Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 14

The Hyena-Men

The group fought the Gnoll ambush party, quickly killing their leader and then slowly picking off the other attackers. One Gnoll escapes, fleeing south and the group follows. They soon find the gnoll, dead, at the mouth of a den. In the den, rummaging through some supplies, the group find Tsuki, who was searching for poison. The group rests and The Spectre skillfully kills a spying hawk with a crossbow.
Tsuki remembers a dream she had several nights ago, that she believes was a visit from The Outsider. She was standing in a field of blackness, surrounded on all sides by pale masks that match hundreds of different faces. She finds one that fits her, puts it on, and sees that she’s in a noble chamber with an androgynous, masked elf. The elf whispered in her ear, but when she awoke, she could not recall what was said.
The part continue south, soon finding a cave mouth guarded by two gnolls, who seem to be cooking meat around a large fire. Tsuki quickly kills them, but not before they alert two humans in the cave. The two humans issue a challenge for an honourable fight, which Sahri accepts gladly and Rakshasa accidently takes the warrior up on. Sahri bests her combatant who submits to her prowess, while Rakshasa taunts her fighter before Sahri slays them from behind. When The Spectre discovers that the surrendered warrior was carrying a blasphemous symbol of Yeenoghu he kills her.
Tsuki explores the upper levels, finding living quarters for the humans, as well as fine quarters for a couple downstairs. She finds a book called “The Druidic Schism” wirtten by The Emerald Lady, which she soon hands to Rey. Tsuki triggers a trap after entering a treasure room but soon finds it was worth the risk, finding a huge pile of coins and magic items. Tsuki takes the magic dagger, while Sahri takes a helmet shaped out of a hyena skull that confers darkvision. Reverence says that the helmet is disgusting, blasphemous, and that Sahri should never wear it in her presence. While the group share the loot, The Spectre hears the sounds of scuffling and hyena’s laughter coming from downstairs.



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