Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 70

The Granting of Gifts

Sahri builds an ornate spear for her trial, with patterns of fire engraved upon it. Alucard builds a spear that resembles Ghesh‘s Javelin of Lightning. Rey builds a lengthy fire starter using her tinkerer’s tools. Rakshasa builds a wooden penis-replica.
Sahri sets out into the dune-sea to find a worm. She’s told that four varieties of sand-wurms exist: red worms, purple worms, blue worms, and a legendary worm of enormous size: “Big Blue”.
Sahri is eventually attacked by a gargantuan blue worm and a vicious battle ensues. At one point Sahri is swallowed and she is later thrown several hundred feet across the sands. Eventually she cuts the worms stinger off and pursues it further into the desert. As she kills it she sees an incredible sight on the horizon: The sky-blue, kilometre long, form of Big Blue, the legendary sand-wurm. The party and the sand-elves harvest the stinger for valuable worm poison and Sahri returns with trophies taken from her defeated foe.
That night she shares the story of her victory with the tribe and relates her sighting of Big Blue. The tribe are very impressed and Urrok True-Spear makes Sahri an honorable member of the clan. She takes the name True-Spear and the party return to Hasamidat. That night she has a dream of a harsh mountainous slope, with fortresses clinging to its side and canyons running through it.
They speak with Curiosity and Vishkanya and she agrees to transport them to The Faewilds, specifically to the realm of The Lady of Reflections. She explains that The High-Harpers are privy to the secret teleportation sigil of the Archfey’s realm. The group teleport to the bottom of a still, warm-lake with a reflective bottom. Swimming to the surface they see that they’re in a quiet hot-spring in the middle of a snowy winter forest. The group soon see a tall red-haired women with silver draconic eyes rise from the lake. She says that she is The Lady of Reflections, one of the four Fey-Dragons. The party request some of her blood for their demon-banishing rtual and the Archfey accepts. She transforms into her Elder Silver Dragon form and donates some blood to the party.
The party then travel to Meridom, where The Seer’s church is to be opened soon, to great celebration. Rey helps with preparations and readies several songs for the occasion.
The opening night of the church goes excellently, with thousands of the cities occupations attending. Even the angels of Meridar, Celestia and Joan Fairhelm make an appearance. Partway during Rey’s performance, The Seer appears, giving Rey her blessing. Rey’s flute, Revenitio, is given improved magical abilities by Nyx, and with some parting words to the awed crowd, The Seer returns to The Astral Plane.



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