Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 66

The Buried Watch-Tower

Rey has a dream of a fiery wasteland with rivers of blood and swarms of flies. Her best guess is that this is some sort of prophetic vision of The Shadowfell. Kori tells Rey that she’s going to keep her physical form merged with Nyx semi-permantly. This transformation happens, changing The Seer taking taking on the appearance of a half-elf with wavy white hair and freckles that glisten like stars. Rey, Rakshasa, and The Seer return to The Rainbow City to visit Tomyra The Violet Empress. The party needs the tear of a sphinx and Rey decides to appeal to her artistic side, knowing that she was ‘The Muse’, after all. Rey gives Tomyra a song and the script for a theatre production called “Cats”. Tomyra is inspired by this idea and performs one of the songs, with the support of her Atephran band. She gets really into the performance, releasing her pent-up emotions and shedding a single enormous tear, which rey catches in a flask. The group thank her and return to The Seer’s tower, in preparation for returning to Salisa. Sahri broaches the difficult topic of Aliza with The Seer. The Seer explains that she doesn’t know whether or not Aliza is actually dead, she may still be alive. Unfortunately she doesn’t know where or maybe even WHEN Aliza is. She says that it’s possible Aliza was displaced to a world too far away for her to see. Sahri and her agree that perhaps this could be something they could use their new ship for in the future, once they’ve figured out how to use it. She wishes the party good luck and teleports them back to Hasamidat.
Sahri finally has her date with Itenon. They first have a sparring match, which Sahri wins, and then sleep together, almost burning down the building. Rakshasa, Rey, and Tsuki go to the black market in the evening looking for Daemon’s kiss and Mithral. Tsuki manages to steal some Daemon’s Kiss and Rakshasa purchases some of the illicit drug ‘The Heroine’s Helper". The group notice arguing wiLord Patrosth a shady merchant about a map, but move on. They try to rob a merchant with some body guards but fail. They eventually find a half-elvish woman named Mala who says she has a store of 5kg of mithral she’s willing to sell. The trio follow her into the sewers and she shows them a large pile of Mithral which appears genuine. Unfortunately the mithral is selling for 55, 000 gold pieces, which the party cannot afford. Rey, Rakshasa, and Tsuki move off to discuss on their own, leaving Mala alone in the chamber. Rakshasa suggests just killing the merchant, who is obviously an unsavory character. Tsuki agrees and sneaks back to the room, seeing Mala impatiently tapping her foot. She fires her crossbow, but realises too late that the image of Mala was just an illusion. In a surge of anathematic darkness Tsuki is pulled into The Shadowfell and Rey and Rakshasa run to the university for help. Mala casts Hold Person on Tsuki and takes The Iron Flask from her. Tsuki breaks free however, slashing at Mala, who seems to be a servant of Piro. She snatches back the flask and uses her patron’s magic to return to Rey and Rakshsasa, who had enlisted a sleepy mage to return their friend.
Ghesh and Alucard go to Kodoma for the day, with Alucard simply wandering, and Ghesh spending time with Rava.
The next day the group travel east, to The Dune Sea to find the resting place of Ahriman, the traitorous archmage. On the way, Rakshasa has a dream of a sprawling, partially constructed city in the middle of a valley of jagged rocks. At it’s centre is a pristine silver tower, the only part of the city that seems completed.
Rey asks The Seer for information about The Black Scrolls of Ahm and she explains that they’ll be with whatever’s left of Ahriman and in three separate cases.
The group eventually come across the top floor of a tower, mostly buried in sand. They can hear the thumping of fists coming from the inside, seemingly trying to get out. Eventually the walls cracks and explodes outwards, revealing what was trying to escape: two iron golems. The golems move to attack the group and from behind them, some undead wrapped in torn robes stagger out of the tower.
The golems spew poisonous gas at the party members while the mummies attack with archaic weaponry. The group dispatch them relatively quickly, slicing the golems apart with their magic weapons and destroying the mummies with spells. The party move into the watchtower, seeing old supplies scattered about and that the staircase leading lower into the tower is completely filled with sand.



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