Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 107
The Anathema

Having prepared for the coming ritual and gained the assistance of their angelic brethren, the party begin. The anathematic gems begin to orbit the Sphere of Annihilation and they start to crack. As the gems break, shadows pour out of them, forming into Avatars of The Anathema. The avatar of Vitha takes the form of a huge snake, with multiple heads, the avatar of Piro a shadow dragon, and Satief as a gargantuan, vicious centipede. The group begin to attack them, weathering their maddening, fearful presence. Vitha says that she made Rakshasa who she is, Piro says that Tsuki will pay for her meddling, and Satief says that Sahri, Angel of Fire made the wrong decision by turning away from him. Piro is the first to be defeated, as their form is rent in two by Rey and temporarily seems to show portals to other planes of existence. One is an enormous prison and the other is a dark series of tunnels. Vitha is Hurled through Hell by Rakshasa, temporarily disappearing into her gem. When Vitha reappears she is destroyed, seeming to vanish into the Demiplane of Dread.
Satief rampages through the group, devouring Alucard, then Sahri, Angel of Fire, followed by Rey, and finally Rakshasa. Inside Satief, grasping skinless arms grab at those inside, preventing from them from escaping. Ghesh and The Spectre are the only ones not swallowed and still conscious and cautiously harry Satief. Rey weathers the attacks against her, reviving Rakshasa. Sahri, however, pulls herself free from Satief. She states that she made the right choice and slices Satief down the middle, freeing rey, Rakshasa, and the remains of Alucard. Satief is destroyed, revealing a volcano filled with fortresses and a series of metallic cubes floating through nothingness.
As the final avatar of The Anathema is destroyed the gems disappear into the sphere, disintegrating. The Sphere then implodes, leaving discolouration on the ground underneath it. The angels cheer and help restore the party to health.
With this act the group have prevented Zehan the Destroyer from ever awakening.

Session 106
The Ritual of Annihilation

Alucard, knowing he’s in danger of having his soul stolen, uses Dimension Door to escape The Void Reaper’s Grasp. The two remaining Bodaks pelt Rey and Ghesh with arrows, bringing them close to death. The Void Reaper absorbs the Spirit Queens’energy to replenish his own, after a series of attacks from Ghesh and The Spectre. Rakshasa falls and is risen many times, managing to deal damage with spells between bouts of unconsciousness. She manages to use Hurl Through Hell on The Void Reaper, who returns to a flurry of attacks, destroying his form. His minions continue to fight, but with their leader gone, they don’t prove much of a challenge.
The group investigate Blackrazor and realize it is a powerful sentient weapon that contains Sahri, Angel of Fire and Tsuki‘s soul. They discover that only a Wish Spell can free the souls trapped within, but they can’t figure out how they would destroy the sword.
The group rest, and the unnatural shadows disappear from the walls of the fortress. After she’s recuperated her strength, Rey frees Sahri and Tsuki’s souls from the sword. Ghesh then restores them to life, sealing the wounds in their chests.
The Spectre sees to the masterless Sphere of Annihilation and gains control of it, with the help of the Talisman of The Sphere. The group realise they’ve assembled all the components necessary to defeat The Anathema and call upon their Spelljamming ship to bring them hastily to The World Council.
They travel to the uninhabited Salisan Badlands and with the help of Vishkanya, as well as their fellow angels they prepare the ritual taught to them by Khalida aka Lady Midnight aka Tiamat.
Rey and The Spectre deduce that it will enable them to defeat The Anathema but may have strange consequences, such as summoning Fiends, altering the landscape, or creating a huge release of energy. Nevertheless, with their Angelic allies bolstering them and performing the ritual, the party prepare to fight whatever methods The Anathema use to defend themselves.

