Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 29

The Desecrated City

The group find a cave to rest for the night, with Sahri keeping watch. Unfortunately the group are snuck up upon by five floating, tentacled, beaked, bulbous creatures called Grells. They lash out at the group with poisoned barbs, striking several party members. Sahri lashes out at them with her axe, while Rakshasa blasts them with Scorching Ray. Rey uses Dissonant Whispers to cause one to flee, but one of its tentacles gets caught in a gap in the rocky ceiling and it gets stuck. The group finish them all off, with Tsuki collecting some of their venom for later use.
The group rest for the night, with The Spectre has a dream where he enters The Mithral Pyramid of Minauros, seeing through the eyes of the elf who inhabits his amulet. Walking through the symmetrical hallways to the apex of the pyramid. On the way there, he sees a sombre elf, who he knows is Councillor Empirios, sitting with their head in their hands. He continues to the council chambers, but several seats are empty. He greets the sphinx Suraphinon and Councillor Ferahna, and says that, while Empirios will join them soon, the other three Councillors will not be joining them.
Tsuki has a familiar dream, seeing The Outsider standing before them. Tsuki and The Outsider are both wearing masks and they say: “We are all puppets, suspended on strings that gleam like gold. The Puppetmaster is most fearful, even Meridar fears his touch. I am not Free, but you can be.”. The Outsider removes Tsuki’s mask, begins to take their own off, and then Tsuki awakes.
Rakshasa has a dream that she’s walking through Undillivek in its heyday, moving past strangely dressed dark elves as she goes. Graz’zt tells her that a servant of his, Asmodeus, has begun to displease please him, and that he’s looking for a displacement. She moves down into the sewers, muttering a passcode in Abyssal to reveal a shrine to Graz’zt. Sitting on an altar is a finely made longsword, a blade known as The Red Spider’s Fang. She’s told to claim this sword to honour Graz’zt.
The group continue to Undillivek, quickly crossing the remainder of The Darklake when Rey uses her Polymorphed Killer Whale form. On the way, they see a group of ogres sailing west, using the huge cap of a mushroom as a vessel.
The group sneak into the sewers, seeing thousands of ogres entering the city and hundreds leaving, moving towards The Lower Dark. Camping in the sewers underneath Undillivek, Rakshasa sneaks off to find Fang. When she reaches the secret shrine she notices a dark elvish man is already there. She seduces the surprised man, and realises he was sent here on the same mission as her. Although it seems that neither of them expected competition. She draws the blade and stabs the man through the throat, hearing Graz’zt’s laughter as the blade is soaked in the man’s blood. Reading his journal, she finds out that he gave an ogre a magic whispering sword to get smuggled into the city.
Ana scouts out the city and finds out that Orianna apparently intends to go ahead with The Rebirth, seemingly going against Rahn‘s wishes to do so. She is gathering her followers to Eldor’s old temple in the city.
The next day, the group move to the surface and find the partially ruined temple to Eldor. the group can hear distant voices from inside and other strange sounds. They hear a body slam against the barred front doors, and then silence. They use a rope to pull themselves up trough a shattered window, seeing an injured ogre clutching a sword, lying against the door. Across the floor is blood spatters and traces of glistening, black, acidic, ooze. The group approaches the ogre, who watches them peacefully. The Spectre takes the sword, soon realising it is a sentient blade that is loyal to its owner, the ogre Grolingar. Tsuki finds out the sword is named Kalagiano and Grolingar tells the group that Orianna completed her ritual at the back of the temple but that the word told him to flee, which is how he escaped. The Spectre returns Grolingar’s sword and tells him he has a place on Ajaakor’s Hangman in the surface world.
The group move through the temple, seeing that the floor is covered in small puddles of black ooze and that most surfaces are covered in mildly acidic slime. The group come across a large, carved, statue of Rahn with an inscription that reads: “Warlord Ran’Zoz’Ix, who leads us unto greatness”. Ghesh and Sahri begin to destroy the statue and Ana curses as black ooze creatures begin to drip down from the ceiling onto the characters.



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