Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 57

The Fiery Wedding

Khalida helps Rey construct several explosives to disperse hallucinogenic tinmask spores. The Grey King is convinced to come along for the wedding sabotage attempt. The party fly over to a grove the myconids are disappearing into and Tsuki goes down to investigate. She inhales some spores and begins to feel elated, watching the myconids disappearing into a forest of towering mushrooms. She realises that they’re going through a portal into The Shadowfell. She tells the party and they all fly through the portal into a new world.
The Spectre realises that they’re in Zuggtmoy’s realm of The Shadowfell. While the material plane here the world is dark and dead, in its reflection it is bright and vibrant.
The group see a huge congregation gathered around a central crowd of wedding-goers. Ghesh sees an elder black dracolich as well as The Crimson Matron. He sees a group of frog-like slaad as well as several mages seated. He notices a group of black-armoured nights and a women in a high-collared black dress.
There’s a half-elvish woman in a green dress holding hands with Zuggtmoy, who’s wearing a white dress made of mycelium.
The group see the demonlord and the woman fuse into one and they summon their efreeti. The efreeti says they’ll cast Meteor Swarm as long as they get to spend a night with Rakshasa and Rey writes a book about him. He casts the spell, launching four Meteors down onto the wedding ceremony and Khalida opens a Gate to the Plan of Fire, launching a stream of fire and lava down onto the scattering myconids. A cloud of spores and fire are sweeping outwards from the centre of the wedding, with a plume of smoke rising.
Out of the smoke comes the elder dragon, flying up towards the gate. The party send Fireballs and Mindthrusts down at them, which they mostly shrug off. The dragon tries to dispel the Gate but it’s attempts are countered. It lashes out with it’s tail and magical breath before being forced back into the smoke cloud. Now, The Crimson Matron appears, being ridden by Lady Atherzai. She blasts Rey with Finger of Death but her attempt is countered, and so is her attempt to dispel The Gate. Tsuki shoots The Crimson Matron in the eye eliciting retaliation from Lady Atherzai. The black dragon returns and the group wisely retreats, Planeshifting back to The Grey King’s tower.
The party congratulate each other on their disruption of the wedding. The Spectre has the black dragon scale made into a magical shield by Khalida. Khalida praises Tsuki skills, gives her some poisons, and teaches her how to make truth serum. The Grey King says that when he first arrived n Ahlim, he arrived in the south pole. He visited a southern colony under the control of a psionicist named Lord Blue-Eyes and he suggests that The Spectre investigate that town at some point.
Rakshasa is brought to Graz’zt’s palace in her dream that night. She is brought to a set of doors carved with all manner of lewd images. Beyond is Graz’zt himself, warmly greeting her. He asks if she wants anyone to join them and she says Ghesh. Ghesh appears in the dream, somewhat unsure of where he is. He is approached by Rakshasa disguised as Rava who invites him to Graz’zt’s bedroom. Grazz’zt has transformed the appearance of his room to a cloud castle and himself as Ajaakor. He begins to say: “Give me some thunder, big boy…” but Ghesh realises things are not how they appear and wakes up. Nonetheless, Rakshasa and Graz’zt enjoy a night of passion.
Khalida privately tells Rey that The Grey King’s ritual is only the first step in saving Ahlim. She says she thinks there may be a way to defeat The Anathema and that she’ll inform Rey when she has more information. The party bid farewell to The Grey King and return to Meridom. Rey sends her edited manuscript back to Sinan and send a copy of Cunning and Subterfuge, The Book of Exalted Deeds, and The Heroes’ Manual to Vishkanya. The Seer appears, congratulating Rey on her success and examining The Grey King’s ritual. The Seer tells Rey that Jolibzan, The Astral Dragon, is a trusted advisor of hers and would be perfectly willing to help in the ritual. The Seer greets and gathers the other heroes, transporting them to Nazdum.
The party arrive at Queen Maldrana’s castle and are brought to her general, Ulfgar Battlehammer who welcomes them and takes them to Queen Maldrana, The Angel of Obligation. She seems somewhat disheveled and says she hasn’t gotten much sleep lately. Rakshasa asks if it’s due to her sleeping with Ulfgar, which embarrasses the dwarvish general. She kisses The Seer’s hand and says she has heard of the parties’ deeds. She explains that she’s sending an army to the ruins of Deep-Dwell, an old city that was destroyed cultists. Worryingly, she says that the cult is being led by a man named Caiphon, who was responsible for the awakening of The Destroyer before The Scourge. The Seer tells Ghesh that one of Demogorgon’s generals, a Balor named Vannakun, is in possession of The Storm Blade. Obligation says she wants the Warriors of The West to aid her forces in assaulting Caiphon’s fortress at Deep-Dwell. The party accept, and The Seer bids them all farewell.



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