Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 27

The Stone-Skinned General

Rakshasa bonds with Sahri‘s old greataxe as her pact-weapon. The group then sneak into the fortress, moving upwards in search of Norixius. The group sneak past patrols, quickly making their way to The Throne Room. Ghesh sees tapestries hung up on the walls depicting goliaths being led from The Elemental Plane of Earth by Rahn. The goliaths are subsequently warped into Ogres and put under the command of stone giants.
The group soon find the entrance to The Throne Room being guarded by Ogres. Rakshasa and Ghesh distract the guards and draw some of their number away from the group. The rest of the group move up and attack the weakened remainder. Rey scatters some of her harvested tinmask into the long corridor behind the group and casts Plant Growth to entangle and disorient any reinforcements. Sahri and The Spectre move up to engage the defenders, with Sahri falling unconscious after a vicious assault Rakshasa sneaks up behind the defenders and engages their mage. The pair exchange literal fire until Rakshasa burns them alive using Hellish Rebuke, pointing and laughing as she does so.
The group hear the reinforcements running through the corridor full of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Most become confused and start attacking each other or wandering back the wrong way. The few that make it through are quickly killed. Ana gives Tsuki a thumbs-up when Tsuki makes some good shots with her crossbow.
The group break down the door to the throne room and immediately have two sets of giant-sized chairs thrown at them. In the room are two stone giants, one of which is partially armoured. Ana identifies the larger, incompletely armoured giant as Norixius Stone-Skin, the first general. A wave of magic washes over the group from Norixius charming some of the group. Sahri slashes the other stone giant’s legs to tatters with her Mazewalker’s Axe before being picked up by Norixius and used as a projectile. Sahri bowls Rakshasa over and is herself knocked unconscious again. Norixius says that The Rebirth is inevitable now and that the group’s efforts won’t stop that. Norixius throws Rashasa at The Spectre now, while the severly injure other stone giant almost succeeds in crushing Ana. Ana runs to the backwall of the throne room, smears some of her blood on it, which begins to open, revealing a secret chamber. Ghesh is petrified by Norixius as he tries to heal Sahri.
Rakshasa uses Eldritch blast to crater Norixius’s ribcage, and he slumps against the wall beside the statue of Ghesh. Rey asks him questions about the other generals but he’s uncooperative. Ana retrieves a finely made Longsword from the room, and after whispering something to Norixius she stabs him in the throat. She then hacks off his head and rolls it to Rey. The group identify what was on the war-table the giants were standing around before sequestering themselves in the back-room. Ana manages to use Lesser Restoration to return Ghesh to his true form. The group rest for the night in that room, hearing the panicked movements of the Ogres around them.



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