Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 26

The Underdark

Rakshasa and The Spectre go to buy some magic items, picking up some improved armour and a Belt of Health from a woman named Lia Holimion. Ana asks Tsuki about any poison she’s carrying, being an assassin. Tsuki realises that her poison is Vrock Bile, a rare and valuable poison she took from Midraba.
The group set out to The Earth Sea, passing growths of both small and towering mushrooms. The group camp besides The Blue Cliffs, with Ana catching and cooking a Cave Fisher with Rakshasa’s limes. Tsuki takes this time to compare her and Ana’s cloaks of Elvenkind which differ dramatically in design and style. Tsuki also tells Ana of the group’s adventures so far, which she seems to appreciate. Rey uses the hollowed-out cave fisher shell as a sleeping bag, earning her the name “Pillbug”. Her and Rakshasa enact a performance, with Rey as the monster and Rakshasa as the damsel in distress.
The group set off the next day for The Underdark, moving down the mushroom-covered Blue Cliffs underneath a waterfall. Setting off for The Capital City, where they expect to find Norixius Stone-Skin, the group soon encounter a patrol of ogres. Catching them by surprise, Tsuki and Ana riddle them with crossbow bolts while Rakshasa consumes them with Hunger of Hadar. The group quickly dispatch of most of the patrol, with Ghesh partially disintegrating their leader with his Javelin of Lightning. They interrogate one captive, who says that their Generals, who include Norixius, are planning something called “The Rebirth”. The Spectre and Rey deduce that their plan involves summoning The Demonlord of Gluttony, possibly utilizing the power of the legendary Tarrasque. The captive also mentions their Warlord, who the group guess is Rahn. The party continue on, finding a cave to rest in. At the back of the cave Sahri, The Spectre, and Ghesh find a cluster of glowing purple crystals, guarded by a single Crawling Claw wearing a Ring of Water Walking. The purple crystals come in various sizes and seem to hold necromantic energy.
Continuing on, the group encounter a cluster of Tinmask mushrooms, apparently growing out of some Mithral. Before Ana can intervene Rey tries to harvest some, triggering a cloud of spores to erupt. Rey freaks out and stabs Tsuki. Tsuki freaks out and knifes Rey. Soon things calm down and Ana safely harvests some. Seeing the Mithral, Ghesh and Rakshasa manage to collect some of that too.
The group continue to the crimson column which The Capital City was built beside, hoping to gain access to the fortress built into it. The group find a group of armed, disciplined sentries who they attack. Tsuki and Ghesh are knocked unconscious before the rest of the guards are defeated. The group hide the bodies and take a short rest before ascending a staircase into the fortress.



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