Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Season 28

The Darklake

Spending the night in the secret chamber, Ana reveals that the blade she retrieved is her families ancestral longsword: The Moonblade of House Gemflower. Ana gives Tsuki a magical heavy crossbow and promises to help her refine her technique in the future. Rakshasa prays to Graz’zt in her own way, while Rey reads about the history of Salisa, specifically: the war between Vecna and Kas. The group hear Ogres moving about outside frantically, apparently fleeing before the oncoming military assault.

Ghesh has a dream where he is moving angrily through The Underdark with an angelic warrior beside them. The pair are fighting an assailant who is striking them with a fiery blade and powerful magic. Ghesh’s angelic companion, defeated, drops their weapon, resigned to their fate as they are turned to stone. Ghesh strikes angrily with a crackling axe with a head that glows with electricity, but their attacks are parried by the wielder of the fiery blade. Ghesh begins to turn to stone and the dream ends as the pommel of the blade is smashed into his face.
The group continue the next morning, moving through the now mostly abandoned fortress. The group see thousands of ogres fleeing the city, moving towards Undillivek. The party travel north, finding blue divination crystals underneath an overhang when they stop to rest.
The continue to the waterfalls that will take them to the lower level of The Underdark. The Spectre spots a familiar human looking out over the waterfall, circling him slowly are three Flumphs. The human introduces themselves as Chen, Who Sees, and says he is in The Underdark to foil the plans of those who would do harm. He says he stopped cultists of The Red Spider enacting a dark ritual on a Nemorian spider, which The Spectre recalls as what he saw during his dream. Chen says that Rahn is an enemy of The White Swan, his master, who he says lives in Lassiades, Rzeka. The flumphs seem to like the group and let themselves be petted. They display particular interest in The Spectre and Tsuki, and say that their mother is big, bright, and beautiful, and that they love her. Chen tells the group that although Rahn is gifted with Arcana magic, he rejected the path of the psionicist. The two groups part ways, but two of the three flumphs, Xel and Uri, decide to stay with the group.
The party descend the falls, but upon reaching the bottom are struck by strange living stalagtites, who are soon killed by the group. After the rest Ana says the group will have to row across The Darklake in her Foldable Boat. Rakshasa complains about having to row, so Ana puts her immediately on rowing duty. Rey decides to try out her Polymorph spell, shifting into a giant shark to pull the boat along. The Spectre decides to steer the boat, using his experience as a pirate.
The boat is soon attacked by large manta-like Cloakers, that let out a terrifying moaning sound as they approach. One envelopes The Spectre and is soon stuck to him by Ana’s crossbow bolts as it dies. The other cloaker envelopes Ghesh but is soon killed and pushed into the lake. After the fight The Spectre tells Ana off for her reckless shooting, and Ana apologizes.
Continuing on, the boat hits some rocks beneath the surface, throwing Tsuki, Ana, Sahri, and Rakshasa overboard. Soon, large, pincered insects known as Chuul arrive and attack the group. They poison Ghesh and Rakshasa and one of them drags Rakshasa underwater as it dies. Tsuki dives to down to rescue her, while Sahri walks across the surface of the water using her Ring of Water-walking.



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