and explains some of hers, and her brother’s motives. She owes her alliegance to Belphegor, The Demonlord of Sloth, who she insists desires balance, not the cruelty or destruction of the other demonlords. She says that Demogorgon wishes to awaken The Destroyer, who will then consume Ahlim. Naldarai is released from The Spectre’s medallion and greets the group, appearing as an elderly elf. The two mystics answer many of the group’s questions, telling The Spectre that they believe he is an angel reborn, likely of Ajaakor. They also confirm to Rey that several dragons live in The Feywild and are commonly known as The Archfey. They tell the party that The Vengeant was once known as Councillor Falkettan, and that it was his daughter, Aliza, that he killed Und to save. Worringly, the White Swan says that she suspects that Dragonlord Yagami is a worshipper of Piro of The Anathema, which would make him a powerful Raven. Naladarai explains a bit more about what happened to Ahlim before The Scourge, explaining that The First Warlock was a mage of House Valeng. He also says that the leader of The Destroyer’s cult was a man named Caiphon, who worked with The Anathema to awaken The Destroyer. Naldarai admits that even he does not know the whole truth of what The Anathema and Destroyer are and that only The Others would know more.
The White Swan discusses her and her master’s plans to bring balance to Ahlim, insisting that The Ethereal Plane must be kept intact and that the power of The Twin Pyramids of Minauros must be reunited in some way. She also warns the group that Lady Midnight has some interest in these pyramids, though she does not know why.

