Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 94

The Vicious Cold

The party travel back to the warcamp and are given a tent by a group of soldiers. That night Tsuki hears a figure pacing outside their tent. She looks out and sees Father Llymic, who smiles at her and beckons her to follow him. She does, and he leads her out of the warcamp into the thick fog rolling in from the east. She follows for a short time before deciding to turn back. Father Llymic grows angry and insistently beckons for her to follow him. She doesn’t and he screams at her silently, and his jaw cracks open to reveal rows of icy dagger-like teeth before disappearing.
The group wake up that morning to a silent, frozen over warcamp. The soldiers outside froze to death during the night, and so did hundreds of others. Maldrana IV orders the survivors to flee south, to warmer climates. Ghesh messages Joan Fairhelm and Turiel Dust-Born to find out what’s happening east and receives only garbled messages speaking of hordes of crystalline ice-creatures.
The party set out east to the Auroran and Dust-Born forces there. On the way they battle a small group of ice creatures, who resemble Lord Blue-eyes’s final form. These creatures were once humans, dwarves, and elves, and their internal organs are visible beneath their icy skin.
As they arrive at a central war-camp they meet a ranger named Quest with her huge wolf. Quest tells them about the Brood Spawn, insectoid, crystalline ice monsters spawned by Father Llymic. Several of these Brood Spawn attack the group and Quest tells the group they should go north and rescue Joan, or go south and rescue Turiel. The group decide on the third option: Racing to Father Llymic. Quest and the group part ways and they head to a pass which will lead them into the mountains. They rest for the night and the echoing sounds of battle to the north and south stop, leaving them in silence. In the morning they awaken to two grisly signs: The bloodstained holy symbol of Joan and a dead sand-elf wearing Turiel’s mask.
The party continue on and begin to make their way up a mountain, following a path of hoof-prints. The group find numerous signs of previous habitation by human barbarian tribes, however all the villages are abandoned. They trek through an open field of snow, through brutal cold.



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