Session 105
The Void Reaper

Rakshasa blasts down the doors and the group see a chamber full of swirling spirits and The Void Reaper lying slumped against an altar. Blackrazor is embedded in his chest and a Sphere of Annihilation is hovering behind him, like a dark halo. The swirling mist coalesces into the form of Lamassu, the Sphinx of Suphinhotep. The Void Reaper pulls Blackrazor out of his chest and floats to his feet.
A harsh and lengthy battle begins, with Sahri, Angel of Fire and Tsuki rush into the room, and it immediately begins to sap their strength. The rest of the group stay outside and are attacked by the enslaved spirit of Lamassu, who roars at them. Bodaks appear out of small alcoves, bearing down on Sahri and Tsuki. The spirits of a long-dead king and queen also appear, sucking away Sahri’s Vitality. The Void Reaper Curses Sahri and begins to slash at her with Blackrazor. Rey, having transformed into a dragon, engages the rogue sphinx. Sahri is stabbed through the chest after a vicious but short fight and her soul is stolen from her. Her lifeless body drops to the ground. The bodaks and spirit monarchs turn on the rest of the group. The Void Reaper, transferring his curse to Ghesh begins to target the cleric. Tsuki falls unconscious, and The Spectre, seeing the battle turning against them, teleports the group some distance away. Tsuki too, has her soul taken, and the rest of the party attempt to hastily recuperate.
Facing down a narrow corridor, the group ready their defenses, knowing that their foes are rapidly approaching. Lamassu appears first, but is frozen in place by fear due to Rey. The spirits and bodaks appear next, but are stunned by The Spectre. Finally, The Void Reaper appears, throwing Eldritch Blasts at a barrier built by The Spectre and at the party members.
The battle moves into the middle of the corrider, centred on Rey’s Dragon form. The Void Reaper knocks Ghesh and Rakshasa unconscious and knocks Rey out of her dragon form. When he begins to suffer injuries he absorbs the spirits of his followers, reducing the size of his entourage but replenishing his strength.

Session 104
The Shadows in the Walls

As the group begin to rest, a large bodak ascends a set of stairs and begins to attack them. From the wall behind the party several angelic spirits appear, unfortunately enslaved by The Void Reaper. From the shadowy gap in the corridor a shadow Behir pulls itself free, before breathing lightning-infused darkness at the group. As each angel is defeated it thanks the party for ending its pain. Ghesh finally manages to destroy the behir but brings part of the fortress down on top of himself in doing so.
The group finish their rest and proceed down further into the fortress. The darkness in the walls attacks them, draining their vitality. Soon though, the unnatural darkness begins to fade, seemingly retreating further into the ruin. The party then come across an old, sturdy set of double doors. The doors have images of Lamassu, the guardian of Suphinhotep on them. Tsuki, using her Truesight looks into the chamber ahead of them, seeing that it’s filled with dark spirits and at least one Bodak. Sahri, Angel of Fire attempts to open the doors and The Void Reaper begins to speak in a rasping, aged voice. Alucard asks the rest of the group what they know about The Void Reaper, and Rey and The Spectre explain as best they can.
They recall that The Void Reaper wields the legendary sword Blackrazor and has command over a Sphere of Annihilation, which they require to defeat The Anathema.
They remember that The Void Reaper rampaged through Suphinhotep many centuries ago and killed Lamassu, it’s ruler. He was supposedly an elvish warrior-mage at one point although he is likely something much worse now.

