Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 69

The Breaking of The Horde

The party regroup with the help of Rey‘s Wish spell, which also transports them right into the centre of the gnoll horde. The group engage Nezrebe, Yeenoghu’s general, in combat. Rey begins the combat by using her other Wish spell, casting Divine Word. She tells The Seer that she’s going to cause “Annihilation through Hariolation”, which her god approves of. This powerful spell consumes many of the demons guarding Nezrebe in blue light, banishing them back to The Shadowfell. Nonetheless, a difficult fight ensues, with the group getting attacked by angry Goristros and Shoosuva. Ghesh expends his magic to keep the group healthy, but Rakshasa is knocked unconscious when one of the goristros brutally gores her. Sahri challenges Nezrebe to a fight, and faces off against her bone-sword, The Winnower. Sahri succeeds in defeating Nezrebe with the assistance of well-placed bolts from Tsuki and takes her sword for her own. Sahri then successfully slices the Goristro who downed Rakshasa down the middle, in a formidable martial display. Rakshasa stands to her feet and announces to the horde that their leaders are slain. The party then teleport back into the city, victorious. The horde flees and disperses over the coming hours, being hunted down by the vengeful natives of the Plane of Fire.
The group rest, and soon the fire queen returns, having successfully defeated Imix, the prince of evil elemental fire. The fire queen awakens Sahri’s angelic powers, granting her wings of fire. Na’Sul brings up a quest that she wants Ghesh’s help on. The Cloud Queen wants to unite the four elemental planes for a lofty goal: the construction of a flying city, using all four elements. The last kingdom that needs to accept is the kingdom of earth, and she wants Ghesh’s help convincing the Stone King to join the project. Ghesh guesses that Turiel Dust-Born will be welcome at the Stone-King’s court and expresses interest in gaining his assistance.
The group celebrate and rest in the city of brass and Rakshasa is spirited away to Graz’zt’s palace. Graz’ztt explains that he thinks the parties demonic ritual will only banish to The Demonlords The Abyss if they are currently in The Shadowfell. He says that demons who were in the material plane, for instance, would be able to remain until they were defeated. They would then go to The Abyss also, instead of The Shadowfell. He says he has accepted this fate and seems happy that as long as Rakshasa is in Ahlim he will still have influence there.
Rey has a dream of an icy sea, through which runs a black, oily river. In the sky she can see a floating glacier contained in which is an indistinct humanoid figure.
The Spectre, now in possession of both The Bronze Trident and The Scarab of Protection, journeys to the Plane of Water to find The Green Princess. He discovers that The Scarab of Protection is actually hollow and is filled with dried blood. He realises that the scarab likely held the traitorous archmage Ahriman’s heart, which the group never found. Due to this, he suspects that Ahriman has not truly been destroyed, and may return. Nonetheless, he cleans the scarab and goes with the two nemorian wards to the egg chamber of the caves. He places the two items near the egg and sits in wait with the nemorians for several hours. Finally, the egg hatches, and out crawls a Bronze Wyrmling, The Green Princess. The wyrmling is very friendly and immediately warms to The Spectre. The nemorian crab tells The Spectre that this the first dragon born for almost 4, 000 years and she will likely be a powerful ally to him in the future.
The party return to the material plane and seek out Turiel Dust-Born. Turiel accepts Ghesh quest and the two say farewell to the party. Ghesh insists he’ll return when the group need him most and travels back to the elemental planes with Turiel.
The desert druids of clan Dust-born transport the party across the Dune Sea, to the home of the True-spears. The party arrive at a path of rocky outcrops that lead to the plateau home of the True-spears, which rises high out of the surrounding sands. They notice it has numerous stakes magically created protruding from it, likely to deter the sand-wurms the group has heard about.
The group are greeted by some sand elf warriors who know Sahri by reputation. They lead the party up to the top of the plateau where they meet the clan. Urrok True-spear is currently acting as a ‘trial’ clan-leader and welcomes the group. He comments that Sahri’s magical gear looks ferocious and Sahri assures him her combat skills are a match in ferocity. He says that Sahri’s task is to defeat a sand-wurm single-handidly in combat. He explains that to do so, she must use a spear of her own making. He also invites the rest of the party to carve their own spears, though they need not fight a sand-wurm.



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