Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 107

The Anathema

Having prepared for the coming ritual and gained the assistance of their angelic brethren, the party begin. The anathematic gems begin to orbit the Sphere of Annihilation and they start to crack. As the gems break, shadows pour out of them, forming into Avatars of The Anathema. The avatar of Vitha takes the form of a huge snake, with multiple heads, the avatar of Piro a shadow dragon, and Satief as a gargantuan, vicious centipede. The group begin to attack them, weathering their maddening, fearful presence. Vitha says that she made Rakshasa who she is, Piro says that Tsuki will pay for her meddling, and Satief says that Sahri, Angel of Fire made the wrong decision by turning away from him. Piro is the first to be defeated, as their form is rent in two by Rey and temporarily seems to show portals to other planes of existence. One is an enormous prison and the other is a dark series of tunnels. Vitha is Hurled through Hell by Rakshasa, temporarily disappearing into her gem. When Vitha reappears she is destroyed, seeming to vanish into the Demiplane of Dread.
Satief rampages through the group, devouring Alucard, then Sahri, Angel of Fire, followed by Rey, and finally Rakshasa. Inside Satief, grasping skinless arms grab at those inside, preventing from them from escaping. Ghesh and The Spectre are the only ones not swallowed and still conscious and cautiously harry Satief. Rey weathers the attacks against her, reviving Rakshasa. Sahri, however, pulls herself free from Satief. She states that she made the right choice and slices Satief down the middle, freeing rey, Rakshasa, and the remains of Alucard. Satief is destroyed, revealing a volcano filled with fortresses and a series of metallic cubes floating through nothingness.
As the final avatar of The Anathema is destroyed the gems disappear into the sphere, disintegrating. The Sphere then implodes, leaving discolouration on the ground underneath it. The angels cheer and help restore the party to health.
With this act the group have prevented Zehan the Destroyer from ever awakening.



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