Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 65

The Screaming Blade

The group continue into the city and Ghesh heals the group, while the sounds of battle can be heard from elsewhere in the city. A group of scouting gith find the group and a battle ensues, with blasts of magic being thrown back and forth between the parties. The Warriors of The West soon end the battle and race to the docks in the centre of the floating city. They see several flying ships attempting to fly off into the Aether, before they’re downed in blasts of magical fire. Up ahead of them, guided by Rey‘s Foresight, the group find Tariton The screaming Blades’ ship, crewed by armoured gith warriors.
The party bombard the mage piloting the hovering ship from a large throne with spells. The Gith warriors, including Tariton, leap off the ship to attack the party on the dock while two bolt-throwers on the ship attack the party. A desperate and almost failed fight ensues with all of the party being knocked unconscious at one time or another. Several times, the gith are knocked off the dock into the void but always find their way back up. Tariton swings his axe furiously, felling several party members. Eventually, expending almost all of their resources, Sahri and Tsuki stand victorious amongst the remains of their foes.
The party are all eventually revived and Kori and Jolibzan arrive, congratulating them on their success. The party decide to keep Tariton’s ship, cleaning it and searching it. They come up with several possible names for it, but don’t decide on one. The Seer kindly offers to transport the ship to The Tower of Hariolation and the party rest there for the night.


Great stuff! I love that image of Ghesh, the Angel of Air.

Session 65

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