Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 60

The Demon's Defeat

The party rush to attack Jubilex and his ooze servants, while the army proceeds to the city. The Spectre and Ghesh work together to make the mystic almost untouchable, spelling misfortune for any who attempt to harm him. The Demonlord uses his disgusting slime and acid to harm the party members, poisoning them and corroding their weapons and armour. Maldrana the angel of obligation uses her holy powers to smite the demonlord’s ooze servants and then moves onto the demonlord himself. Soon Jubilex is alone, and surrounded on all sides by foes. He attempts to flee into the lake but is harassed by the heroes, being slowed down, shot, and blasted as he crawls away. Finally his form is destroyed by Maldrana, spraying acid and slime in all directions. Some sizzling onto the earth, the rest lands in the slime covered lake, bubbling. Maldrana tells the party to proceed into the fortress to deal with Caiphon and Vannakun. They oblige, moving into the warzone that is the lakeside fortress.
Ghesh sees Vannakun land in a crumbling structure in the northern part of the fortress and leads the group there. On the way they are attacked by several two-headed Barlgura and Vrocks, spawn of Demogorgon. They quickly defeat them, with Rey transforming into a dinosaur and The Spectre smiting several with his Mace of Disruption. Sahri finishes off the final vrock by throwing her greatswords at it from a distance. The group climb onto Rey who rushes them to the structure, which seems to be a partially destroyed arena. In the arena they see Vannakun the balor along with several summoned demons and warlock servants. Vannakun raises The Stormblade in his fist, veins of lightning crawling up his arm. A flaming whip forms in his other hand, cracking with power.
A desperate fight begins, with Vannakun’s power being deadly to any who draw too close. He uses his whip to pull the heroes close to him, and then strikes them viciously with Ajaakor’s misused artifact. One of his Glabrezu followers notices Tsuki trying to sneak into a flanking position and leaps over a crumbled pillar to attack her. The warlocks counter several of the parties’ spell attempts and use destructive spells of their own. Rey bites Vannakun ferociously with her Tyrannosaurus rex form but he lashes out with his stormblade, forcing her back into gnomish form. His body radiates heat, searing those close to him. Ghesh calls upon the power of Ajaakor, using his divine intervention on Vannakun. A storm erupts from Ghesh’s body and consumes Vannakun, injuring him severely, but failing to remove The Stormblade from his demonic grip. Vannakun grows angry and desperate, striking first Rakshasa, then Rey, and Sahri unconscious. The Spectre, having avoided much of the damage revives Sahri using his psionic restoration. Sahri deals the final blow, slicing off Vannakun’s hands, and slashing his body grievously. The Balor explodes, throwing a blast of fire outwards. Several of his followers are consumed in the inferno and many of the party members are seriously injured in the blast. The Spectre revives Rakshasa first, who then revives Rey. Ghesh heals the party, and The Spectre picks up The Stormblade, it’s form appearing as a cold, mithral axe.



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