Campaign of the Month: September 2017

Profane Legacy

Session 79

The Shadowed Tower

Ssendam unleashes some Death Slaad allies onto the ship, and the battle begins. Ssendam uses her golden tentacles to grapple several party members, including The Spectre and Tsuki. The Slaads try and use Planeshift on the party members, but fail. Rey uses Prismatic Spray, blinding Ssendam, turning one slaad to stone, and banishing another into the portal in the sky. Rakshasa uses Power Word Stun on Ssendam, temporarily disabling the amoeba-like creature. The group finally defeat Ssendam when Ghesh strikes her with a brutal blow from The Stormblade. Her form splits down the middle and she is sucked into the portal in the sky. The portal flashes and begins to close, becoming inert. However, a scar remains in the sky. The party then sail the ship back to Suphinhotep. On the way, Ghesh contacts several members of Meridar’s church, including Evangeline and Celestia . He tells them that The Moaning Diamond is in the hands of Lady Midnight in one of nine possible locations.
The Spectre contacts Lily-Tydes, telling her that they have another ship. The party leave the ship in the docks, so that some of Lily-Tydes allies in Cleon can collect it. The Party now realise that, in a sense, the party now has four ships.
The group decide that they need to find out what Lady Midnight is planning and who she really is. They know that Vecna has information on this topic, and so the party set out for his tower in central Ahlim.
Rey uses true polymorph to become a dragon, and flies the group to the smoking crater that remains where Vecna’s city used to be. The party know that after Vecna was defeated, Kas heard that he still lived, and set out to kill him. Kas never returned, and the group know that everyone else who went to the tower has also never come back.
Flying closer, the group can see that several deformed humanoids are crawling through the crater, which the group recognise as Nothics.
The group see Vecna’s tower rising up through the centre of the crater and they see a rough staircase carved up from the floor of the crater leading to an open set of doors at the base of the tower. The group land at the door and they see several Wraihs beginning to form in the smoke around them. The party enter the tower and close the door behind them. They see that the tower has marble floors and a marble staircase. The group notice a teleportation circle in the centre of the floor. As the group begin to climb the staircase they hear an armoured figure moving on the floor above them. They cautiously move up the stairs, but don’t see signs of anyone. The Second floor is a library, and Rey finds several books detailing the history of a place called Greyhawk, as well as Vecna and Kas’s plans for Ahlim. Vecna and Kas seem to have come to Ahlim with the purpose of conquering it, but their disagreements put an end to these plans. The party continue up the stairs, again hearing the armoured figure moving above them. The third floor looks like it was used to create magical items and the group find some mithral as well some enchanted daggers. The party hear a disturbance on the first floor, and see that some of the smoke or mist from outside is beginning to seep inside. Continuing upwards the party hear a sword being unsheathed, and the sheath dropping to the ground. The group find the sheath, which seemed to house a magical longsword, lying on the floor. This floor seemed to be a sparse living space which hasn’t been lived in for some time. Continuing upwards the gorup hear a yell, and the door above them is kicked open. They hear the sound of several mirrors shattered above them, and then silence. The party reach the final floor of the tower and cautiously look through the open door. The Spectre and Rey see that in this room, whose walls were once mirrors, all but one of the mirrors are shattered. They see a throne in the centre of the room, and judging by the reflection of the one surviving mirror, there is an old man sitting in it. The man stares with his one remaining eye at The Spectre and Rey, the only ones of the group who can see him, or even the mirror. He mouths silently that the Dark Powers want them, and that they may be able to escape, but most likely won’t. The party enter the room and they see that the throne is empty, but that a weapon was thrust through whoever was sitting there, leaving a bloodstain. The man relfected in the mirror is sitting in a different, unfamiliar throne-room with an armoured figure standing beside him.
The black mist continues to move up the stairs towards the group, and the elderly man stands up and leaves the throneroom. The mirror shatters. Rey attempts to repare it unsuccesfully. She attempts the same process on another broken mirror, partially succeeding. She sees a gaunt scientist leaning over a writing desk, surrounded by laboratory equipment. He’s sketching designs for flesh golems in a journal and seems to notice Rey watching him. That mirror also shatters. The party draw their weapons and stand back-to-back as the mist surrounds them.
They find an exit to the mist and enter onto a moutainside, in an unfamiliar valley.
They see a colourful campsite nearby, and the hear the sound of singing and activity. The group sneak closer but are spotted by an elderly woman who invites the group into her tent. They cautiously accept, and she introduces herself as Madam Eva, and the other people here as The Vistani. She tells them that the Dark Powers have spirited the group away from their home, to the Demiplane of Dread. She tells them they’re in the land of Tovag, ruled by the Vampire Kas the Bloody-handed. This realm is locked in a constant war with neighbouring Cavitius, ruled by Vecna. She pulls several cards from a deck, showing them their path to freedom. They’ll need the magic of Baba Krov, who lives in The Bloodmire to the West. They’ll need the blessing of Kas, to the North, they’ll need the help of The Mad Mage, to the East. Finally she says, they’ll need to go to Cavitius, defeat Vecna, and take Kas’s sword from him.
She says that this is what the fates have told her, and that the group should start their search in nearby Terykia, a small village at the foot of the mountain.



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