Session 41
The Coastal City

Following their defeat of Ulthak the group return to the city, killing fleeing gnolls as they go. The city is mostly aflame, seemingly consumed by the conflict between Nas’Ul and the forces of Imix. The group occasionally see gnolls engaged in battle, figthing over the wreckage of the city. Rakshasa ingites her horns, frightening several gnolls, and then throws a lime at a fleeing gnoll, finally breaking its will. The group find the central church, with a floating portal of flame above it, where the tower once stood. The party find Nas’Ul as she defeats the last of Imix’s forces and she inquires about their success. She says that Sutha’s corpse is probably somehwere nearby and the group soon find the body. Rakshasa casts Speak With Dead, asking Sutha’s charred corpse about Imix and Yeenoghu. The party then bid farewell to Nas’Ul and the surviving Fire Giant, who thank them for their continued assistance. Rey and Rakshasa act as Ghesh‘s wingmen, talking him up to Nas’Ul.
The party return to Ulthak’s grove to commune with him, finding a gnoll feasting on his corpse. Rakshasa bargains with him, and he cuts off Ulthak’s head, throws it to her, and then continues eating the torso. Rakshasa again communes with Ulthak, but he proves a lot less helpful, repeatedly mentioning someone called The Red Woman.
Camping for the night in the city, a surprising and miraculous thunder storm begins, providing rain to The Badlands. The party dig amidst the muddy ruins of the church for the treasure the gnolls have gathered over the years and are successful. Before they go to sleep Ennefer speaks to Tsuki, thanking her for assisting her and saying that she’ll likely leave in the morning. Tsuki warns her about The Order of The Silvered Gauntlet and The Emerald Enclave, saying that they wouldn’t view her presence favourably. Ennefer says she’ll fly south to the Nemorian Swamps and departs.
That Night, Rey has a vision of an armoured figure walking through deep water. They’re searching for an enemy they can’t see, wielding a rod and shield. Chains rise out of the bubbling, glowing water, ensnaring the figure. A robed person rises out of the water, snatching the rod, and taking the armoured figures hand with it. Mithral flows from their wounds as the rod turns from silver to a deep, red, glow.
The Seer speaks to Rey, telling her that she has been troubled by this dream recently. The Seer explains that she will give Rey an important quest soon as she goes north.
Ghesh also has a vision of himself scaling a huge mountain while buffeted by a powerful wind. Ajaakor tells him that he is approaching his destiny and Ghesh sees that Ajaakor is standing over the mountain’s peak.
Rakshasa hears Graz’zt speaking to her, saying that soon an ally of his will take her to a place far away where she can claim the power of an angel.
The group continues the next day, coming across the vanguard and spending the day celebrating the beginning of summer with them.
The party continue to Hasamidat, stopping at Rakshasa’s estate. They see that the walls are being put up by mages and go to speak to them. The dragonborn and the gnome are particularly attractive.
Once back in the city the group go about some errands, with Tsuki visiting Nemon and buying some Goggles of Night from him. Rey goes to the university and speaks to the angel of Curiosity after reading The Day I Slew Death. She finds out that someone defeated Orcus and took his place several centuries ago and that Luciela, an ancient hero, was defeated by Orcus at one point and made into his wand. She discovers the details of The True Ressurection and its usage, which she has witnessed several times. Rey realises that whoever ressurected the dragon in The Dune Sea must have been an extremely powerful mage. The author of the autobiographical book finishes by saying that they’ll do anything to rescue someone important to them. Rey and Curiosity make a bet about whether or not she will find any dragons in The Feywild.
Tsuki and Rey visit Asymptote to secure some magic items and then the party teleport to Lassiades, to the north, in Rzeka.
They walk through the unfamiliar coastal city, hearing seagulls and seeing a garishly dressed bard performing. The bard talks about a group of famous heroes called The Heroes of The North, one of whom is present, a rambunctious gnome. The party assess their competition, while an arrogant, unfriendly half-elf named Drusilia approaches. Rakshasa tries to invite Drusilia to dinner but she haughtily declines.
The group continue to The Docks, looking for The White Swan and find a group of adventurers, who watch them without interacting with them. Rey contacts the flumphs who tell her to look for a symbol of a squid. They do find one, directing them north of the city. A few hours later they find a hilltop shrine decorated with squid motifs and what seems to be the symbol of The white Swan. The group decide to address this strange shrine later and head back to the city.
They arrive at a large tavern called The Sudden Storm and see that The Heroes of The North are there, and the bard is performing. Rey and Rakshasa decide to upstage him, and after a fierce musical contest, they succeed.
The party speak to their rivals who they find out are: Isao the dragonborn, Seebo Warryn Sparklegem the gnome, Drusilia the half-elf, Meriele the elf, Isaac the human, and Slade the human. Drusilia continues to be rude and Rakshasa notices that she seems to also be a warlock and that she has a suspicious vulture tattoo.
The group leaves but Rey messes with Drusilia before she goes, putting her off her drink.

Session 40
The Cursed Grove

Tsuki continues down the path, spotting five werewolves guarding it. She reports back to the group and they ambush the werewolves. A short fight ensues with several werwolves leaping down from nearby trees and Tsuki suffering many bites. Several werewolves try to flee but are stopped before they get far, one being crushed by a thrown boulder.
The party continue on towards the centre of the grove, where they expect to find Ulthak, The Bloody Reaver.
They find him, accompanied by several Elite Gnolls, a Moon Druid, and two large demonic Hyenas. One part of the grove is spouting smoke above a cracked portion of earth, which was visible from some distance away.
Both sides launch an attack on one another, with both sides launching projectiles and spells at the other, while a large melee develops in the centre. Ghesh and Rakshasa’s spells soon thin out the opposition, smashing the assembled gnolls. The demonic hyenas prove more tenacious however and go about killing the fire giant allies. One of whom is surprised when another demon rises from the cracked earth beneath his feet. Ulthak kills one of the fire giants before being killed by Ennefer in turn. The enemy druid begins to taunt the party, transforming first into a mammoth, then into a werewolf, and finally into a dragon. He tells the party that The Badlands are theirs and begins to fly away. Unfortunately for him, the fire giant throws Rey at him and she immediately Polymorphs into a Tyrannosaurus rex. She latches onto the dragons leg with a ferocious bite as he struggles to knock her off. The group attack the dragon as it flies higher and higher out of their reach. Eventually Rey is dislodged, but not before she manages to bite the dragons foot off. As Rey hits the ground she knocks Tsuki out with the force of her landing.
The druid flies north, leaving the group alone in the grove.