Session 103
The Lost Souls

The group heal one another on the stairs, in the wake of the Bodak’s assault. The ceiling above them gives way, bludgeoning them with debris and forcing them deeper into the fortress. They see that black mist is seeping from the cracks in the walls, pooling about their feet. Tsuki goes ahead to explore, noticing that whispers are coming from the black mist, in a chorus of languages she doesn’t recognise. She sees one of the escaped Bodaks up ahead, leaning into the mist, seemingly listening to it. A shadow forms behind Tsuki, speaking in a sad and regretful tone. It follows her back to the group, and is soon joined by many more shadowy figures. The Spectre speaks telepathically to the shadows, realisng they are slaves to the one who killed them and took their souls, The Void Reaper. He also realises that this place has been sealed from travel and communication. The group’s only way out is to defeat The Void Reaper, who supposedly dwells deep within the fortress. Another group of shadows appear, and these ones speak common. They seem to be the victims of The Void Reaper’s assault on Suphinhotep several centuries ago. Sahri, Angel of Fire notices that the shadows are fearful of Abyssal, recoiling when they hear it. Rakshasa is soon attacked by the Cleonese shadows, though they apologise, saying that they don’t want to do this.
A wearying fight begins, with the shadows draining the parties’ vitality from them. A second Bodak manifests from a shadowy gap in the wall and shoots at Sahri. When Sahri attempts to attack it, it disappears. Rey harries the shadows with spells and Tsuki pierces them with bolts. Alucard and Ghesh almost succumb to the strength draining affect of the shadows before they are finally destroyed. The group explore a series of nearby rooms, finding some old treasures, as well as a rune covered sword that quickly fades to mist.

Session 102
The Anathematic Gem

Demogorgon mocks the group, saying that they were fools to challenge The Prince of Demons, as he strikes at The Spectre and Sahri, Angel of Fire. Sahri, briefly dominated by Demogorgon, attacks Rey, knocking her unconscious. Rakshasa revives her quickly, however. Eventually Rey casts Wish, undoing Caiphon’s previous Wish. This rapidly drains the vitality from the parties’ foes, hastening their defeat. Caiphon and Demogorgon seem on the brink of death, until the red Anathematic Gem inside Demogorgon rises to the surface, infusing it’s host with angry red light. The voice of Satief echoes through the room, demanding that the combantants fight in Satief’s favoured form of melee. Only Rey manages to resist this call, everyone else is forced to resort to melee weapons, losing access to their other abilities. Demogorgon swells in size and Caiphon summons the rusted Anathematic Scythe. Nonetheless Vannakun is defeated, disappearing in a burst of flame. The other Balor is permanently destroyed, perishing in fire. Caiphon is also killed, his scythe disappearing into dust.
Soon the group is fighting only Demogorgon, emboldened by Satief’s power. Rey manages to Disintegrate him, and the Anathematic Gem falls to the floor beside Rakshasa and Tsuki‘s unconscious bodies. Rey realise that neither Vannakun or Demogorgon were truly killed, and that they were saved by their Demonic Talismans. The Spectre revives the fallen group members and Sahri places the Red Anathematic Gem into a Bag of Holding. The group, now in possession of all three Anathematic Gems, decide to go find a Sphere of Annihilation to destroy them. Ghesh teleports the party to their fortress, where Rey finds out the book she co-authored: "The Lifeweaver’s Legacy" has been published.
The group then travel to Suphinhotep and begin the three day walk to Rey’s fortress, and the final resting place of The Void Reaper and his sword Blackrazor.
The group arrive at an overhang near the fortress and see that it’s overgrown with vines and virtually crumbling. Sahri dives into one of the towers and collapses it. The masonry falls on her and she rolls down a ruined flight of stairs into the depths of the building. She comes face to face with several Bodaks, which begin to attack her. The group, sprouting their angelic wings, fly through the ruins to help her. Several of the Bodaks are destroyed and the rest disappear into the darkness below.

session 101
The Gaping Maw

The group purchase some of Sir Seillesmanne’s holy symbols in payment for his services. He promises to lead them to Demogorgon’s palace and the group begin on their way. The group soon hear a group of demons approaching and attempt to hide. Unfortunately Rakshasa, Sahri, Angel of Fire, and Sir Seillesmanne are spotted by the creatures. A battle begins, with the rest of the group leaping out of hiding to strike the Nalfhesnees, Barlgura, and Goristros. The demons all have two heads, which the goristro in particular are able to use to great effect. Rakshasa is knocked unconscious and Sir Seillesmanne is seemingly killed, disappearing in a flash of lights.
The group continue on their own to the palace, finding a secret entrance into it. They sneak through the palace, avoiding several groups of demons. They see that the palace is split in two, with one side looking dark and orderly, and the other side looking bright and chaotic.
They follow a red glow to Demogorgon’s chamber, seeing Caiphon, Vannakun, and Demogorgon there. Caiphon chastises the group, saying they’ve made a mistake by attempting to take the Red Anathematic Gem.
A battle begins, with magic being cast, countered, and then cast again. Caiphon uses an epic level level spell to severely injure the party, which Ghesh then heals using Mass Heal. Rey attempts a Fire Storm, but four counterspells later, the spell fails. Demogorgon strikes out with his glowing red eyes and his sickly tentacles, stunning, dominating, and injuring the party. Vannakun flies over to Ghesh and lashes out with anger, attempting to gain vengeance on the Angel who took the Stormblade from him.

