New Racial Options

New Race

Spellscales are the unusual result from the union of a Dragonborn and human or elf. They share traits with both ancestors and are known for being uncommonly gifted with magic. Usually the shared ancestry manifests as a large human or elvish form with discontinuous scaling and reptilian eyes. Typically shunned in Dragonborn society, Spellscales often end up living amongst their non-dragonborn ancestors in Berapi, Wanitas, or occasionally, Nuin.
Size: Your size is medium.
Ability Score Increase: Your Wisdom Score increases by 2.
Damage resistance: you have damage resistance related to your draconic origin.
Natural armour: You have natural armour of 11+ Dex when not wearing armour.
Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common and your choice of Primordial or Draconic.

Half Elf Subrace
Ability Score Increase: Your Dexterity Score increases by 1.
Fey Ancestry
Proficient in perception

Half-human Subrace
A Feat of your choice

New Sub-races

Sand Elves
Sand Elves are the tall, dark denizens of the dune sea and the south-eastern foothills of Salisa. Sand Elves are amongst the tallest of any race with skin that ranges from olive to dark brown, their hair is typically white or blonde and their eyes are often amber, green, or grey. They are known for their hardy, resourceful nature, and their respect for the natural world. They exist as many clans, each led by a powerful warrior, mage, or thinker. The most notable clans are: The Stone-Striders, The Gold-Eyes, The Dust-Born, The True-Spears, and The Sky-Watchers.
Ability Score Increase: Your Constitution Score increases by 1.
Sand Elf Weapon Training: you have proficiency with Scimitars, Spears, Slings, and Javelins.
Fleet of Foot: Your base walking speed increases to 35ft.
Desert Walker: You are considered adapted to hot climates as outlined in chapter 5 of the DMG.
Born Under The Light: You have resistance to Radiant damage.

Wild Elves
The Wild Elves of Berapi inhabit the forests, hills, and even volcanic regions of western Akundin. They are a fierce and passionate people, emboldened by their proximity to The Elemental Planes and the eastern empire of the Dragonlords. They are larger than many elves with skin that ranges from fair to medium brown with typically black or brown hair. They often have to repel skirmishes from both The West and The East and as such, the warrior classes are greatly encouraged amongst them. Their capital of Kodoma is ruled by Ajaakor’s Triad, his chosen representatives on The Mortal Plane.
Ability Score Increase: Your Strength Score increases by 1.
Wild Elf Weapon Training: you have proficiency with Handaxes, Battleaxes, Shortbows, and Clubs.
Relentless Endurance: When you are reduced to 0 hit points but not killed outright, you can drop to 1 hit point instead. You can’t use this feature again until you finish a long rest.

New Racial Options

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