Session 39
The Storming of The City

The party seek refuge in the abandoned church of Kas The Silverhanded, a form of proto-church of Eldor. It seems like it has seen rare use but it offers a good view of the city, showing the scattered defenders moving about in the late afternoon sun.
Once night falls, Ulthak’s forces begin to encircle the city and the howls of wolves can be heard.
Soon, Ulthak’s army begins to storm the city while it’s druids call a literal storm to blast the defenders. The party hears the sounds of fighting nearby, seemingly there is dissent in Sutha’s ranks.
Eventually there is an explosion at the eastern wall and Ulthak’s forces begin to race into the city. The divided and weakened defenders put up a desperate fight.
The Spectre surveys the city, watching as the attackers make their way through it. He believes that turning the werewolves he sees challenging the gnolls against them may be a good strategy. He also suspects that disrupting Ulthak’s leadership may prolong and worsen the conflict.
A large gnoll comes up the stairs flanked by three hell-hounds, it states that it wants access to the mostly cool bonfire. The party oblige and then leave the church, avoiding any gnolls or elementals on the grounds.
Ghesh and Rey contact Nas’Ul using Sending to request help in fighting the Gnolls, stating that Imix is involved. Nas’Ul responds by asking them to find an open fire so she can bring through soldiers. The group fight through enemies engaged in combat with one another, quickly dispatching them. They soon find a large open fire, and Nas’Ul steps out of it, followed by a pair of armed fire giants and a host of fire elementals.
Nas’Ul says that she will stop Imix from bringing his followers into Salisa while the fire giants will aid the party in stopping Ulthak.
The group move out of the city, into the Dead Forest. They move deeper into the forest and soon find living, healthy trees, a rarity in The Badlands. The party attack a gnoll contingent they encounter, quickly defeating them.

Session 38
The Gnoll War

The group speak with Ennefer who explains that the leader of the Gnolls, Sutha the Fang of Wrath has been challenged by Ulthak, The Bloody Reaver. Sutha has seemingly allied with Imix, the Prince of Evil Elemental Fire, while Ulthak has gained the alliance of many of the Moon Druids. She seems somewhat angry at the party and reveals that they killed her parents the last time they were in The Badlands. She admits that her parents probably deserved it though, and agrees to help the party get into the ruins of kassadom. She gives them the armour and bone medallions of the dead gnolls so that they’re more likely to enter the city un-accosted. Their strategy works, and when they’re confronted by one of Sutha’s patrols, they successfully bluff their way into the city with Rey‘s silver tongue. The city shows signs of continued habitation for several hundred years, at least. Many of the walls are crumbling and huts, tents, and ramshackle reinforcements are everywhere.
The party hear what sounds like a battle developing on the other side of the city and rush to watch. On Sutha’s side is a smaller force of undisciplined gnolls bolstered by roaring fire elementals. On Ulthak’s side is a larger force supported by moon druids, taking cover in the partially burning Dead Forest. Seeing that they can accomplish some mischief, Ghesh, Ennefer, and Rey move as close to the unfolding battle as they dare.
Again using her Tinmask samples, Rey uses Plant Growth, aided by Ghesh’s Gust of Wind, and manages to blow hallucinogenic spores across the battlelines. The spores cause chaos, making warriors turn on their own troops or flee. After a few minutes the two battlelines part, and Sutha’s forces retreat back into the city. Warriors begin to man the walls and the party decide to stand their ground and fight them. Ennefer summons a Sea Hag and Ghesh summons steam mephits to fight with him. Rey, Rakshasa, and The Spectre stand atop the walls. Ennefer, Sahri, and Ghesh stand beneath the walls, and Tsuki takes up an ideal spot in a nearby ruined building.
The Gnolls charge them, rapidly crossing the distance between the two groups. Most of the Gnolls rush in to use their shortswords, while the others fire shortbows at the party. Rakshasa, Ghesh, Ennefer, and Rey blast the gnolls with Destructive Wave, Moonbeam, Call Lightning, and Shatter. The Spectre, the mephits, and Sahri hold off the squadrons engaged in melee combat. The party quickly defeat their attackers and kill the remaining gnolls as they flee.

