Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 48

The Pious Welcome

Sailing on, the party see a small fleet heading north-west, directly away from Lassiades. The Spectre decides to investigate, turning to mist, and flying over to the fleet. He sees that they’re not flying any colours and that the ships are full of people, from all walks of life. He lands on one of the ships and is immediately surrounded by the townsfolk. He tells them that they’re heading towards death, sailing this close to The Dreadmarshes. One of them responds: “We will live forever” and The Spectre immediately flies off.
The party decide to tell Evangeline about this mass exodus of citizenry to the dreadmarshes and she responds that this is happening everywhere.
The party arrive at the cove south of Lassiades and head to the city. The city welcomes them warmly, amazed to see so many angels. Rey and Rakshasa strut and perform as they make their way through the city to Meridar’s church. They’re stopped before they enter by two clerics who ask what they’re trying to bring into the church. Rey leads them on a merry chase of a conversation until she reveals that she has The Black Spear. The gathered crowd erupts in chaos at this proclamation and the group is rushed inside. Evangeline congratulates them on their success and says she’s pleasantly surprised that Rey is the Angel of Knowledge. She explains that The Seer appeared to many people in their dreams and said that her first angel had been born, but did not reveal her angel’s identity. Evangeline inspects The Black Spear carefully before storing it away. Rakshasa flirts with Evangeline but she insists she’s too old for the young adventurer. She gives the group their reward: 65, 000 gold pieces worth of platinum and mithral and says that they should visit Meridom, where Rakshasa will find her “sisters”.
Leaving the church, the party finds the city in an uproar, celebrating the return of The Black Spear. The group join in the celebrations with Rey and Rakshasa performing once again. Sahri finds out that she has fans across Ahlim when several local chiildren approach her with small dolls of her. They ask for the ‘pumpkin story’ which Sahri happily recounts.
The party later say farewell to the b-team, and Meriele thanks them for their bravery and says she was honoured to fight alongside The Angel of Purity.
The next day the party teleport to Meridom, the second-largest city in Ahlim and the capital of Meridar’s Church. They arrive in a beautiful city built at the foot of a mountain, everywhere are signs of devotion to Meridar.
They look for a store to exchange magic items and find a large emporium called Charity’s Gift. It’s run by a devil-blooded woman named Charity and she gives the party some information about the city, saying that the Angels of Meridar can be found at the Great Church, which is apparently the largest in the world. Ghesh sees that she has a Spell Guard shield and asks for Rey to bargain for it for him. Charity proves to be quite tractable to persuasion but especially when Rey reveals Rakshasa as Meridar’s Angel of Purity. She begs for forgiveness for not recognizing Rakshasa and gives Ghesh a good final price.
The party proceed to the Great Church and some of the local clerics recognise Rakshasa and she receives praise and a floral necklace. The group are greeted by a young cleric named Joan Fairhelm who identifies herself as The Angel of Light and embraces Rakshasa like a sister. She leads the party high into the church to a plain room with a meditating figure. She rises, greeting the party, and they see that she is an elderly, but very beautiful woman and The Angel of Art, Celestia. She greets the party warmly as sisters and cousins, and says that Meridar has always been an ally of The Seer.
Celestia leads the group to a mural filled chamber with a beautiful, gilded tome upon a pedestal. The group sees that this is The Book of Exalted Deeds and Joan and Celestia say that the group is free to read it, as they have already done so in their lives.
Rakshasa decides to read it, while Rey transcribes it during the days that the party spends in the city. Sahri spends this time trying to figure out how her mindflayers items work and realises she would have to be a psionicist, a mindflayer, or the thrall of a mindflayer to utilise them.



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