Profane Legacy

Session 94
The Vicious Cold

The party travel back to the warcamp and are given a tent by a group of soldiers. That night Tsuki hears a figure pacing outside their tent. She looks out and sees Father Llymic, who smiles at her and beckons her to follow him. She does, and he leads her out of the warcamp into the thick fog rolling in from the east. She follows for a short time before deciding to turn back. Father Llymic grows angry and insistently beckons for her to follow him. She doesn’t and he screams at her silently, and his jaw cracks open to reveal rows of icy dagger-like teeth before disappearing.
The group wake up that morning to a silent, frozen over warcamp. The soldiers outside froze to death during the night, and so did hundreds of others. Maldrana IV orders the survivors to flee south, to warmer climates. Ghesh messages Joan Fairhelm and Turiel Dust-Born to find out what’s happening east and receives only garbled messages speaking of hordes of crystalline ice-creatures.
The party set out east to the Auroran and Dust-Born forces there. On the way they battle a small group of ice creatures, who resemble Lord Blue-eyes’s final form. These creatures were once humans, dwarves, and elves, and their internal organs are visible beneath their icy skin.
As they arrive at a central war-camp they meet a ranger named Quest with her huge wolf. Quest tells them about the Brood Spawn, insectoid, crystalline ice monsters spawned by Father Llymic. Several of these Brood Spawn attack the group and Quest tells the group they should go north and rescue Joan, or go south and rescue Turiel. The group decide on the third option: Racing to Father Llymic. Quest and the group part ways and they head to a pass which will lead them into the mountains. They rest for the night and the echoing sounds of battle to the north and south stop, leaving them in silence. In the morning they awaken to two grisly signs: The bloodstained holy symbol of Joan and a dead sand-elf wearing Turiel’s mask.
The party continue on and begin to make their way up a mountain, following a path of hoof-prints. The group find numerous signs of previous habitation by human barbarian tribes, however all the villages are abandoned. They trek through an open field of snow, through brutal cold.

Session 95
The Angels of Winter

Along the way they encounter several roving bands of Brood Spawn and dispatch them without too much trouble. However they can feel that they’re being followed. Alucard builds an igloo for the group so they can rest for the night in relative safety from the raging blizzard. However, their rest is interrupted by Tsuki being knocked unconscious by someone outside. The group ready for a fight and move outside, finding several Brood Spawn who were once Aurorans as well as the frozen, corrupted form of Joan. A fight begins as Joan accuses the group of betraying her and attacks with the ice-covered Morningstar of Meridar. An Auroran casts Planeshift on Ghesh, who is sent to the 8th layer of the Nine Hells that are in construction: Cania. He sees a blizzard around him, lit from within by blue flame. In the distance he sees a frozen fortress and a beautiful, devilish woman approaching him. He planeshifts back to the icy fields of Svoren but ends up about a kilometre from the group. The party defeat several of the Aurorans and then Joan falls, thanking the group for freeing her from Father Llymic. However, a living blizzard appears, flanked by several Brood Spawn sand elves. The living Blizzard manifests as Brood Spawn Turiel and accuses Sahri of betraying him. Turiel withdraws his Topaz Greatsword from his icy form and begins to slash mercilessly at the party. Sahri and Rakshasa are soon dead and Alucard is barely keeping conscious. Ghesh contacts The Spectre, telling him he’s on the way. The Spectre teleports Alucard away from the igloo and meets up with Ghesh. They then return to the igloo, finding that each of their companion’s bodies have been taken away. Ghesh uses locate creature to track down Turiel, who is flying towards the east, along the path the group have been following. They catch up to him and engage in another battle, finally defeating him. He apologizes for what he was forced to do and drops the bodies of Tsuki, Sahri, and Rakshasa as well as his greatsword. Ghesh ressurects his dead companions and then the group rests near the bottom of a huge mountain shrouded in fog.
Rey has several dreams during her regeneration process, many are happy but some are strange. She has recurring dreams of an elderly warrior-woman digging graves in dead, grey earth. At one point Rey sees her stitching a pattern that resembles battle-armour. Then Rey hears deranged and animalistic screeching and the woman picks up a rough-looking bone axe and rushes towards the source of the sounds.