Session 100
The Spooky Session 2: Electric Boogaloo

Ghesh finds a silver key in the corpse of one of the Aboleths and retrieves it. A huge mirror appears in the water above the group, near the top of the alien spires that make up the city. Sahri, Angel of Fire and The Spectre notice strange, glowing eyed figures slowly moving towards the group, but noone else can see them. The group begin to swim towards the portal and one of the figures grabs Sahri, breaking her arm. Sahri manages to dislodge the figure though, and Ghesh fixes her arm. The group then swim into the mirror, which changes into a tunnel. In this tunnel they see disturbing visions of destruction, their loved ones in pain, and even their own deaths. The group overcome these visions though and are propelled upwards to the 88th layer of The Abyss.
They arrive on the shore of a small island, which to Rakshasa‘s delight, is covered with lime trees. The group pick some, enjoying the delicious fruits. Soon a pair of what appear to be Halflings appear, on the back of a flail snail. They say that it is All Hallow’s Evening and He In The Tree He Wants To Be desires for the group to engage in some Trick or Treating. The group has some trouble understanding the concept but soon comes around. The party are led to a small village filled with these strange Halflings. The Halflings accept gifts from the group, or drop random objects on their heads as a Trick. Initially the Halflings said they were the last of their kind, who had fled to The Abyss to escape Calamity. However it becomes clear that this is a ruse when Sahri decides to fight one. She finds that harming the Halfling doesn’t hurt it, only healing it does. It’s revealed that the ‘Halflings’ were actually Nilbogs wearing skin-suits and that they grow the limes to appease the powerful being He In The Tree He Wants To Be. The Spectre offends this being, and temporarily has his skin removed.
The mad Goblins loan the party their flail snail to take them to Demogorgon’s Palace. The flail snail is extremely fast and is inexplicably able to move across water.
The group arrive on a large island, covered in humid, primordial jungles. They begin to move towards the palace but are attacked by a trio of two-headed T-rexes. The group dispatch them quite quickly but Tsuki notices there’s a man in the fallen tree she was using for cover. The man seems to be a Paladin and offers her one of several dozen holy symbols attached to his cloak.

Session 99
The Abyss

The group continue to help the repairs and relocations that are going on across Ahlim for the last few months. Sahri researches Sky-Sunder, finding out it was forged by a woman called Sir Falconrun to defeat Zehan. Rey says that she believes they can find out how to use Sky-Sunder properly by communing with Zehan. The Spectre gives The Moaning Diamond to Suraphinon who has gained the alliance of Ayla, who was stranded in The Ethereal Plane. The Spectre discusses the fate of dead angels in Suraphinon’s afterlife system. Suraphinon says they function much the same as mortals, but they can be reborn in their home plane readily if their God is willing. Suraphinon creates Mechanus and then, with the assistance of Ghesh and The Spectre the Obsidian Pyramid of Conservation is brought into the material plane to sit atop the Diamond Pyramid of Innovation. The chaotic weather of the region begins to calm, and the material plane begins to stabilise. The party check back at their fortress and find that they’ve received several gifts in their absence. Ghesh was given several tasteful nude art pieces of Rava, The Spectre received a lavish captain’s hat from Lily-Tydes, and Sahri received some life sized penis replicas from Itenon before and after he became a pit fiend.
The group then decide to journey to The Abyss to find the red Anathematic gem of Satief. They decide to first head to the triple-realm of Azzagrat, Graz’zt’s domain.
The party arrive in the humid, extravagant palace of pain and pleasure that Graz’zt transported to The Abyss from The Shadowfell. The group are brought to Graz’zt’s audience chamber, seeing the Demonlord himself flanked by Hien the Cruel and Tasha the Dark. Graz’zt offers the party domicile and offers Rakshasa companionship.
The next day Graz’zt explains that he received the details of a teleportation circle in the 89th layer of The Abyss, immediately below Demogorgon’s layer: The Gaping Maw. The group arrive underwater in an alien Aboleth city, where they are attacked by several Aboleth at once. The Aboleth link themselves to several party members, splitting the damage they take from the group. The group kill several Aboleth and then the Aboleths retreat, leaving the group alone in this city.

