Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 49

The Eastern Road

During the time the party spend in Meridom The Fire Queen visits the city, and the group join the cityfolk in admiring the spectacle. The Fire Queen delivers Sahri and Ghesh their Fire-Rune Armour to them and honours the city and party. Sahri fist bumps The Forgemaster who did the work and then changes into her armour then and there, eliciting some cheers from the crowd.
Soon Rakshasa and Rey finish reading The Book of Exalted Deeds, with Rakshasa absorbing its power and Rey making a copy. The party then speak to Joan Fairhelm about the vampires and she tells them about the township of Tolstoff.
She explains that Tolstoff sits beneath the ruins of Tolstoff castle and that vampires or their servants have supposedly taken up residence in the castle. She says that the mayor is named Frederick and has been reluctant to accept assistance from The Church. Nonetheless, Joan is sending a cleric named Felicity with a small contingent of priests to the town to support it. The party say they intend to go there too, and Joan puts Felicity and the priests under their command. Joan tells the group that an eccentric Dark Elf merchant has been seen on the road and that supposedly the legendary Red Knight has been sighted.
The party set out on the eastern road from Meridom to Tolstoff, with their small force of priests following behind them. On the way they encounter an eccentric merchant named Brutalitops who offers a variety of useful, but unusual, wares. The party purchases several of these items: The Scroll of the Try-Hard, The Red Herring Ring, The Extremely Useful Ring, The Coin of All or Nothing, and a few Potions of Change. Rakshasa unsuccessfully tries to get a discount through sexual favours, much to the amusement, confusion, and concern of the assembled priests. After going through all these transactions, Brutalitops wishes the party good luck and teleports away.
The assemblage reaches Tolstoff a few days later, seeing a fortified town with a slain Bloodwing on the ground. Frederick seems reluctant to let them in until Felicity says they have an Angel of Meridar with them.
The group see a busy town, with people moving about either training in arms or helping to fortify the town. The priests move about the town to assist them while Felicity and Frederick stay with the party.
Frederick tells the group a bit about the vampires, saying they’ve raided the town no more than once a week, and that the last proper attack was more than a week ago. He also mentions that a red-armoured figure asked to enter Tolstoff last night but was denied and Frederick says he went to the abandoned fort north of town. He asks the group to check up on him as he has made the residents nervous. The party oblige and exit the town, heading to the forested north. They find a large black warhorse tied to a tree on the way, with an ample supply of apples nearby. Rey casts Beast Speech and asks the horse about himself. The horse, named Jack, says that his rider is waiting for them at the fort and that he’ll be fine where he is.
The group continue on, finding a knight armoured in rusted plate mail, sitting amidst the ruined fort. He has light brown skin with a close-cropped white beard and he greets the party, asking them if they’re ready for the coming conflict. He says that his name is Azzai and that he lives to slay monsters. He dons his draconic helm and prepares for the coming assault.
Soon, wolves, Ghouls, Ghasts, Swarms of Bats, and Bloodwings attack in waves, striking at the assembled warriors. Ghesh unleashes holy magic, weakening and searing these undead attackers. At one stage Sahri falls, paralysed by the poison of the ghasts, but is saved when Azzai unleashes a Destructive Wave, destroying Sahri’s attackers.
Eventually, the attacks cease, though the party can still hear creatures moving around them. They hear a guttural, angry voice yell out: “You’re mine, Azzainen!”.


Some nice storybuilding in this piece. I would also really like to buy one of them handy “Extremely Useful” rings.

Session 49

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