Session 96
The Frozen Mountain

The party build an igloo at the foot of an enormous mist and blizzard shrouded mountain. The group finally enjoy a long rest and The Spectre works on his Epic Immortal Discipline: Sprectral Juggernaut. The party hear a magical fight happening up the mountain and a wayward meteor strikes the party. The well constructed igloo survives, giving credit to its creator Alucard. The group move up the mountain, and find a panicking horse that was leaving the hoofprints they’ve been following. The horse is Jack, Azzainen‘s warhorse. The group proceed up the path, reaching a snow-covered plateau. Amidst the ice are frozen figures and they find Azzainen, broken and dying. A small, undead mage casts Storm of Vengeance on the party from atop a ruined temple. Azzainen says that they’re Jillian High-Hill reborn, and Jillian High-Hill says that Father Llymic has given her new life and purpose. With her are two Broodspawn Ogres and two Broodspawn Giants who throw rubble and breathe ice on the group. Ghesh and Sahri fly over to Jillian and attack her, while she spits and curses at them. They soon defeat her and she thanks the party for freeing her from Father Llymic’s influence. Once Jillian is defeated Azzainen joins the fight, his will restored, and he begins to smite the Brood Spawn. One of the ogres leaps upon Alucard and knocks him unconscious but is then soon defeated by the rest of the group. Azzainen says that if Jillian has risen than Mareshao certainly has too. He promises to assist the party until Mareshao is defeated. The party continues up the mountainside, coming across several Broodspawn Giants, including one with several insectoid heads, chittering maddeningly. Two of the Broodspawn giants pull out large longbows and begin to fire at the party, while The Spectre transposes with the insectoid giant, pushing it off the bridge. However it soon sprouts wings and flies back up. It slams back down onto the bridge and almost knocks the party off of it. The group, with Azzainen’s help manage to defeat these large Broodspawn however, and continue up the path. They see a huge black ice pillar stretching high into the sky above, several winged dragonborn Broodspawn crawling across its surface. They hear a roar and huge wing beats from up above and the top of the pillar falls on top of the group, injuring several of them. Ghesh flies up to attack some flying Broodspawn and Azzainen teleports up to the pillar to attack some of the crawling Broodspawn. Mareshao the Elder White Broodspawn Dracolich swoops down and breathes necrotic, icy, breath down on the party. Azzainen jumps onto her back and begins to attack her, Ghesh and Sahri also strike at her. Eventually they defeat her, Ghesh exploding her rib cage and The Spectre throwing The Bronze Trident through the remains of its chest into its spine. The beast collapses, half its body falling off the cliffside. Azzainen pulls her phylactery out of her chest and steps on it, crushing the icy blue gem. He says his quest is complete and he wishes the group luck, and gives his Sword of Sharpness to Sahri, who thanks him. The group proceed up the path, finding a large icy cavern, which seems to have been Mareshao’s lair. Azzainen seems to have lived here for some time and the group realise this is the legendary site of Mareshao’s first death. They also find a small treasure hoard which includes The White Dragon Mask, an important historical artifact. They rest here for a short while before making their final ascent to the mountain peak.
Up ahead of them is a black ice glacier upon which there is several Broodspawn. Ghesh tests out the unnatural fog to see if it would be safer than the glacier and determines it’s not, giving him a chill in his soul. The group fight their way up to the next platform, a black ice field upon which approximately two hundred Broodspawn seem to be silently praying. The group move between these immobile figures and fly up another small cliff.
They see a field of black ice in front of them with seven pillars protruding from it. In between these is Father Llymic’s elderly elvish form. He greets the group, telling them his victory is at hand and that it’s not too late to join him. One by one the pillars crack and tumble over and the group see several Broodspawn Tribal leaders approach, one wielding an axe, one wielding a staff, and one wielding a crossbow. Ghesh tries to prevent the last of the pillars from breaking, but fails. Father Llymic laughs and the ice cracks open, unearthing a huge, rotund praying mantis-like giant. The Elvish form fades and Father Llymic’s true form continues the laughter, deep and terrible.

