Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 75

The Demonlord's Heart

The party move across the blood-soaked plains towards the hills where Yeenoghu’s cavern lies. They enter into a dark open expanse that once housed many gnolls. They see a group of rogue fire giants moving towards them and Rakshasa obscures the group behind an illusory rock. The giants wonder for a moment about whether or not the giant rock in their path has always been there. They decide it has and continue on their way.
The group sneak further into the caverns seeing a large dining hall carved into the rock. Tsuki sees a gnoll sweeping the floor to no available and another gnoll sleeping underneath a table. She decides to kill both of them. Then the group move through an incompletely obscured secret doorway. It leads the party to a holding cell full of Bambatran captives, defended by several gnolls. The group kills the gnolls and promise to return to free the prisoners. The party sees an enormous ramshackle warmachine that looks like it utilises the prisoners as slave-labour.
The group proceed to Yeenoghu’s lair and find several gnolls, werewolves, and Victria The Red. She says she has been looking forward to this rematch and that the party should avoid harming a nondescript commoner in the corner. A battle ensues, with the werewolves swarming the group and Victria transforming into many frightening forms. The commoner eventually reveals themselves as a shape-shfted Yeenoghu and bursts into action.
Victria tries to transform using an epic-level spell but Rey counters it. Yeenoghu swings wildly with The Butcher and savages the party members with his vicious bite attacks. The party finally kill Yeenoghu once and for all, with Rey tearing out Yeenoghu’s heart. Victria flees the fight and the party catch their breath, stowing the demonlord’s weapon in their bag of holding.



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