Session 37
The Loose Ends

The party, now back in Hasamidat, go about their business, stocking up on supplies and magical items. Rakshasa enjoys some illicit substances with a friend and Sahri gets money stolen from her during the night. The next day the group is brought by silvers to speak with Ayla, The Angel of Order. She says that the construction on the parties’ fort is ready to begin construction, with their approval. She also says that their seems to be a schism in the ranks of The Badlands’ Gnolls, and that now would be the perfect time to attack them. Ayla tells them that hundreds of Silvers and members of the Emerald Enclave will follow the party to kill any survivors. Ayla complains that she finds disorder frustrating and distasteful, but that in this situation it works in their favour.
The party set out for The Badlands, specifically to Kassadom, where Sutha The Fang of Wrath’s dominance has been challenged. As they leave the city Nemon approaches them, asking for Cunning and Subterfuge, which Sahri hands over. As he goes to leave he shakes Tsuki’s hand, giving her a small note in the process. She later deciphers it, seeing that it has two lines:
“Beware the Blue Dragon.
You will find her in the north.”

On the way Sahri has a dream that she steps of a boat onto a rain-drenched island. Her foes, a group of pirates, are up ahead and she raises a gauntlet-ted fist and ignites them.
The party enter the badlands and notice signs of an ongoing conflict: the smell of death and destruction is everywhere. Kassadom in the distance is burning, as well as the Dead Forest which surrounds it.
The group find a small warband of Gnolls and Fire Elementals devouring and looting corpses and spring into combat with them.
Ghesh and Rakshasa make short work of the Gnolls, while the rest of the party take down the fire elementals.
Catching their breath, the group see a familiar direwolf, and they soon realise that Ennefer has returned.

