Steel-clad knights march under a bright sun through cobbled streets. A noble warrior clutches a holy symbol as they patrol the border of a forsaken corner of the world. A silver-haired mage peruses histories from millennia past in a stately tower. A cloaked figure listens at the door of a secret meeting between two cultists. A humble peasant feels wonder as a figure robed in stars whispers prophecies to them. A circle of figures chant words of power to a being all but forgotten by the world.
art by Valentin Rekuneko

Ahlim is a world of beauty, where harmony and good-will are paramount. The folk of this world look to The Gods for guidance, and each other for support in societies that are, for the most part, peaceful. The great churches of The Annerians are the law of the land and unite people across the world. Magic and Religion are the most powerful forces in Ahlim and they have the power to bind communities together, or tear them apart. In the wilder places of the world, however, twisted, malicious creatures roam. Where the light of civilisation fades, the darkness of Necromancy, Witchcraft, and other abominable things reigns.

The Party
Ghesh, Rakshasa, Rey, Sahri, The Spectre, and Tsuki are The Warriors of The West. They’re a group of adventurers who resolved an interplanar controversy, slew Hadar Reborn, captured a dangerous assassin, ventured into the underdark to stop a foul mage, drove the gnolls from the Salisan Badlands, retrieved a legendary weapon, and thwarted the vampires of the east…

Banner Image by Aleksi Briclot