Session 98
The Rebuilding

The party travel down the mountain in the wake of Father Llymic’s defeat. They take a rest in Dragonlord Mareshao’s icy lair to recover their strength and then head to the foot of the mountain. They encounter a figure attempting to pull themselves out of the snow. They help the elf and realize it’s Brutalitops the Magician who seems to have misplaced his wagon in the snow. He says he was on the way to stop The Father, but got lost in the snow. Sahri expresses doubt that Brutalitops could have stood a chance against Father Llymic. Brutalitops responds by casting an Epic Level spell on her: Power Word Wow. Brutalitops leaves and Ghesh revives Sahri, who swears revenge on Brutalitops. The party teleport to Kodoma and find it full of refugees from the wreckage of Chayundo. The party members decide to dedicate themselves to various causes over the next few months. Ghesh performs a ritual to turn Alucard into a Deva and then they both return Joan Fairhelm and Turiel Dust-Born‘s bodies to their people. The Spectre researches Minauros and collects maps of ancient Cleon. Tsuki receives Piercer, Ana’s Crossbow, as a gift from the princess. Sahri tracks down The Vengeant’s Platemail and then tracks down Brutalitops. Rakshasa mostly just parties.
Eventually The Seer returns and gathers the party members together to ask about what has happened. She scolds them on their decisions, saying that they wasted almost a month while thousands were dying from the cold. Sahri asks if she could talk to her about Sky-Sunder and The Seer says she will later.
Rey is eventually resurrected, and hugs The Seer and visits Gerald, her griffin. She reunites with the party and calls a World Council. She comes up with a plan of action to get rid of the unseasonal snow and ice involving the elemental planes of water and fire. The gathered people aren’t particularly impressed with the Warriors of the West but seem receptive to Rey’s plans. Rey and Celestia have become Martyrs of sorts after word of their sacrifice spread. Meridar is supposedly going to name her heaven Mt Celestia, after her angel and The Seer is going to name hers Reynarium. The group find out that The Void-Reaper’s final resting place seems to be Rey’s fortress in southern Cleon. This is where the group should find The Sphere of Annihilation as well as Blackrazor.
As those assembled get ready to disperse, Tiamat appears, with a large retinue of devilish, demonic, undead, and other followers. She hands over the Moaning Diamond, which Ereshkigal used to create Irkalla, The Underworld. Lord Patros, Alloces, and Asmodeus are present, as is the woman Ghesh briefly saw in Cania. The Corspemaster has changed from an undead form to a devilish form and now sprouts an enormous pair of horns. Several of those present have new forms and new name such as Mephistopheles, Moloch, and Dispater.
Rey speaks to Tiamat and tells her that she will soon fall to those in whom she has placed her trust. Rey also says that Calee and Hiromi willingly parted before and that perhaps they should have tried harder to stay together. Tiamat is initially dismissive of Rey’s statements but begins to grow angry, demanding Rey be silent. Rey departs and Mephistopheles and Asmodeus speak to Tiamat, calming her down. The party ask if she knows where the red Anathematic Gem is. She says it’s probably with Caiphon in Demogorgon’s layer of The Abyss: The Gaping Maw.


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