Session 36
The Island Father

The group takes a short rest outside the caves and Ghesh sees some Kuo-toa who seemingly want to enter the caves, but upon seeing the party change course. The party move deeper into the caves, leaving Rakshasa and Sahri behind as guards. Moving down into the cave system the party hear the sounds of Kuo-Toa moving around them, appearing to be moving into the centre.
The group hear chanting in Deep Speech ahead and Tsuki goes ahead to investigate. She comes across a large chamber with two Kuo-Toa, a bound elderly man, a chanting priest, and a large white-shelled crab. The crab, which seems to be a Nemorian, is covered with demonic runes and appears sick or corrupted. It is floating in a dark, tar-like pool, and behind it is a pile of treasure. Rey, listening to the chanting, realises that this crab seems to be called Morkoth and is The Island Father they heard of back in the village. The chamber seems to be suffused with sorrow and unnatural darkness and when The Spectre is confronted with it, he starts hallucinating, seeing images of bones and flesh strewn about the dark chamber, images which noone else can see.
The party attack the Kuo-Toa, pelting them with spells and bolts. The priest blasts the party with a devastating Chain Lightning spell while Rey transforms into a huge triceratops with Polymorph. Anahera is soon grabbed by the crab’s claw, crushed, and thrown unconscious into the pool of tar.
The Spectre fruitlessly duels one of the Kuo-Toa for quite some time before finally slaying it, it’s eyes bursting as psychic power overloads its body. Ghesh casts Bansihment on the crab, hoping to send it back to The Faewild. Unfortunately, the crab is only banished through the portal, into The Shadowfell and soon returns. It grabs Ghesh in one claw and fights briefly with Rey using the other. Tsuki kills the priest and Morkoth sinks back into the tar, taking Ghesh with it.
Ghesh is pulled through a disorienting portal and arrives bodily in The Shadowfell, a place of darkness, blood, and death. The chamber is a twisted mirror of the cave in the material plane, with puddles of blood and piles of bleached bone and rotting flesh scattered about the room.
The party dive into the portal after him and confront the crab in it’s lair. unfortunately Morkoth seems to have been empowered by this plane and blasts the group with another Chain Lightning spell, knocking Rey unconscious. Tsuki notices that the bones are human and still dressed in remnants of the uncorrupted kuo-toa villagers’ garb. The party have now noticed that where attacks pierce its shell, tentacles soon grow from the openings. Tsuki pulls Rey back through the portal, while Ghesh revives Anahera so shec an escape. The Spectre, seeing that Morkoth is almost defeated, charges forth and unleashes his psychic might on the corrupted crab. It screeches as it dies and its hollow shell cracks open. A wave of demonic energy washes forth from the body over Ghesh, The Spectre, and Anahera before dispersing into The Shadowfell. The Spectre is defeaned by the screaming energies, while Anahera runs terrified into the portal, Ghesh steels himself against the assault and is unaffected.
Ghesh and The Spectre see the hulking, two-headed form of Demogorgon moving toward them and quickly flee back into the material plane. As they do, the portal closes behind them, turning the pool of tar into mundane water. The party collect themselves, free the old man, and begin to rifle through the treasure pile. Tsuki finds Anahera’s family dagger as well as a Trident of Fish command, a magical shield, and upon unlocking a chest, a powerful Cloak of the Manta Ray. Taking these treasures, Anahera laments that the Kuo-Toa who could have made use of them seem to have been sacrificed by their corrupted brethren.
The party travel back to the mainland and Tama, the elder who they rescued, thanks them. They rest on the shore for the night and The Spectre has a dream that he is Shantae Farsight, famed explorer. She’s steering her ship through a vicious storm, desperately trying to get a look at something in a terrible whirlpool some distance away. Moving the ship closer, she looks down and sees the top of a white pyramid poking through the surface.
The party return to the Whakaaro gifting Tane with the Trident of Fish command. Sinan tells the group about an angelic woman in white who supposedly aided the tribe in the past. The Spectre goes to inquire and finds out that The White Swan has visited and helped the tribe several times in the past.
The group stay with the tribe for several days before heading north back to Te Makutu Pa, where they are feasted. The party then sail back to Salisa and to Hasamidat. On the way, the ship is pursued by several cokatrice and The Spectre takes a crossbow shot at what he thinks is the leader. His shot connects and the cockatrice falters and disappears below the treeline, though The Spectre is not sure whether he has slain his foe or not.

