Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 50

The Ghoul King

Having defeated the first wave of attackers, the group catch their breath. Rey asks Azzainen for more information about himself and The Bloodlords. He says that the three Bloodlords are: Doresain Stritheroi The Ghoul King, Lord Tolichlachen The Twice-Bitten, and Lady Atherzai. He says that Lady Atherzai is responsible for the creation of The Crimson Matron, the Demonlord progenitor of the vampiric race. He further explains that Lord Tolichlachen is a young bloodlord, created relatively recently by The Demonlord herself. He seems reluctant to divulge a lot about his past but eventually relents. He says that he, Lady Atherzai, and Doresain Stritheroi are all about 13 centuries old and were the first vampires created by The Crimson Matron.
He confirms that he is indeed The Red Knight of legend and that he no longer needs to consume mortal blood to sustain himself. He claims that early in his time as a vampire he slew an ancient dragon and fed upon its lifeblood. Before he can explain himself further the party notice strange happenings at castle Tolstoff above them. Darkness begins to seep upwards into the sky, like smoke. Eventually the smoke clears in a flash of red and the gargantuan form of The Crimson Matron appears.
The party want to flee back to the town, but Azzainen says that Bloodlord Doresain is not going to let them leave and he is soon proved right.
Another wave of attacks begin, more ferocious than the last, and the party is soon beset once again. Eventually The Ghoul King himself makes an appearance and charges into combat.
The Ghoul king races around the battlefield rending flesh with his claws and cursing Azzainen. He drains Rakshasa and Sahri of blood and throws them to the ground. Luckily Ghesh restores them to vitality in just a few moments. Rey sends her animated daggers around the battlefield, slashing at The Ghoul King and his servants.
Eventually, with the psionic guidance of The Spectre, the party encircle Doresain, battering him with all manner of attacks. The Bloodlord’s form turns to mist and begins to flee towards castle Tolstoff but before he can reach it Rey and Ghesh teleport next him. Ghesh finally kills The Ghoul King using Destroy Water as well as Rey’s holy water, obliterating the last traces of him.



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