Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 72

The Undead Onslaught

The group move into the town streets, seeing a horde of zombies and flesh golems ahead of them. Rey and Rakshasa thin out the zombies with fire attacks, while Sahri rushes in. Alucard ignites his Flametongue sword and takes out several of the zombies. Sahri becomes surrounded and is knocked unconscious by the zombies and flesh golems. At one point Evangeliza’s masterpiece uses one of its shoulder trebuchets to launch a rock at the group, hurting Rey and Rakshasa.
The party revive Sahri and heal quickly before moving on. Khalida arrives and gives Rey some of The Grey King’s gunpowder and a healing potion. She says she has to go, as she can’t risk Evangeliza seeing her.
The group come across the towering form of the masterpiece with several flying bolt-throwers circling it. The group move to fight it, and Alucard is almost immediately knocked unconscious by being viciously slammed into the ground. Rey activates her angelic form and flies into the air, throwing spells at the masterpiece. Sahri is knocked unconscious again by the towering zombie. A storm begins overhead and lightning begins to strike the group and the masterpiece, although the lightning heals the zombie. Eventually Rey uses her gunpowder attachd to her lighter-spear and throws it at the masterpiece. The flames explode at its feet and Rey unnels her angelic power into the explosions. The fires consume Evangeliza’s Masterpiece, which falls apart in the street, and unleashes its lightning life-essence into the sky. However the flying bolt-throwers are still around and pick off the group one by one, leaving only The Spectre. When all seems to be lost, Ghesh reappears! He delivers life and death from the skies and turns the tide of the battle.
The group are healed and move towards the grove at the top of the hill, which is glowing with eerie light.



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