Session 35
The Kuo-Toa

During the night Rey has a dream where her vision soars above Ahlim. Her sight rapidly moves north, passing over Salisa, Rzeka, and finally settling in Svoren. Rey hears The Seer say that dark terrors are stirring in the north. Rey’s sight moves through The World Crown mountains until she sees a deep, still lake. Her sight reverses until she’s looking at The Shadowfell and she watches as a Balor rises out of the surface of the lake, steam rising from its flaming form. She notices it carrying what looks like The Stormblade, and soon sees the huge, hulking form of Demogorgon stride towards a large fortress on the shore of the lake. In one huge tentacle it seems to be clutching a fist-sized glowing, red, gem. Rey soon find herself standing in a tapestry-filled chamber, with The Seer sitting calmly before her. Rey finds out that Demogorgon will soon enter the material plane, in as few as two months, possibly. The Seer also reveals that she is a soulmeld of Nyx, the newly recognised Annerian, and Councillor Selene. The Seer says that she is proud of Rey, and that Rey will soon be rewarded for her fealty.
In the morning Rey, The Spectre, Sahri, and Anahera discover that they’ve lost some of their belongings. They spend some time looking for them, and all but Anahera soon find their items, in strange locations, but otherwise close to the camp. The party begins to move towards the Kuo-Toa village and see what looks like a large statue in the centre.
The town seems abandoned, except that their seems to be freshly caught fish strung up near the shore. Ghesh notices scattered sounds of apparent habitation in the village, and as Rey calls out, the sounds grow louder and closer. The party move to the centre of the village, seeing that the statue has been vandalised and now sports seaweed and carved crustacean-like body.
The Kuo-toa villagers soon approach the party from all sides, all of them with slimy, scaled skin, webbed extremities, and grotesque fish-like faces.
The Kuo-toa say they intend to offer the party’s blood to the Island Father and attack the group. They ensnare several party members in their nets and stab at them with their spears. The party quickly defeats them, free themselves, and sees some Kuo-Toa moving further in-land.
The party pursues them, entering the forest. They soon find a series of caves and some kuo-toa guarding them. Ghesh hears breathing coming from somewhere nearby but can’t find the source. Rey and Rakshasa draw off a guard using magic and then attack the two robed, priestly seeming guards. As the party attack them, several Kuo-toa spring from the underbrush, their webbed claws crackling with electricity. Anahera gets hit with a Hold Person spell, and embarrassingly spends the entire fight unable to move. Rey turns into a triceratops and begins to trample and attack the kuo-toa. As the kuo-toa seem close to falling, one of the priests heals them, drawing out the fight. Nevertheless the party still defeat them and begin to move into the caves.

