Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 71

The Sphinx's Plan

Tsuki explains to the group that her Iron Flask has to be delivered to a woman she’s met in Rzeka at some point in her adventures. Unfortunately she doesn’t know which woman this would be. The group decide to hold a convention in Meridom to gather as many people in the city to them as they can so that Tsuki can find her target, or at least narrow down her possible targets.
While the news of this convention spreads the group decide to cross another part of their ritual of the list: the aid of a willing spirit from The Ethereal Plane. The group contact The White Swan who invites them to Lassiades to come to The Border Ethereal. Alucard finally asks her what her name is, and she says her name is Renn, short for Ren’Var’Ix. She brings the group into The Deep Ethereal, a field of whiteness with strange wind blowing through it. Renn leads the party to the mother of the flumphs, an enormous white jellyfish floating through the whiteness. Groups of happy flumphs are dancing around her in rotating, concentric circles. The party ask her if she would be willing to help the material plane against the demons. She seems reluctant to leave the ethereal plane and says she will help if noone else does. The Spectre realises the flumph mother was once the female nemorian jellyfish but is now technically a demonlord. The flumph mother doesn’t try to hide this fact, and says she is one of the True-born demonlords, like Sloth and Gluttony. She says that altough many know Sloth as Belphegor, her chosen name is, in fact, Enverna. She also says she is one of six True-born demonlords, not 4 as the group guessed. She seems fearful to talk about the other two True-born, saying that their eyes are always watching.
The Spectre leaves to find the spirit of the sphinx, Suraphinon. Suraphinon is waiting for him at a familiar altar and greets The Spectre by his given name.
The two discuss the demon banishing ritual, and Suraphinon says he would be willing to help if they do him a favour. He desires the use of The Moaning Diamond for three days so he can create a plane he has dreamed of: Mechanus, The Clockwork Nirvana. He says that the afterlife of Ahlim is highly unregulated, and the ethereal plane is inundated with spirits trapped in limbo. He explains that he would regulate the passage of souls to their rightful places and to restore order to Ahlim. The Spectre asks about how the moaning diamond can be used and Suraphinon explains in detail. He says that material and energy must be moved from an existing location or individual to create a new plane of existence using the diamond. Alternatively, the diamond can move existing earth or matter around, and could be used to raise an island from the sea, for example. The diamond originates from many millenia ago and was created to honour the gods by building the pyramids of Minauros. Suraphinon says the diamond could also be used to return the pyramid of order to its rightful place, with the pyramid of innovation. This would help restore the fundamnetal balance that Ahlim has been lacking for the past four millenia.
The group return to meridom to find Tsuki’s mystery woman.
In the meantime Rey has a dream of a dark swamp, filled with crumbling ruins and swarming flies. She sees an old, worn road sign that seems to be pointing to Atalia, the lost city of the dreadmarshes.
The Spectre has a dream of an icy jagged mountain within which is nestled a dark iron fortress. All around him rages an unending blizzard which bites at his skin.
Finally, Rey has a dream of an enormous underground chamber filled with the sounds of people in suffering. From the ceiling hangs an enormous stalagtite, carved into a fortress, glowing with internal red light.
Rey also receives a message from Khalida, detailing a recent development in the dreadmarshes. She says that Lady Midnight has given up or lost the title of Ereshkigal to the soul-bonded demonlord/druid entity whose wedding the party disrupted.
Many people come to the convention, which takes place over several days. Alucard seems to very popular with the older women of the city, for whatever reason. Sahri is asked by the local chapter of her fan-club to show off her muscles and fighting moves. Many people visit Tsuki, but none of them seem to be the proper recipient of the iron flask. One gnomish woman does capture Tsuki’s attention though, and seems to have met Alexis. She tells Tsuki that she saw Alexis near the border of the dreadmarshes, wandering near one of the forts. Tsuki decides to move her search in that direction and heads to the fortress she visited sevral months ago. Before the group leave, they’re told by Joan Fairhelm that a horde of zombies are marching towards High-hill and will be there soon.
Tsuki investigates the fortress, sizing up Music and the others to see if they might be her target. She concludes it’s not anyone at this fortress and the group are requested to go help High-hill, which is in imminent peril.
The group arrive, seeing aurorans evacuating the town, and a large army of zombies moving into the town. They also spot a gargantuan flesh golem, built out of the corpses of at least a dozen storm giants. The group are certain Evangeliza is involved, and spot many other familiar flesh golems circliing the city. The Spectre flies in closer, covered by Tsuki. He tries to teleport Evangeliza’s masterpiece into the sky, but the grotesque creature resists. Rey contacts Khalida, asking if she can bring the group some of The Grey King’s gunpowder. Khalida says she’s partway through inflitrating Evangeliza’s laboratory but will help as soon as she can. The group race into the town, seeing mages moving into into the grove at the top of the hill. Before the party is a horde of vicious zombies stopping their approach.



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