Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 35

The Kuo-Toa

During the night Rey has a dream where her vision soars above Ahlim. Her sight rapidly moves north, passing over Salisa, Rzeka, and finally settling in Svoren. Rey hears The Seer say that dark terrors are stirring in the north. Rey’s sight moves through The World Crown mountains until she sees a deep, still lake. Her sight reverses until she’s looking at The Shadowfell and she watches as a Balor rises out of the surface of the lake, steam rising from its flaming form. She notices it carrying what looks like The Stormblade, and soon sees the huge, hulking form of Demogorgon stride towards a large fortress on the shore of the lake. In one huge tentacle it seems to be clutching a fist-sized glowing, red, gem. Rey soon find herself standing in a tapestry-filled chamber, with The Seer sitting calmly before her. Rey finds out that Demogorgon will soon enter the material plane, in as few as two months, possibly. The Seer also reveals that she is a soulmeld of Nyx, the newly recognised Annerian, and Councillor Selene. The Seer says that she is proud of Rey, and that Rey will soon be rewarded for her fealty.
In the morning Rey, The Spectre, Sahri, and Anahera discover that they’ve lost some of their belongings. They spend some time looking for them, and all but Anahera soon find their items, in strange locations, but otherwise close to the camp. The party begins to move towards the Kuo-Toa village and see what looks like a large statue in the centre.
The town seems abandoned, except that their seems to be freshly caught fish strung up near the shore. Ghesh notices scattered sounds of apparent habitation in the village, and as Rey calls out, the sounds grow louder and closer. The party move to the centre of the village, seeing that the statue has been vandalised and now sports seaweed and carved crustacean-like body.
The Kuo-toa villagers soon approach the party from all sides, all of them with slimy, scaled skin, webbed extremities, and grotesque fish-like faces.
The Kuo-toa say they intend to offer the party’s blood to the Island Father and attack the group. They ensnare several party members in their nets and stab at them with their spears. The party quickly defeats them, free themselves, and sees some Kuo-Toa moving further in-land.
The party pursues them, entering the forest. They soon find a series of caves and some kuo-toa guarding them. Ghesh hears breathing coming from somewhere nearby but can’t find the source. Rey and Rakshasa draw off a guard using magic and then attack the two robed, priestly seeming guards. As the party attack them, several Kuo-toa spring from the underbrush, their webbed claws crackling with electricity. Anahera gets hit with a Hold Person spell, and embarrassingly spends the entire fight unable to move. Rey turns into a triceratops and begins to trample and attack the kuo-toa. As the kuo-toa seem close to falling, one of the priests heals them, drawing out the fight. Nevertheless the party still defeat them and begin to move into the caves.



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