Session 34
The Southern Islands

Before leaving for Whenua, to the south, Tsuki encounters Alexis performing in Hasamidat. She tries to steal a locked iron flask on Alexis’ belt, but fails. They talk briefly and Alexis says that the flask contains something dangerous, something capable of good and evil. They also say they’re soon heading north as they have business there. when Tsuki tells the group about her encounter Rey rushes off to find them but can’t seem to, despite receiving directions from the dispersing crowd who were watching them.
The group board The Sea Serpent with Sinan and move south down the river. Along the way they pass the ruins of Vishkanya and see some owlbears lazily moving about. The owlbears turn and watch the ship when Rakshasa and The Spectre make screeching sounds in an attempt to imitate them. Later, The Spectre sees a large group of Cockatrice watching him angrily from a tree. As the ship moves the cockatrice fly from tree to tree, following the ship.
During the trip Sinan explains to the group that he intends to learn about a forest-dwelling tribe that has had very little contact with the rest of the world. Supposedly they practice some strange form of magic, which The Spectre suspects is psionics.
After two days the ship arrives at the Red Coast of southern Salisa, at Illidoma. While preparing for their voyage across the sea, Rakshasa decides to try and purchase some limes. Unfortunately lime prices are extremely high here, and a white dragonborn merchant named Toyoshi gives her a hard time. In response she throws fire spices over his limes and flees.
The group set off towards the island, seeing wyvern riders who watch them from afar. Ghesh and The Spectre get it into their heads a desire to find a wyvern they can ride.
When the party arrive at the the northern tribe’s village they meet a local woman named Anahera who is a representative of the adventurer’s guild here.
Anahera tells the group that their sister tribe in the south-east, called The Kuo-Toa have not been in contact with them for several months and they fear for their wellbeing.
Anahera leads the group to the dense forest in the south of the island to contact the psionic tribe, though she refuses to enter the forest itself.
The party soon find signs of habitation in the forest, and in particular notice stylised androgynous totems. The party soon realise they’re being followed and Sinan assures them that he will handle translation and introductions.
Soon the group are stopped by a warrior named Tane and his many companions. He speaks to Sinan and seems off-put by the party’s strange appearance, and wishes to know why they have come into this forest, when so few others do so. Tane seems interested in The Spectre, recognising his psionic abilities. After a time, Tane agrees to take the party to the village of the Whakaaro people.
The group spend the night in their village, nestled near the tall southern mountains. While Sinan busily takes notes, The Spectre is taken by Tane to a sacred cavern. Ghesh initially wishes to join him, but soon realises his draconic appearance is disconcerting when wyverns are so feared here. Tane and The Spectre travel several hours and finally meet Elder Anika, who seems curious about The Spectre. She leads The Spectre into the quiet, peaceful caverns, explaining that their God resides here, sleeping. Fearful but determined, The Spectre soon finds a verdant cavern, filled with light and plant life. Lying seemingly asleep is a large glowing figure, patterned with sand, sky, sea, and greenery. The Spectre is told that this is the inert body of Jelan, an Annerian who went missing many thousands of years before even The Scourge occurred. According to Anika, Jelan travelled beyond Ahlim to many worlds. While there they found the remains of the worlds The Destroyer had consumed and was injured, apparently by The Anathema, when they returned to Ahlim. The Spectre notices that Jelan has old wounds which seem to bleed Mithral. Anika tells The Spectre that 21 years ago, knowing that Jelan’s body was too wounded, the Whakaaro sent Jelan’s soul to a new body. Supposedly the sand elves were Jelan’s people in The Mythic Age and so they ressurrected Jelans soul into a newborn sand elf, similar to how Angels are reborn. Anika asks The Spectre to find this reborn God, who she calls The Wanderer, and he accepts on behalf of the party.
That night Tsuki has another dream of The Outsider. She sees a winged figure made of shadow striding towards her. Behind them trails wispy smoke, and their dark footprints stain the ground. She sees that the figure has a grinning mask and watches as the figure hesitatingly and viciously rips the mask off. As the grinning mask clatters to the ground the darkness is pulled from the figure, revealing The Outsider. They look with revulsion at the mask, which seems to have darkness spreading from it across the ground. The Outsider says to Tsuki: “We are all puppets suspended on strings that gleam like gold. The puppetmaster is most fearful, even Meridar loathes his touch. I cannot be free, but you can be. An angel of Freedom could release me from bondage and Ahlim as well.” .With that, The outsider removes their final mask, revealing a face…that Tsuki has already forgotten by the time she wakes up.
The group return to Anahera, leaving Sinan with the Whakaaro at his insistence. They travel to the eastern coastline, seeing a mist shrouded island in the distance. Anahera explains that this is the island of the Kuo-Toa tribe and says that a village elder from the north disappeared after travelling here. The party use waterwalking to walk to the island and collapse with exhaustion once they reach the shore. Ghesh notices an overabundance of marine life around the island but strangely can hear no animals on the island itself.

