Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 109

The Ruler of The Nine Hells

Rakshasa communicates with Graz’zt, saying she’s going to kill Invadiah, the ruler of the Sixth layer, and that she’s considering taking her place. Graz’zt says he does indeed want Invadiah dead, but does not wish Rakshasa to be apart from him. Rakshasa agrees to stay in The Abyss, with Graz’zt who says he’s claimed the title of Prince of Demons. He says that when Rakshasa returns from her mission she will become a Demonlord, and the Demon Queen of the Succubi. Sahri decides that the group need this bargain, and for the greater good, she will take up Baalphegor’s deal, and become ruler of the first layer, Avernus.
The party have a Heroes’ Feast before they go to the Nine Hells and some art is made of this historical event. Ajaakor and Und appear to bolster the party before their fateful day. Und seems upset that Sahri, Angel of Fire is going to become a fallen angel and an Archdevil. He places a hand on Sahri’s shoulder and says that the only thing less tolerable than Sahri’s betrayal is Tiamat, so he supposes he will live with the outcome of tomorrow. The Outsider makes an appearance, granting Tsuki good luck. The Seer gives final power and knowledge to the group, wishing Rey good luck, casting True Polymorph on Alucard, and granting Sahri Foresight and the knowledge of how to use Sky-Sunder for its intended purpose.
The group then move to another room so that Sahri can sign Baalphegor’s contract in the presence of Asmodeus.
The group are then brought to Cania by Baalphegor, into the ice fortress of Mephistar. Baalphegor briefly explains that she’s a Baatorian, a being that is an extension of the plane itself, not the same as the Devils that Tiamat populated this place with. As such, she has an understanding of the fabric of the Plane that Tiamat lacks. She pulls the party into the earth, and then pulls them upwards to the sixth layer, Malbolge. The group emerge into the prison-fortress of Invadiah, the fallen angel. To Baalphegor’s surpiseTsuki manages to briefly merge with the plane again, emerging from the wall to use Deathstrike on a surprised Invadiah. The group spring on her and her fallen angelic followers, much to Invadiah’s anger and confusion. Chains in the room come to life to grapple the party while the angels fire arrows and unleash torturous attacks on them. Rakshasa finally plunges Wave of Sorrows down Invadiah’s throat, permanently killing the Archdevil, and gaining revenge for her betrayal of Graz’zt.
The party are then brought back to Cania by Baalphegor, she says her part is over and that the group must succeed. They move on into Nessus and are confronted by a group of Pit-Fiends loyal to Asmodeus who say they’ll assist in getting the group to Malsheem, Tiamat’s fortress. The group begin to fly there, but soon become aware that Tiamat has noticed their presence. The pit fiends pick up their pace as the devils loyal to Tiamat begin to muster a defence against the heroes. Fireballs begin to strike at the party before they dive inside the fortress. While the Pit Fiends and their strike force hold off reinforcements, the group race into Tiamat’s Throne Room.
On the way they are harmed by several traps but manage to arrive just as Tiamat summons Gallard the Betrayer and Mephistopheles to her. Asmodeus is also present and smiles at the group. Tiamat angrily demands to know what the group think they’re doing here. Rey tells her that she was doomed to fail from the start, for her cultivation of a back-stabbing and dependant individuals. As Tiamat readies a retort, Sahri summons Sky-Sunder to her hands, as Tiamat falls silent, recognising the God-Killing weapon. With that, Rey casts her Epic Level spell, wracking her foes with Radiant energy. A vicious final battle begins, with Tiamat casting Psychic Scream, channeling the pain of those her Hells torture. Mephistopheles then casts Meteor Swarm, followed by the same spell Rey cast, but with devastating Necrotic Energy. Gallard uses his Vorpal Sword to slice at Sahri, at one point almost cutting off Sahri’s head. Sahri only manages to survive by using her Epic Boon of Invulnerability. Tiamat is soon betrayed by Asmodeus as he strikes her with his Ruby Rod. She angrily insists that the two had a deal, to which Asmodeus replies that she should have read the fine print. Tiamat, upon being struck by a bolt from Tsuki, grows angrier still, calling Tsuki a traitor. Ghesh also casts his epic level spell, causing radiant energy to burn Tiamat. Partway during the fight Tiamat transforms into her two-headed dragon form, and scorches the group with her two breath weapons. Finally she decides to cast HER Epic Level spell: Tiamat’s Soul-Stealer on Tsuki. Tsuki succumbs to its effects, feeling her soul pulled from her body, which Tiamat devours.
At a crucial moment, Ghesh uses Divine Intervention on Tiamat, summong an avatar of Ajaakor to almost tear her apart.
Sahri struggles to use Sky-Sunder to its full potential, Tiamat tenaciously resisting her incoming death. As she grows more wounded, black oil continues to leak from her body, apparently her blood. The group finally injure her enough that she reverts to humanoid form, but she continues to blast and strike at the party. As a sign of respect to Baalphegor, the group spares Mephistopheles, leaving him unconscious. Rey and Rakshasa also fall unconscious, and Rakshasa dies, expiring on the cracked marble of Tiamat’s throne-room.
As a last-ditch effort to cease his healing of her enemies, Tiamat casts Feeblemind on Ghesh. However his Ring of Spell-Turning reflects the spell back on to Tiamat. She succumbs to the psyche-breaking spell and loses the ability to cast spells or speak. This is the end for her as Rey is revived and uses Wish to guide Sahri’s final strike. With the Fate-Sight of The Seer, Sahri strikes Tiamat with Sky-Sunder, finally destroying her. In her final moments Tiamat shakes her head and screams incoherently as she is killed.
Her Astral Spark is severed from her and she turns into a puddle of bubbling tar. The Astral Spark floats for a moment in the middle of the assembled group. Rey reaches out to touch it and is cosumed by fire, turning to dust. The Spark floats for a moment more, before being drawn into Asmodeus’s Ruby Rod. His form glows and increases in size as fire spreads about him. Gallard charges him, but is tossed aside by Asmodeus, killed by the new ruler of Nessus. Asmodeus resurrects Rey, congratulating her for her attempt at Godhood and wishing her better luck next time. The Seer reclaims Sky-Sunder and Sahri realises she is now set to become an Archdevil and will never leave The Nine Hells again. The group say their Goodbyes and Ghesh teleports them and their escorts to the material plane.



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