Session 97
The Father's Doom

Father Llymic laughs as he rises from the black ice and mocks the party for confronting him in earnest. He breathes devastating ice over the group, harshly wounding them. His Broodspawn Lieutenants attack Ghesh and Tsuki, Feebleminding Ghesh. Sahri rushes up to Father Llymic and swings furiously with her Sword of Sharpness. Father Llymic strikes back with his enormous praying-mantis claws, quickly killing Sahri in retaliation. Rakshasa flies around his periphery, avoiding his icy weapons and blasting him with spells. She falls to his lieutenants, however and freezes to death amidst the black ice. Tsuki shoots Father Llymic and he responds by inflicting his pain upon her, which knocks her unconscious. He seizes control of The Spectre temporarily and uses his psionic abilities to heal himself and attack Alucard. Alucard is soon killed as well, falling to the icy aura that surrounds Father Llymic. Ghesh kills the Broodspawn mage who hurt him and then calls down the Divine Intervention of Ajaakor to cure his Feeblemind condition. The Broodspawn who were down below begin to climb up the cliff-face toawrds the party. The first of them arrive and begin to attack the party from behind. Ghesh then heals Sahri, himself, and Tsuki back to full hitpoints. Father Llymic dominates Tsuki next and uses her to attack her teammates. Ghesh blasts Father Llymic with his epic level spell: Overwhleming Smite, severly wounding the Elder Evil. Ghesh then strikes Father Llymic with his Booming Blade, destroying his form. Father Llymic cries in pain and anger, saying that this can’t be and that he’s waited too long to fail now. Nonetheless, his form shatters and then melts, and his screaming spirit flees into the sky, inflicting some final, mind-searing wounds on the party.
The Broodspawn flee in terror as their creator is destroyed and the group celebrate their well-earned victory over Ahlim’s Elder Evil.

Session 98
The Rebuilding

The party travel down the mountain in the wake of Father Llymic’s defeat. They take a rest in Dragonlord Mareshao’s icy lair to recover their strength and then head to the foot of the mountain. They encounter a figure attempting to pull themselves out of the snow. They help the elf and realize it’s Brutalitops the Magician who seems to have misplaced his wagon in the snow. He says he was on the way to stop The Father, but got lost in the snow. Sahri expresses doubt that Brutalitops could have stood a chance against Father Llymic. Brutalitops responds by casting an Epic Level spell on her: Power Word Wow. Brutalitops leaves and Ghesh revives Sahri, who swears revenge on Brutalitops. The party teleport to Kodoma and find it full of refugees from the wreckage of Chayundo. The party members decide to dedicate themselves to various causes over the next few months. Ghesh performs a ritual to turn Alucard into a Deva and then they both return Joan Fairhelm and Turiel Dust-Born‘s bodies to their people. The Spectre researches Minauros and collects maps of ancient Cleon. Tsuki receives Piercer, Ana’s Crossbow, as a gift from the princess. Sahri tracks down The Vengeant’s Platemail and then tracks down Brutalitops. Rakshasa mostly just parties.
Eventually The Seer returns and gathers the party members together to ask about what has happened. She scolds them on their decisions, saying that they wasted almost a month while thousands were dying from the cold. Sahri asks if she could talk to her about Sky-Sunder and The Seer says she will later.
Rey is eventually resurrected, and hugs The Seer and visits Gerald, her griffin. She reunites with the party and calls a World Council. She comes up with a plan of action to get rid of the unseasonal snow and ice involving the elemental planes of water and fire. The gathered people aren’t particularly impressed with the Warriors of the West but seem receptive to Rey’s plans. Rey and Celestia have become Martyrs of sorts after word of their sacrifice spread. Meridar is supposedly going to name her heaven Mt Celestia, after her angel and The Seer is going to name hers Reynarium. The group find out that The Void-Reaper’s final resting place seems to be Rey’s fortress in southern Cleon. This is where the group should find The Sphere of Annihilation as well as Blackrazor.
As those assembled get ready to disperse, Tiamat appears, with a large retinue of devilish, demonic, undead, and other followers. She hands over the Moaning Diamond, which Ereshkigal used to create Irkalla, The Underworld. Lord Patros, Alloces, and Asmodeus are present, as is the woman Ghesh briefly saw in Cania. The Corspemaster has changed from an undead form to a devilish form and now sprouts an enormous pair of horns. Several of those present have new forms and new name such as Mephistopheles, Moloch, and Dispater.
Rey speaks to Tiamat and tells her that she will soon fall to those in whom she has placed her trust. Rey also says that Calee and Hiromi willingly parted before and that perhaps they should have tried harder to stay together. Tiamat is initially dismissive of Rey’s statements but begins to grow angry, demanding Rey be silent. Rey departs and Mephistopheles and Asmodeus speak to Tiamat, calming her down. The party ask if she knows where the red Anathematic Gem is. She says it’s probably with Caiphon in Demogorgon’s layer of The Abyss: The Gaping Maw.


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