Session 33
The Prophecy

The group leave The Rift behind and head to Hokuhn. When they arrive they find the city in the midst of The Festival of Colours, a five day celebration of the beginning of The Month of Joy. People move about painting their houses and each other with ochre and pigment.
Rey knows that the annual Day of Prophecy will arrive soon, where The Seer will deliver a message to the people of Ahlim. In preparation for this day, Rey visits The Three Moons House of Healing, where she finds healers devoted to The Seer. In particular she finds a Star-Knight named Serena Gold-Sand. Serena explained that The Seer is a soul-melded being who is composed of the essence of Nyx. Serena tells Rey that The Seer will deliver her message soon and that in the meantime Rey could help in the temple, Rey agrees. Ghesh summons some minor elementals who tell him about life in the Elemental Plane of Air, they describe what it’s like to live there, but nothing about it’s history.
The Spectre researches Psionics, The Rift, and Suraphinon while the party waits for The Prophecy. He learns how The Dark Elves were isolated from the surface until Vikkyn Gemflower aided Kas The Silverhanded against Vecna. He also learns that psionics was not practiced until after The Scourge, and was possibly only possible after The Scourge changed the world in some way. He also learns that Suraphinon was known as The True, and was a dutiful leader and is now believed dead.
Rakshasa finds gainful employment during this time at The Enthusiastic Elf. Sahri tries to find someone to challenge to a fight and finally finds someone to take her up on her offer outside he city. She meets a tall sand elf warrior named Uron True-Spear who duels her. Though she fights bravely she is defeated by the more experienced fighter. Nonetheless Uron says that he is the clan-leaders’ son and that Sahri could become an honorary member of the tribe if she wished to by proving her strength in The Dune Sea.
During the night, the group all see The Seer, appearing as a beautiful moon elf in a Robe of Stars say:
“Long have I watched over Ahlim, guiding it and protecting it from harm. Many have been suspicious of me or have doubted my commitment to good. These doubts will now be laid to rest, as I ascend to the lofty company of The Annerians. Some call me The Star Mother, some call me The Moon Sage, some call me She Who Warned, but know, I am sister to Meridar, to Eldemar, to Sulgastor. Many of you already worship me, and soon you shall have mighty temples in which to seek my wisdom. I offer you, the public of Ahlim, the name Nyx with which to call me. Although a more suitable name may appear in time.
A being known as Lady Midnight is rising, and she is as much of a threat as The Demonlords who are now amassing. Combat her agents where you can, root out corruption, cruelty, and ill-will wherever it may be. Know that The Angels we lost two decades ago are reborn, and are allying against the threats facing us. As I prophesised, an alliance of six angels will help us defeat The Cruel Demonlords who are now plotting against us. Though The Anathema are fearsome, their time will soon be up, for their opposites will smite them and scatter their dust into the void.
The times ahead of us will be difficult, Ahlim has not been in such peril since Calamity befell Rzeka, Vecna beset freedom, and The Cruel Dragons of yesteryear assaulted The West. However, as I have said across millennia, Ahlim’s people are strong, they are wise, and they are brave. We will weather our present peril, and many others to come.”

She then transforms into an enormous humanoid woman seemingly made of The Night Sky and the dream ends.
The next day the streets are filled with excited and worshipping people celebrating The Seers ascension. Sahri and Ghesh utilise the College of Abjuration to transport themselves to Kodoma in Berapi. The pair meet a woman named Annua Mountain-friend who says she’ll take them to The Storm Church. The trio make their way to the enormous church and see it filled with followers of Ajaakor and tapestries and murals depicting heroes, artifacts, and important events of Ajaakor’s church. The pair are introduced to the mortal head of Ajaakor’s church, Rava Storm-Blood who is a Spellscale just like Ghesh. She tells the group of the threat of The Princes of Elemental Evil who are stirring up trouble in the elemental planes and also praises The Warriors of The West for the good they have done.
The pair then travel out of the city to see The Thorn King who is reclining in an enormous tent. They see him, flanked by the two Nemorian Tigers, resting on a throne. He tells Sahri and Ghesh about how he has defeated many foes in his long life and that he expects that Akundin will be his final resting place. He says that his name is Mortimus and tells Sahri that an old knight named Azzai is in Rzeka and wishes the group to aid him in defeating the vampires. Morty describes the three Bloodlords of the vampires: Atherzai, Stritheroi, and Tolichlachen. Sahri swears that she shall aid Azzai and she and Ghesh return to the city to reunite with Ghesh’s family. His family seem to have heard of some of their son’s endeavors and seem very proud of him. His siblings say that their training is going well and Sahri and Ghesh travel back to Hasamidat to meet the rest of the group.
Rey has a meeting with The Angel of Curiosity and shows him her transcription of Cunning and Subterfuge. She explains that she intends to combat Evangeliza and Selim tells her that Sinan Aureal-Artis wishes to hire The Warriors of The West for an expedition. H says that when she returns she will be granted access to The Day I Slew Death.
The group soon meet up with Salazar The Ship Captain and Sinan The Scholar to begin heir journey to Whenua, to the south.


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